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Meet Helane Morrison: Culture of Integrity



It is widely regarded as the honesty, truthfulness, or accuracy of one’s words and actions. 

Among the most influential people, we rely on for honesty are our politicians. While they are campaigning for public office, every candidate makes promises for what he/she will accomplish if elected. However, more often than not, they often fall short of the mark.

Helane Morrison is an exceptional individual, who not only preserved her ethical integrity but discharged her obligations in a business that is known for getting otherwise rational people to take part in Ponzi schemes, like Bernie Madoff, for example, who was behind the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. The 77-year-old successfully swindled investors out of $65 billion and is now serving over 150 years in federal prison.

Morrison is one that prevailed.

From her humble beginnings, Morrison found her true calling: to defend the undefended. After graduating from Northwestern University with her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she just could not stop herself from glory, earning her Juris Doctor degree at the UC Berkeley School of Law, and even was named the head editor of the institution’s law review. 

It became very evident that the impeccable talent of Morrison was ready for greener pastures. She passed the bar exam and after being admitted to practice, snagged a job at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit as a clerk. While under the tutelage of Supreme Court Justice Henry A. Blackmun, Morrison championed herself as a leader for equality.

Like a boxer who has been the world champion of the same weight class for some period, Morrison was yearning to move up to the next division, private practice. She spent the next 10 years with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin, a law firm where her area of concentration was centered on protection. In 1991, due to her consistent and superb work, Morrison was promoted to full partner. In collaboration with her team, Morrison launched corruption investigations against unscrupulous traders.

Morrison was also in charge of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] San Francisco office from 1999 to 2007. In her role, Morrison was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters in Northern California and five Northwest states. Like a Super Bowl MVP, Morrison left a lasting legacy. For instance, financial fraud cases involving top executives from corporations like Google, HP, and HBO among others. Once considered to be ‘untouchable,’ but Morrison led numerous financial fraud cases against those individuals. Moreover, she revealed the corruption of the insurance company American Amicable, which had been selling false securities to military personnel, and auditors like a principal collaborator at Ernst and Young, who Morrison discovered was adjusting and discarding audit work papers illegally. Morrison was also the first woman to be named Head of Commission and Regional Director by the SEC. 

After spending so many years with the government, Morrison wanted a change. As aforementioned, Morrison worked with Supreme Court Justice Henry A. Blackmun, who was viewed as a champion of equality. Naturally, she fought for equality in the financial workplace.

Morrison joined forces with Hall Capital. As a company, it puts an emphasis on two main qualities that it believes a woman should have to succeed in the workplace – flexibility and resiliency. Its open concept design allows employees to collaborate and communicate as much as possible to build a team of successful clients. Having a great team is the essence of success, and as great as Morrison is, she would not have triumphed as much without a team. But given her ability to succeed in so many different venues, it is evident that she is something special.  Learn more about Helane’s career on her LinkedIn account.

There is a reason Morrison is a four-time Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area for business. Her track record irreproachable and her work ethic sinless. These traits represent a career marked by a battle to defend the undefended and to inspire people to do the right thing.

Michigan Entrepreneur Sails Ahead of Competition

In Scuttlebutt Sailing News, youth sailors had the chance to sail with some of the best sailors in the world in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Melges 32 Gold Cup consisted of hard wins and tricky navigation that made for a fun time between all competitors. During the race, there was a tight race between American businessman and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos and world sailing champion, Alessando Rombelli. At the end of the race, the results showed Mr. DeVos as a close second to Mr. Rombelli who reclaimed his title as the world’s best sailor. 

One of the most memorable parts of this famous race was the addition of youth sailors to the race. Young aspiring sailors had the opportunity to sail with and race with some of the top sailors in the world. The infiltration of the sailors was done as a courtesy on behalf of the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. Each junior sailor was able to experience the thrill and the excitement of racing on a vessel. The youth sailors also were able to experience the challenges that are often faced when sailing for the top prize.

Though the final day of the race has already passed, sailors are now looking forward to next year and the weather conditions and competition that the new year will bring. Among these world famous competitors is Dick DeVos who is most notably known for his contribution to his own community in Michigan. 

Dick is a businessman who has been involved with his family company for decades. Dick DeVos climbed the ladder through his company and eventually became one of the vice presidents for Amway Corporation. As a vice president, Mr. DeVos was put in charge of international sales. By the end of his aid with international sales, the sales had grown to makeup over 50 percent of the company’s overall sales. Learn more about Dick’s career at Amway in the following article:

Dick DeVos is not only an ambitious individual, but is also a philanthropist that loves giving back to others. Dick DeVos, and his wife, Betsy are especially strong supporters for opening and increasing the overall opportunities for education despite financial issues. Mr. DeVos has donated millions of dollars back to his community and has donated several scholarships in his name to several schools within the community. Dick DeVos is a firm believer that education is what grows an economy and what improves the overall standard of living for everyone around the world.

