Arthur Becker’s Interest In Bio Tech And Real Estate Industries

Arthur Becker believes that his experience at ZINIO and NaviSite laid the groundwork that saw him become a managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. According to The Real Deal, his affiliation with the two companies helped him to gain extensive knowledge in technology and real estate. He was also able to develop interests in both fields. When he sold NaviSite in 2011, the shrewd entrepreneur decided to explore the real estate industry by investing in condominium units in New York and Miami. At the same time, he started researching more about biotech firms. By virtue of being a managing partner at Madison, he invests in both real estate and early stage biotech companies.

Arthur Becker makes his day to be productive by being flexible. Since he has no business and scheduled conference calls, the investor spends his time by researching about trends in the technology and real estate sectors, and visiting his investments. Arthur has a couple of townhouses on Sullivan St. New York City. Becker is also planning to develop a small luxury condominium in Tribeca. Flexibility enables him to meet different clients, solve different urgent issues and spare time to be with his family.

Becker follows different trends in the biotech industry. One of his favorite areas in the field is cancer treatment. Although the investor does not have medical training, he reads widely and relies on his vast exposure to understand the various approaches used to manage and treat cancer.

Arthur Becker believes that for one to succeed in life, he or she should strike the right balance between passion and drive. He notes that startups present entrepreneurs with numerous challenges. This way, one may have clouded vision and little drive. Critical thinking is paramount to having a proper balance between drive and vision. Becker adds that his past failures have acted as his motivation. He always ensures that he does not repeat such mistakes.

Previously, he was the chairman and CEO of Zinio, CEO of NaviSite, and advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company. NaviSite is one of the most successful companies that Becker founded. The internet technology services provider had offices in the opened new offices in the US, India, and the UK. Becker sold the firm to Time Warner in 2011.

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