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Discover more about the Ancient Wisdom Kabbalah has to Offer

Kabbalah is known as one of the most revered and ancient methods by which human beings become closer to God. Of course, being as so many people believe God to be the ultimate source of wisdom it is easy to understand why practitioners of Kabbalah are known for their wisdom and constantly seeking after increased levels of knowledge.

The wisdom that can be found in Kabbalah is not just so many facts, figures or formulas. Instead, Kabbalah allows human beings to align their lives in such a way as to partake of the infinite wisdom that God has to offer. Because this wisdom is above and beyond what can be understood by the basic senses or what people know about science, many people miss out on soaking in the wisdom of the Universe. Of course, by reading the ancient scriptures, seeking out a connection with God and participating in the daily practices of Kabbalah, people can reap the powerful benefit of increasing their true wisdom on a daily basis.

More than anything, though, people who follow the ways of Kabbalah enjoy learning to see the world around them, and even themselves in a whole new light. With so many people believing that the world is on a collision course with disaster, Kabbalah helps to bring hope to the people who walk its path.

Of course, finding a place to get started or to enrich your knowledge of Kabbalah is essential. The Kabbalah Centre on has long been known as the premiere location in the United States for Kabbalah practitioners and those curious about Kabbalah to congregate. Located in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah Centre offers instruction and guidance from the finest Kabbalah teachers from all around the world.

For centuries, the texts, beliefs, practices and prayers of Kabbalah were kept somewhat of a secret. Many teachers believed that the world was not ready to experience this ancient form of mysticism, and they put up walls of silence and secrecy. The Kabbalah Centre has broken those walls down and provides ready access to all that Kabbalah has to offer to the people of the world.

Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about locations and events.

Twitter: @kabbalahcentre

A Candid Honest Experience With Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner

A woman kept a detailed journal of her experience using the Cleansing Conditioner produced by Wen of Chaz. She was very interested in achieving the same amazing look and feel that was shown with models’ hair in an infomercial she had previously watched on YouTube. She was a bit concerned, because she had long and very fine hair that she felt needed a very special conditioner. She was also after shinier, smoother, better looking and feeling hair. She was not at first convinced.
The first thing she recorded on the first day of her hair-conditioning journal was her surprise about how much of the product was recommended on the bottle. She ended up using that amount and was happy she did. The woman’s journal is an interesting ‘proof in the pudding’ look at real-world use of this powerful hair treatment product.

The results were amazing to her. She loved Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner, and did find that skipping even one day of using the conditioner was a mistake. Her hair quickly returned to being far too oily. So, she recorded a note in her journal that it is important to her to make sure she uses the product every time she washes her hair. Read all of her journal results on Bustle.

Wen by Chaz is actually owned by Mr. Chaz Dean. The stars of Hollywood love Chaz Dean! His outrageous hair inventions are legendary with the high-end celebrities living in the zone of Hollywood & Vine. He, created the company’s Cleansing Conditioner as well as some other hair care products. His customers all get excited and rave about how much they love these Amazon sold products.

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Make Your Kisses A Little Brighter With Lime Crime By Doe Deere

If you are an avid social media user, then you’ve likely run across some Doe Deere inspired looks on your timeline and Instagram news-feed. Deere is the creative founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. The line includes some of the boldest lip and eye colors to ever hit the make up market. In 2015, Self-Made Magazine named Doe Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs for her successful launch and continuous online sales and traffic with Lime Crime. In an article with Galore Magazine, Stephanie Janetos sat down with the self-made business woman about everything Lime Crime. From deciding on a name to the inspiration behind her designs, Janetos gives us an up close and personal look at the life of Lime Crime genius Doe Deere.

Since she was a young child, Doe Deere found herself intrigues by art. Anything that would allow her to be creative was interesting to her. She recalls being a pretty colorful kid, in more ways than one. Deere says she would dress herself from head to toe in the most colorful ensemble that she could throw together-and matching was not a requirement. Day in and day out, she toted along with pencils and paint in hand, ready to paint the world. Deere’s parents were supportive of their daughter creativity, and both supported and encouraged her interest in art.

It is much easier for a child to let their creative juices flow when dressing themselves, but not so much for adults. When you grow up, it seems that the world becomes black and white. You feel silly and childish as an adult being so amused with colors, dressing like a rainbow and painting your face. That’s why Deere created Lime Crime. After coming to the sad realization that her colorful days may have come to an end, she began searching for ways to keep her creative side an active part of her adult life. She noticed that finding makeup colors that truly matched her personality was nearly impossible. In 2006 Deere began posting make up tutorials online. Because of her creativity, and willingness to try almost anything-as long as it was safe for her skin of course, her fan base grew quickly, seemingly overnight.

While the name “Lime Crime” is extremely fitting for the bold and unique cosmetic line, Deere says that she just happened to choose the name randomly. Before sharing her make up tutorials online, she opened her own ebay store and needed a name for it. At the time, “Lime Crime” was just a cool and catchy name. Deere had no idea that Lime Crime would soon paint the faces of girls all over. She likes to call them “Unicorns” because of their courage to be different. Wearing Lime Crime requires self-confidence, and the customers of Lime Crime are some of Doe Deere’s most influential motivators. Their willingness to accept and own their uniqueness is something that Deere looks up to, and hopes that Lime Crime can inspire others to let their Unicorn horns show proudly!