In addition to his foundation’s many charitable donations, Dick also has given much to political candidates and causes. His donations are well-known and have even been referenced in the popular series House of Cards which Dick talks about in this MLIVE article.

Doe Deere Smashes Fashion Rules

There is no doubt that beauty and fashion rules exist, but who started them and why do we follow suit? Did some long lost culture construct an ancient story about a malevolent fashion God who struck down bad outfit combinations? Why do the majority of us listen to the same few “authority figures”?

Lately, the rules are being broken, and Doe Deere is one of the beauty and fashion pioneers make some splendid smashes. As Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a cruelty-free indie makeup brand, Deere believes in color, glitter and in making a statement. This Russian-born and NYC-raised sexy savant is definitely a scholar of all things hair, skin, nails and clothing. No hue is too bright, nor is any pattern too bold. Deere believes in fashion and beauty as a method of self-expression. Limits simply don’t apply.

Even Deere’s image screams “authenticity”, and she is unique to the core. One day her hair may be purple. The next evening she will be sporting blue locks. Even a quick Google search will show her myriad of looks, from fairy tale princess to glamour fashion diva. There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to her appearance; instead, Deere follows her gut and, perhaps, the season.

One fashion myth that Deere has debunked is pairing bold eye makeup with bold lip color. She is notorious for sporting bold, dark colors, regularly. And Deere doesn’t only believe in dark hues. She loves wearing color all around. There are never too many for her taste, and she believes people should wear as many as they like.

Patterns and fabrics are other arenas where Deere is making changes. Why stay safe pairing one pattern piece with solids? Go nuts! Polka dots, stripes, jean, and leopard print are all safe, and people should mix and match until their hearts feel content.

Open-toed shoes are a must for many women, but unfortunately, the climate in most of the world only allows for three to four warm months per year. This can hamper our open toe, shoe wearing, enthusiasm. Right? Wrong! Why not have the best of all worlds? Pair open-toed shoes with socks and stockings, for the look you love with some extra warmth. Plus, with all the options available nowadays, sock lovers have never had more fun.

Last, but not least, don’t feel that you need to dress in accordance with your age. Remember, age is only a number! Embrace your life, style and look!

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus in Brazil

Symptoms and Diagnoses

Symptoms of Zika virus are generally mild and only last for a short period of about one week. Medicine is usually not needed. Dr. Sergio Cortes says that the symptoms tend to vary from person to person and they usually consist of fever, muscle pains and possibly a rash.

As far as being diagnosed as having Zika virus, Sergio Cortes says that there are not currently any tests to identify the disease, because it is has only recently been identified. As of now, the principle way to diagnose Zika is through a complex exam offered by Fiocruz and the Evandro Chagas Institute.

There is still no specific treatment for Zika virus. There are only treatments to relieve the symptoms of infection. Individuals who are infected with Zika can use anti-inflammatory medicine and pain medicine if proscribed by a doctor. As in the case with dengue and chikungunya fever, Dr.Sergio Cortes cautions that products that contain acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) should be avoided.

Zika Virus in Brazil
Today many experts believe and assert that Brazil is currently experiencing an epidemic of Zika virus outbreak, which started sometime during the middle of the year 2015. With an acknowledgement by the Brazilian government that there may exist a relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, which is a type of infection that can cause the underdevelopment of the brain of infants, concerns about contracting the virus have risen dramatically and caused the Ministry of Health and WHO to take steps to educate the public and focus resources on combating Zika. Indeed, they are working together to develop more working knowledge of Zika, says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

In the country of Brazil, the Northern region has the most documented cases of microcephaly which is thought to be caused by Zika virus, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. In total, there’re more than 1200 reports in 14 different states and more than 300 cities. A young child has already died because of microcephaly and two adults due to illness.
According to notes published by the Ministry of Health there are still many outstanding issues to be discovered about Zika virus. The main one, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, is to find out how the virus functions in the human body and infects the developing fetus.

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A Repeat of 2008’s Financial Crisis is looming according to George Soros

With China struggling to discover another growth model as its currency’s worrying rate of devaluation hurting other states, George Soros is predicting a repeat of 2008 in the economic world. Speaking in Sri Lanka, George Soros a hedge fund billionaire predicted that the global financial markets are poised for doom. His comments follows that time-bomb that is the plunging oil prices in Europe, the massive government debts ravaging the US and Japanese economies and the struggling Chinese economy.

