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Highland Capital Management Rated High In Investment Advice

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. In 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada co-founded the company with the aim of providing alternative credit management. The firm has vast experience in matters of investment advice. Their core business is in offering credit strategies, which include separate accounts, private equity, collateralized loan obligations and credit hedge funds.

Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investment strategies among them emerging markets, long or short equities, and natural resources. Though the firm has assets worth $55 million, it manages stock worth $15.4 billion. The company has products for retail and institutional investors. Their clients are from foundations, corporations, financial institutions, governments, pension plans and high net worth persons.

Making the Difference

In the healthcare sector, Highland Capital Management has partnered with the insurance agencies for approval of less addictive pain relievers. Their affiliate firm in South Korea has acquired private equity fund which will focus on health care. The move is towards the reduction of chances for addiction and drug abuse. Through NexPoint Residential Trust Inc., the firm will be able to provide improved multifamily properties, which will fetch higher rents.

More about Highland Capital Management and How It Started

In 1990, James Dondero and Mark Okada jointly ventured into Protective Life Insurance Corporation. They dealt with income market, which included managing highly secured bank loans. After three years, the venture changed to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO), which was owned jointly by Protective Life Insurance and the founding partners.

In 1997 James and Mark bought the shares in PAMCO and set an independent advisor known as Ranger Asset Management, L.P. In 1998, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. changed its name to Highland Capital Management. From then, the firm has continued to grow and expand its product lines. The company has over 180 employees working in various offices globally. Though the headquarters are in Dallas, there are other offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, and Seoul.

Giving Back to the Community

Highland Capital involves the community through involvement in the advisory board and volunteer opportunities. They also give financial donations not only to community organizations but to national ones too. The firm has donated over $10 million since 2005.

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Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, and the Rise of Data-Enabled Precision Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most prominent United States-based business entities. For over 20 years of professional experience, Eric Lefkofsky has worked to become part of the business solution to all seeking to save their money during flights and seeking cost-effective restaurants in the industry. While he has achieved the best in this industry, Eric Lefkofsky is looking forward to assimilating better business solutions in a manner that depicts his leadership position in the business world. Eric Lefkofsky is also considered as the best serial entrepreneur in Chicago for the past few years. Few people can compare their levels of success with Eric Lefkofsky in the business industry.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Groupon Company based in the United States. Eric Lefkofsky founded the company when he graduated from college. During that time, he had limited resources to assimilate the full potential of his Groupon idea. For this reason, he went on to source funding from his parents and relatives to develop the most sophisticated business capability in a way that is unmatched in the industry. Eric Lefkofsky achieved the money by working at various companies in the real estate industry. He used his money to develop the company as one of the best cost-effective companies in the country. Because of his strong commitment towards saving people’s money through flights and restaurants, Eric Lefkofsky gained a superior call towards adoption in the business world. Few people can achieve the best for their clients as Eric Lefkofsky does.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Co-Founder of the Tempus Company based in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky developed the Tempus Company because of his strong commitment towards solving the many problems facing the cancer patients in and out of the United States. For this reason, he has achieved the best business reviews in a manner that sets him apart in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why he is considered as one of the most sophisticated philanthropists in the world. Eric Lefkofsky has dedicated more than $100 million of his money towards solving the cancer epidemic in the United States through Tempus Company. To know more about him click here.

Todd Lubar: ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’

Todd Lubar is a well-known entrepreneur, businessman, investor, loan originator, and real estate agent. Lubar is also the TDL Global Ventures, LLC president. He lives with his family in the city of Bethesda in Maryland. He graduated from the Syracuse University in 1995.

Resume Highlights

After earning his degree in communications, Lubar signed on with a real estate firm. He was employed by Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. There he began his “real world” education in conservative mortgage banking as well as gathering business contacts.

In 1999 Lubar moved on to Legacy Financial Group as an equity position. He was in charge of lending funds as a direct mortgage bank and brokering loans to investors. Three years later he took his career in real estate to a new level by launching the residential development business now known as Legendary Properties, LLC.

Lubar’s focus centered on the acquisition, rehabilitation, and sales of more than 200 properties. Some were single-family residences and others were bigger multi-family buildings. The next year he founded Charter Funding, which is now officially a subsidiary of the privately-owned, American mortgage company First Magnus Financial Corporation.

Todd Lubar has also studied the market for over 12 years. In fact, this is how he discovered a number of underserved clients. This is what inspired him to start Legendary Financial LLC. It is a commercial lending firm for individuals and businesses, and an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC.

After completing 7,000 transactions, he had honed his talent to examine the potential risk factor of a majority of loan scenarios and make the correct decisions based for the most part of current conditions in the market. He expanded his interests into other kinds of businesses–such as automotive metal recycling and commercial demolition–and diversified his investments in 2007 and 2008. You can visit his page for more.

Lubar’s Additional Interests

Todd Lubar has other interests. Chief among them are his wife and children. He also likes to travel and has a well-known love of Orange County, California. Finally, he is a fan of self-improvement and works at bettering himself as a person on a daily basis. You can follow his Twitter page and Facebook account.

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Jason Hope: The Bright Future of The Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of the few individuals in the world who believe in technology. Many people know him because of his accomplishments as an entrepreneur, commentator, and writer. In his career, the businessman has changed many companies and people lives. Jason Hope has a lot of expertise when it comes to investments, and he uses this knowledge to assist the newbies who want to become successful. Just recently, the businessman wrote an article concerning the Internet of Things, and how it has a successful future. According to Hope, this technology will make things better for all consumers in the world and what Jason Hope knows.

