Discover more about the Ancient Wisdom Kabbalah has to Offer

Kabbalah is known as one of the most revered and ancient methods by which human beings become closer to God. Of course, being as so many people believe God to be the ultimate source of wisdom it is easy to understand why practitioners of Kabbalah are known for their wisdom and constantly seeking after increased levels of knowledge. The wisdom that can be found in Kabbalah is not just so… Read Article →

A Candid Honest Experience With Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner

A woman kept a detailed journal of her experience using the Cleansing Conditioner produced by Wen of Chaz. She was very interested in achieving the same amazing look and feel that was shown with models’ hair in an infomercial she had previously watched on YouTube. She was a bit concerned, because she had long and very fine hair that she felt needed a very special conditioner. She was also after… Read Article →

Make Your Kisses A Little Brighter With Lime Crime By Doe Deere

If you are an avid social media user, then you’ve likely run across some Doe Deere inspired looks on your timeline and Instagram news-feed. Deere is the creative founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. The line includes some of the boldest lip and eye colors to ever hit the make up market. In 2015, Self-Made Magazine named Doe Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs for her successful launch… Read Article →

The Entrepreneur of Lipstick

These days, many people are interested in ensuring that they can optimize their appearance. Whether you want to accomplish this objective to impress someone or to boost your own self-esteem, it’s important to know that the cosmetics company Lime Crime can help you realize your goal. Learn more about the company by reviewing the information found below: About Lime Crime Lime Crime is a cosmetics company founded by make-up expert… Read Article →

Thor Halvorssen Brings People Together To Fight Human Rights Abuses

The human dynamo that is Thor Halvorssen takes many different roles in life, but to those looking in from the outside his greatest achievements seem to be found in the realm of human rights activism. Halvorssen seems to be on his way to the top of the film production business after working with many of the best known names in Hollywood, but has made his way to the top of… Read Article →

Make The Wise Decision To Choose FreedomPop

With the infusion of technology penetrating the market, one would think that prices for wireless coverage would be lower than ever, so why have the prices gone up instead of down? So many companies are finding themselves raising prices for wireless services, even though other companies are lowering their prices, such as FreedomPop. Some companies feel that they are giving coverage that’s worth the extra cost, so why is FreedomPop… Read Article →

WEN by Chaz Creates New Bigger, Softer, Shinier Hair for Beauty Writer

Who, what, where, Wen and how sound like a good journalistic story here, with the emphasis on WEN, the famous no lather shampoo method. Bustle blogger Emily McClure decided to take a personal 7-day hair journey using the WEN by Chaz system and report on it with a daily hair journal and hair selfies. Emily is not ashamed to say she is hair-challenged like many women with fine, flat tresses… Read Article →

How George Soros’ intervention rescued Ukraine

A brand Ukraine was born a year ago in the pro-European protests that helped to drive President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power. The transformation has actually been an unusual experiment in participatory democracy; an honorable adventure of a people who have actually rallied to open their country to modernity, democracy and Europe. Regrettably, just as democracies are sluggish to move, an association of democracies like the European Union is even… Read Article →

Bury Bad Articles Eliminates Negative Content

For individuals and business alike who are constantly under the scrutiny of the public, negative comments, reviews, or articles can often be detrimental to a reputation that relies heavily on the opinion of the public. For businesses along, the cost of negative press can bring down the overall sales by at least 22 percent. As consumers rely heavily on online comments and reviews about a certain product, one negative review… Read Article →