Wikipedia To Include More Entries About Women And Minorities

At West Virginia University, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon focused on creating more articles about women from West Virginia, especially women of color. Wikipedia is lacking entries about notable women, not because the online encyclopedia is biased, but because most of Wikipedia writers who create new entries are male. The event, funded by a grant from the Wikipedia Foundation, is the first to address Wikipedia’s problem of gender equality. American Latinos are also underrepresented among those writing Wikipedia articles. 

Since about 90 percent of the individuals creating new Wikipedia pages are males in their 30’s, they tend to make a Wikipedia page more aligned with subjects that they are knowledgeable about or subjects which interest them. This does not bode well for women who are public figures, female-owned businesses or companies that sell products or services primarily to female consumers. Since many people look to Wikipedia for factual information about individuals and organizations, it’s paramount for any business or public figure to have a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia business page creation and personal page creation is a bit difficult for novices; it’s not the same as writing an article or a press release. To get the neutral tone that Wikipedia demands, having a company such as Get Your Wiki ( ensures that the entry does not get flagged for promotional content. 

Creating a Wikipedia article lends credibility to small businesses, in addition to increasing the company’s online presence. Credibility comes from properly sourced and cited references that back up all factual statements in the Wikipedia entry. It’s natural for bias to show when notable individuals or business owners attempt to create a Wikipedia entry, however, this is not allowed. Having an independent party write the page ensures neutrality. Google prominently displays neutral Wikipedia entries, often using the entry in the search engine’s Knowledge Graph. Companies that target female or minority consumers do not have to wait for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, they can have an expertly created Wikipedia page made, and translated into Spanish if desired, by Get Your Wiki.