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The Entrepreneur of Lipstick

These days, many people are interested in ensuring that they can optimize their appearance. Whether you want to accomplish this objective to impress someone or to boost your own self-esteem, it’s important to know that the cosmetics company Lime Crime can help you realize your goal. Learn more about the company by reviewing the information found below:

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company founded by make-up expert Doe Deere. Deere began the company because of her passion for using make-up to help herself and others express their individuality and optimize their aesthetic. The company is pleased to offer a wide range of absolutely amazing cosmetics, including lipsticks and eye products. Additionally, the company is vegan, meaning that consumers can be confident that they are buying cruelty free products. It’s also important to know that Lime Crime is an internet-based company, meaning that consumers can shop for the make-up they want from the comfort and privacy of their own home. You can visit the website right now at

More About Doe Deere

The Lime Crime Twitter writes that Doe Deere has been playing with cosmetics and fashion since she was a little girl. Ever since that time, she’s been passionate about exploring the world of make-up and using the aesthetic sphere as a realm through which to construct or deconstruct her identity. She recognizes the role that cosmetics can play in helping people gain confidence and see themselves and the world through a new lens. Visit Lime Crime on Amazon now so you can start playing with your own appearance!

Thor Halvorssen Brings People Together To Fight Human Rights Abuses

The human dynamo that is Thor Halvorssen takes many different roles in life, but to those looking in from the outside his greatest achievements seem to be found in the realm of human rights activism. Halvorssen seems to be on his way to the top of the film production business after working with many of the best known names in Hollywood, but has made his way to the top of the activism community through his nonstop hard work and dedication to a cause close to his heart.

The role Thor Halvorssen has taken up with the Human Rights Foundation, which he formed in 2005, came after spending most of his adult life working with human rights groups in various areas of the world. Although his activism role brought success the issues the Venezuelan born activist had with those he worked with pushed him to take the major step of forming his own activism foundation. Thor Halvorssen has always refused to sit by and allow human rights to be abused at any level or by any political group, so much so that in the U.S. he has spoken out against comments made by members of both the Democrats and Republicans.

Hard work and dedication are two distinct elements in the life of Thor Halvorssen that have pushed him to become a major part of the Hollywood film industry as a production partner of well known names, such as Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino. The majority of the work completed by Halvorssen has been in the documentary field with a number of films produced that reflect his views on human rights and various abuses, including the movie “Indoctrinate U” that focuses on bias towards left wing views seen in the U.S. higher education system.

Thor Halvorssen has also looked to make people in politically stable Europe more aware of the issues facing those in other areas of the world through a series of talks and seminars known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Oslo Freedom Forum has proven such a success that Halvorssen was awarded a medal of honor by the Romanian government during festivities to remember the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

Make The Wise Decision To Choose FreedomPop

With the infusion of technology penetrating the market, one would think that prices for wireless coverage would be lower than ever, so why have the prices gone up instead of down? So many companies are finding themselves raising prices for wireless services, even though other companies are lowering their prices, such as FreedomPop. Some companies feel that they are giving coverage that’s worth the extra cost, so why is FreedomPop able to give the same coverage but at lower prices? Those who don’t want to bother figuring out why wireless companies are raising their prices should just choose FreedomPop.

With the choice of switching to FreedomPop comes freedom in the form of getting wireless services, Internet services, Wi-Fi services and more from the same company. Not only does FreedomPop offer low prices but services that are envied by other companies. FreedomPop has an excellent coverage area, which spans out across the United States in many different areas. With FreedomPop operating underneath Sprint, it means that Sprint users can choose FreedomPop as their wireless carrier and still be able to use their regular Sprint phones, especially their new smartphones.

Many people are in love with their smartphones, and smartphone usage has gone up tremendously over the years. It’s just as affordable to own a smartphone as it is to own a non smartphone. Those who choose a smartphone can switch it to the FreedomPop network, which means they’ll still have several choices for their cell phone plans. With the free plan that’s available from FreedomPop, there are some options, even if they are limited. The free cell phone plan from FreedomPop will offer the user 500 text messages, 200 minutes, and 500mb of data for free.

Those who feel that they are too restricted when they are using the free service from FreedomPop can switch to the unlimited service, which doesn’t have restrictions other than with the data. Even though the data is unlimited, only 1 GB of it consists of 4G LTE data, which means the unlimited data will be 3G data after using up the 4G LTE data. Many can use their data freely and as they need to with the 3G service, so there is nothing to worry about once the 4G LTE data has been depleted. Why wait to make the switch to FreedomPop when they have great services as well as the lowest prices on cell phone coverage?

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WEN by Chaz Creates New Bigger, Softer, Shinier Hair for Beauty Writer

Who, what, where, Wen and how sound like a good journalistic story here, with the emphasis on WEN, the famous no lather shampoo method.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure decided to take a personal 7-day hair journey using the WEN by Chaz system and report on it with a daily hair journal and hair selfies.

Emily is not ashamed to say she is hair-challenged like many women with fine, flat tresses that won’t win any prizes. She was hoping the unique cleansing system could work for her and transform her mane into a crowning glory. Emily wanted Hollywood hair and hoped WEN would deliver.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the well-loved and famous LA stylist Chaz Dean in an effort to offer women and men a new shampooing and conditioning experience. Living an holistic lifestyle, Chaz Dean made sure his formula only used healthy, plant-based ingredients to add shine and strength to hair. He never added harsh detergents like sulfates found in regular shampoos and conditioners.

Emily purchased the Sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner from Amazon for her medium length hair and began to use WEN every morning. She even chose to use less of the product amount suggested in the shower and still achieved remarkable big hair with super shine. She began posting selfies that depicted a girl with awesome hair. Her close girlfriends immediately noticed Emily’s “new” glossy mane.

Emily was doing so well on WEN that she decided to alter the routine. Once, she skipped the morning wash and another time used the product at night. During both instances, Emily watched her hair flatten and refuse to hold a style for long.

Emily concluded that WEN will deliver gorgeous hair if you have the time and effort to maintain a daily routine. Otherwise, WEN might not be for you. Check out the Wen YouTube channel and their official website