The People’s Bank of China recently sent a series of shockwaves across the globe when it decided to sharply cut the Yuan-Dollar offshore exchange. The De Ja vu moment left many banks awed regarding on what they banks wished to achieve. Devaluation will boost their exports and ultimately their manufacturing sector, a move that will leave dire consequences to other countries.
The Chinese financial havoc will particularly trickle down to other economies and will eventually create a repeat of the 2008’s. While his prediction has eventually made many financial institutions agree with him, investors are beginning to see the big picture as well. He, however, has a word of advice for any budding investor out there; invest in those businesses that aren’t affected by the recession, adequately guard yourself from panic sell, and turn the falling sales to your advantage.
George Soros isn’t a typical hedge fund mogul; He was born in Budapest in 1930, fled for England following the infamous Nazi occupation. He graduated from the prestigious London School of Economic before immigrating to the US. Through the international investment fund, he gradually accumulated a fortune. George Soros started small in New York in the 1950s but eventually made a breakthrough in 1992 when he netted $1 billion with a bet that hugely affected the UK’s pound value.
George is famous for his unsurpassed philanthropic works as he funded many black students attending the Cape Town University in apartheid South Africa in as early as 1979. Today, The Open Society Foundations with an annual expenditure of over a billion dollars is operational in over 100 countries all over the world.
George Soros is an astute author with several best seller books under his belt. His books majors primarily on business and investment albeit he gives his unbiased opinion about politics, economics, charities as well as globalization. Additionally, his articles often feature on some of the leading dailies and magazines around the globe. All these aside, whether his words will come to pass or will be treated as among the many half-truths will be judged with time.

FAA Recognized Pilot Achieves Success In Art: Jon Urbana

The general opinion of many experts suggests that a true artist has the creative spirit within themselves, and it can only be honed in through effort and exposure. We are living in a day and age where creative peoples and business peoples have a lovely tool called the internet, which can carry with it their vision of art or society. Jon Urbana has used the advances in technology to showcase his achievement in photography, video and music. He also has other critical accolades to his credit, such as a successful lacrosse camp and the recognition as a professional aviator. We’ll discuss these topics about Jon Urbana in hopes that he will inspire others to succeed.

Creative Achievements Of Jon Urbana

Most professional artists and researchers like Urbana claim that the artistic centers of the brain are usually dominant on one side, yet some individuals are able to function at such a high capacity that they can run the creative centers of the brain alongside the other centers. Jon Urbana has showed us all how he is focused on his creative works, and he has seen some great achievements along the way. He has a Soundcloud account that is growing in popularity, which features some of Jon’s most recognizable music to date.

In addition to the music style that is unique to Jon, he has been making his mark in the world of photography as an incredible minimalist. He has captured food being prepared in a way that evokes much emotion, yet the simple nature of his subject leaves us wanting more of his work. I would also like to mention his work in videography because the subjects he captures on are also of the natural world, but he sometimes creates thought-provoking Twitter commentary as well.

Aviation Career Achievements

Jon Urbana found time to play for Villanova before becoming a pilot, which means he had to go through rigorous training programs that are in place for pilots. He succeeded in getting his pilot’s license, but he didn’t stop there. He also achieved recognition from the FAA as part of their FAA Airmen Certification Database.

Doe Deere, Beauty Maven

While many people are indifferent about the way they look, it’s safe to say that the majority of the population wants to be as aesthetically appealing as possible. Beauty professional Doe Deere knows this, and she uses her industry expertise to help ensure that people can optimize their appearance and thereby build confidence. One of Deere’s biggest projects is breaking up normative thinking and conventional paradigms regarding how the beauty world should work. She loves using creativity principles and innovative strategies to cultivate an aesthetic that breaks through boundaries and enables each individual to develop a distinct identity. Here are some of the cosmetics rules that the beauty maven likes to break:

1. “Don’t Wear Bold Lips With Bold Eyes.”

Deere says she enjoys breaking this rule every day. Specifically, she likes to pair vibrant blue lip color with rusty-red eyeshadow palette.

2. Don’t Wear Too Many Colors At Once.

Deere loves the rainbow look, or having a lot of colors on her face. This approach to cosmetics can help an individual stand out from the cookie cutter, dull color schema that many people confine themselves to.

3. Don’t Wear Socks If You Have Open-Toed Shoes On.

Deere doesn’t believe in hiding a pair of aesthetically appealing socks beneath close-toed shoes. Rather, she likes to show them off!

4. Dress Your Age.

Deere doesn’t abide by this rule at all. Rather, she enjoys dressing up in clothing reflective of the garments a child might wear. This is a great way to get out of the normative realm and establish a unique, playful identity for yourself.

More About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a make-up expert who has been in love with the world of cosmetics since she was a child. In youth, she enjoyed experimenting with colors and would use her imagination to construct new aesthetic schemas. She always had pencils and paints in hand and would put color on herself as frequently as possible.

