Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and Media Companies in Mexico

     In the recent past, Mexico media houses have made a tremendous growth. Gone are the days when the Mexico media companies were dominated by the government news. With the emergence of new media companies, the Mexico news coverage has significantly diversified. Critical investigative journalism in politics, economic and social issues is currently being witnessed. Mexico media and entertainment market include publishing, music, video games and filmed entertainment.

Top media companies in Mexico

Mexico has witnessed massive investment in media companies by Mexicans as well as multi-nationals. However, one such person is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. Salvi has been linked with several media firms in Mexico. He is the current director and Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa SAB. Rafael serves on the Board of Directors at Innova S. de Ri de CV and Grupo Televisa.

Grupo Televisa is one of the leading Mexican mass media conglomerates. It has an interest in cable and pay-television, publishing, film production and distribution, radio production, satellite sports television and much more. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero joined Grupo Televisa in 2004, and has served in different capacity including vice president of financial planning. TV Azteca is another TV giant firm in Mexico.

In printing, companies like Nexos, Proceso, Letras Libres, Gatopardo, Monocle, and Emeequis dominates the Mexico magazines. Televisa owns Edivisa, a publishing company with over forty Spanish Magazines. Esto, La Prensa, El Universal and El Financiero Companies are the denominate force in the newspaper platform. Online media firms in Mexico are SinEmbargo, ReformaLa Jornda Mexico Hay, and Animal Politico. However, most of the publishing companies are involved in online broadcasting.

In radio, Grupo Radio Centro is the leading broadcast with over twenty production studios. Also, Grupo Radio has a subsidiary, Organización Impulsora de Radio, which provides programming services to other radio stations.