Doe Deere and Her Creation Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and creator of the cosmetics line, Lime Crime. She is an entrepreneur who has found success in her bold makeup and her inspiration to other women to be fearless and express themselves through their appearance. Deere refers to her customers as her “unicorns” as she believes that every girl is an individual and every one is special in their own way.

Growing up, Deere was an artistic and imaginative child. She was really interested and inspired by bold colors and always had an art project of some sort going on. She would wear as much color as possible in her clothes, makeup, and accessories. She took her love for color and turned it into a career and is now able to make money off of the thing she loves the most.

Deere’s first memory of makeup is from a slumber party with her closest friends. They were playing dress up and Deere felt the need to express her costume through her makeup as well. She started to experiment with the makeup and realized she had a lot of fun applying it. Moving forward, makeup made her life and experiences authentic and memorable. Learn more:

Despite of what people may believe, Deere thought she was bad at makeup until she was in her 20s, but she loved it so much that she continued to experiment with it anyway. She started to post some of her makeup looks online after discovering some theatrical makeup brands such as Ben Nye and Kryolan. Deere didn’t limit her experiments, she used rhinestones and glitter to help her discover and learn. It did not take long for her online following to grow and her website traffic to increase as other girls wanted to see what else she had up her sleeve. Deere brought a new sense of fun to makeup that was different for girls and refreshing to see.

The name Lime Crime was picked by Deere on a whim, because it incorporated her favorite color and a rhyme. Today, however, the name of her company stands for her color revolution, her ideas of breaking the rules of standard makeup, and being brave enough to step out of the box. Lime Crime encourages its customers to have fun with and experiment with color, letting ourselves a little loose.

If Deere knew how successful her company would be, she may have picked a name that was a bit more versatile and subtle. However, she has come to see the odd name as a sort of blessing in disguise. Its uniqueness makes it instantly recognizable. It also keeps the company staying on its intended track, they want to be proud to put their name on their products.

Deere says that having an internet business is both good and bad. She loves the immediate feedback, however, she finds that the internet can create rumors that are not true. Due to the fact that the internet is an anonymous place, people are able to say what they want behind their screens. Misinformation can spread, but as long as a company is able to grow and improve, it’s part of the journey.