Norman Pattiz Unveils a New Podcast on Chris Jericho’s Network

The announcement of the launch of the new Chris Jericho show is good news to millions of WWE fans around the globe. The show has received massive advertisement on the PodcastOne. If you are a Jericho fun, then you should remember to visit PodcastOne website or iTunes to watch the show about him. You can also download the PodcastOne app on your cell to know about Chris Jericho’s podcast network.


Notably, the latest episodes of Jericho’s podcast will be accessible on PodcastOne website on Mondays. The conversation will not only be purely about Jericho but on other enjoyable talks held with other popular and famous personalities. Besides, the show will enlighten the viewers on ghosts, miracles, demons, aliens, angels and ogre encounters among others. The show will be hosted by the two seasoned and popular radio personalities Tim Dennis and Dave Shrader. Tim has massive experience in radio production while the latter has vast experience in hosting radio shows.


Under the able leadership of Norman, PodcastOne has managed to launch and air podcasts on different celebrities. Besides, the advertisers have allowed the members of the public to know different aspects of the celebrities’ life.


The new show named “Beyond the Darkness” will bring out the different Jericho’s talents and personalities. Furthermore, his conversation with Tim and Dave will reveal more about this paranormal being explored in the “Beyond the Darkness.”


Podcast anticipates that the new podcast will go viral. Hence, the PodcastOne expects that many people to follow the show on their website as well as download their application. Besides, Dave and Tim are very popular in the US, and the paranormal broadcasting expects their fans to follow the new podcast. The new Jericho podcast is very interesting and thrilling as the previous podcasts. Therefore, Dave and Tim look forward to a huge audience for their show.


About Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz is the current chairman at PodcastOne for over six months. He took this position recently after working with Westwood One as a consultant for over five years. Besides, Norman was the founder of this organization in 1974. He played the role of the CEO for 20 years in Westwood. Norman also held the position of the President in Broadcast Education Association.


Over six ago, Mr. Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group. He has massive experience in the radio network and news provider. PodcastOne, as well as PodcastOne Sales, are his latest creations confirming his prowess in the broadcasting network business.

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