Deere’s passion for the world of cosmetics remained with her right into adulthood, and this was her motivation for constructing her own make-up line: Lime Crime. This line is designed to help individuals optimize their appearance in a manner that helps them stand out as unique people rather than conforming to cookie-cutter ideals and gender norms.

Wikipedia To Include More Entries About Women And Minorities

At West Virginia University, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon focused on creating more articles about women from West Virginia, especially women of color. Wikipedia is lacking entries about notable women, not because the online encyclopedia is biased, but because most of Wikipedia writers who create new entries are male. The event, funded by a grant from the Wikipedia Foundation, is the first to address Wikipedia’s problem of gender equality. American Latinos are also underrepresented among those writing Wikipedia articles. 

Since about 90 percent of the individuals creating new Wikipedia pages are males in their 30’s, they tend to make a Wikipedia page more aligned with subjects that they are knowledgeable about or subjects which interest them. This does not bode well for women who are public figures, female-owned businesses or companies that sell products or services primarily to female consumers. Since many people look to Wikipedia for factual information about individuals and organizations, it’s paramount for any business or public figure to have a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia business page creation and personal page creation is a bit difficult for novices; it’s not the same as writing an article or a press release. To get the neutral tone that Wikipedia demands, having a company such as Get Your Wiki ( ensures that the entry does not get flagged for promotional content. 

Creating a Wikipedia article lends credibility to small businesses, in addition to increasing the company’s online presence. Credibility comes from properly sourced and cited references that back up all factual statements in the Wikipedia entry. It’s natural for bias to show when notable individuals or business owners attempt to create a Wikipedia entry, however, this is not allowed. Having an independent party write the page ensures neutrality. Google prominently displays neutral Wikipedia entries, often using the entry in the search engine’s Knowledge Graph. Companies that target female or minority consumers do not have to wait for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, they can have an expertly created Wikipedia page made, and translated into Spanish if desired, by Get Your Wiki. 

FreedomPop declares globing roaming affordable

FreedomPop, the dynamic company whose stated goal is to “deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans” has raised an additional $50 Million. The money is said to allow FreedomPop the ability to address the current lack of free roaming options in Europe. Though FreedomPop declined to offer firm numbers, they are estimated to be valued at nearly $100 million. The company also raised $30 million last year.

FreedomPop intends to provide its customers with a reliable and fast way to avoid large roaming chargers that currently make traveling and doing business difficult. To allow for this, FreedomPop is selling a wireless hotspot for $49. They are also offering a SIM card option for phones that are unlocked. That comes with 200 MB of data monthly with an upgrade available at $10 a month. The company’s expansion is a shot across the bow of the big carriers such as AT&T who charge high prices for their international roaming. T-Mobile currently offers unlimited roaming, but it is said to be much slower than the hotspot offered by FreedomPop

FreedomPop is known for providing mobile services in America, but the company has also received recognition for its own line of inexpensive cell phones, many of which are under $100. Service and sales apparently started last week and is available in 25 countries.

Xerem’s Flooding Concerns Addressed By Sergio Cortes

The effects of flooding are becoming increasingly seen throughout the world, including areas not previously susceptible to water based natural disasters. Extra reports the need for proper planning options for at risk areas is of great importance, Dr. Sergio Cortes was the Secretary of Health for the state when Xerem found itself the subject of a major flooding disaster. Cortes and the staff he had assembled within the state worked alongside national agencies providing much needed aid and medical assistance in the area of Rio de Janeiro.

Upon being appointed the State Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro Cortes was amongst the first to understand the need for a dedicated team of professionals capable of providing everyday and emergency assistance to the Brazilian people. Sergio Cortes has always been seeking to assist acccording to an atanews article others in their everyday lives, which has led him to produce a number of blog posts that detail just how the people of the world can keep themselves active and healthy. The drive to provide assistance for the people of Brazil facing medical problems has driven the respected Dr. to provide his own view on how to identify the Zika virus sweeping across various areas of South America, according to Dino.

The work according to niteroi completed by Sergio Cortes and his team during the 2013 flooding crisis took in both a leadership and support role for the dedicated professionals of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Cortes and his team looked at the areas they could be of the greatest assistance in the fastest way possible, which eventually led to the establishment of a number of dedicated htdration centers across the region. By ensuring clean water was available at all times the people of Xerem were saved from the effects of water borne conditions that could cause major problems.

Dr. Sergio Cortes also recognized the need for his team to accept and welcome the support of national agencies from across Brazil. This means the initial medical aid offered by national agencies was distributed quickly, but also led to the team identifying other areas they required assistance. Dr. Sergio Cortes saw the inability of local officials to remove trash as a problem for human health and the movement of mosquitoes; the team of Sergio Cortes also sought to conduct regular testing of the people in the Xerem area to identify medical problems that could spread quickly amongst the residents.