Yeonmi Park Looks To Tell Her Story Of Defection To The World

The story of North Korea and the problems the country has faced under the rule of Communist leaders is one that has rarely been told from the inside the country’s borders; however, 22 year old Yeonmi Park is leading the fight against North Korean censorship by telling her own story of defection in a new memoir. Amazon’s hottest selling book right now, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” tells the truth of what life is really like living in various classes of North Korean society, and the problems faced by those who look to escape to democracy.
Yeonmi ‘s story has been told on a number of occasions, but retains its ability to shock by revealing the lies told through North Korean propaganda and the abuse suffered at the hands of people traffickers. Yeonmi Park has become a well known figure for those who are part of the human rights movement and to the wider public who have seen her appearances on various news and talk shows, Reason reports.

The story of Yeonmi Park which she has shared on the, has stood up to the most rigorous checks after members of the North Korean regime looked to discredit her without success. The family of Yeonmi Park began in a position of power as members of the government elite, but fell from grace when the patriarch of the family used the black market to provide food for his starving children. Despite facing the most dangerous form of brainwashing, Yeonmi Park and her mother found themselves destitute and made the dangerous decision to trust their lives to human traffickers in a bid to find freedom and happiness in South Korea.

Park’s mother was forced to make the most difficult decisions imaginable to protect her daughter on the journey through China to the democratic South. Yeonmi Park would see her own fathers attempts to join his family on the journey to freedom end with his death from untreated cancer. The strength to continue with her journey and help those who remain trapped in North Korea has driven Yeonmi Park to defy those who seek to silence her.