The Internet of Things has been in the market for a while now, but very few people understand what it really means. This technology refers to the special connection of tech that allows devices to be operated when the homeowner is far away. Devices using the modern technology are already very popular in most countries. The technology is used in daily activities such as kitchen appliances, streetlights, cars and electronic gadgets. The modern tech wants to ensure that there is more efficiency at home and the work place so people can reduce the wastage of resources. Jason Hope has been observing this form of technology, and he believes that it is going to make an impact in the future of companies in the world. Several advancements must be introduced into businesses so that the technology can be effective and read full article.

In the modern setting, Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things is already in place, and it is making things very easy. In some of the most respected institutions globally, the technology has already been put in place, and people are happy with the results they are getting. These sectors are already making profits and sales because of the technology. The companies also say that they have significantly reduced the wastage in all the company departments. Other companies in the private and public settings will be forced to embrace this technology in the future. Without the technology, it will be impossible to keep up with the competition in the business world. Jason Hope believes that more devices will be connecting each other, and the world will be a good place to live in and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

If all consumers want to live a good life, Jason Hope says that they must be willing to embrace this change. The future will be great, and people will survive with a lot of ease due to the changes that will result from this technology and

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George Soros, a Man with a Heart of Giving

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman, investor, philanthropist as well as an author who was born in Hungary in 1930. He is ranked among the top most successful investor in the world, as by May 2017 his net worth stood at $ 25.2 billion.

He went to London School of Economics where he earned a bachelor’s degree and later masters in philosophy. Soros’ study of philosophy, specifically about Karl Poppers General Theory of reflexivity has been instrumental in his business career and more information click here.


At the beginning of his career, he used to take jobs at merchant banks in England and later in the United States. He started a hedge fund, Double Eagle in 1969, where he used the money from the hedge to establish Soros Fund Management. Later, Double Eagle name was changed to Quantum Fund. By the time it was established, it had a net worth of $ 12 million which later transformed to $ 25 billion by the year 2011. It is the one that forms the majority of Mr. George Soros’ net worth and learn more about George Soros.

His Philanthropy Work around the World

George Soros is a world-renowned philanthropist who has donated $ 12 billion so far. He began his philanthropy work by offering scholarships to the black South Africans. In most cases, the funds he donates targets persons and organizations across the globe who fight for transparency, freedom of expression, accountable government, justice, and equality. His funds mainly aim to support those people who face discrimination when they air out their voices. The groups that have benefited from his charity include sex workers, drug users, and LGBTI people and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros created Open Society Foundation which is a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. The foundation’s work reflects on how Soros perceives the philosophy of Karl Popper whom he read about at London School of Economics.

He has not limited himself to professional work only. He also has taken interest in politics where he has donated funds to support political organizations. He views that it is not a strange act as it has been practiced by prominent people like Charles and David Koch before.

Soros now in his 80’s, has continued to show interest in Open Society Foundation. It is evidenced by his continues travel and advocacy for positive policy changes. Throughout his philanthropic work, he has been committed to fighting the world most stubborn problems and Follow him

George Soros views that his success in the financial market has given him a greater degree of freedom as opposed to other people. He has used the independence to choose his own path in the world that is open and equal to all and read full article.

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Freedom Debt Relief is Now Accepting New Clients

With so much news to look at every day, many people might have missed the recent attack on Equifax. This attack has crippled their security system and left millions of people unsure about their credit and personal information. Investigators believe hackers have been planning this attack for some time. This due to how perfect the attack was delivered and how quickly information was stolen.

On the Equifax website, people can inquire to see if their information was stolen. For anyone who had their information stolen, Equifax is urging you to freeze all of your bank cards and get identity theft protection as soon as possible.

A company by the name of Freedom Debt Relief has stepped onto the scene to help with this situation. With over 10 million clients, this debt relief organization was not taking clients for a while. They wanted to focus on all of their current clients. However, after the situation with Equifax, the managers of the relief from debt organization want to help people without any identity protection.

It is true that the Freedom Debt Relief organization in question focuses on the financials and how people lower their monthly bills. However, Freedom Debt Relief company has their own program and own software for protecting the identity of their clients. Clients can themselves check on their identity every hour of every day. This software is updated in real-time.

In addition to the amazing software offered by Freedom Debt Relief, representatives from this organization will check the personal information of a client throughout the day, sometimes even more than once a day. These are free services that are offered to new, existing, and returning clients.

A Celebration of Female Empowerment: Julia Jackson Style

Julia JacksonWinemaking is an art form as well as a craft. There are a lot of factors that must be in place for producing great tasting wine. The soil and the climate conditions play a vital roll in how well the grapes will manifest. Then there’s the storage process. In other words, rushing through the vinification process can put a few dollars in your pocket, but it won’t last for a long term. Julia Jackson, proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, is one of the leading female personnel in this male dominated industry. She can do just about anything that her male counterparts can do, if not better.Her very own nonprofit organization, Seeds of Empowerment, is a true testament to her success. This organization is the epitome of “girl power,” and it awards people/organizations with cash grants. On an annual basis, Seeds of Empowerment donates to the tune of $100,000. Julia also works with Jackson Family Wines. Julia Jackson

This company was actually founded by her parents. Julia, the youngest daughter of the couple, spent plenty of hours helping her father pick grapes. Though she wasn’t much interested in the business at that time, she had grown to love the business after she became an adult. While living and working in France, Julia immersed herself into the culture by learning about distribution and sales. Some days she would work up to 14 hours, but all of this hard work has paid off. Jackson Family Wines have wineries in Italy, France, Chile, Australia and in South Africa. The company has dramatically grown over the years thanks to its great services. It produces some of the best tasting wines like:

  • Merlot
  • Champagne
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Sauvignon

Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines are a winning combination, but who knows just how much greater they will be in the next few years.

James Dondero’s success at highlands capital proves that purpose and direction are the key ingredients for a firm’s success

Highland Capital is one of the renowned investment firms in Dallas, TX. James Dondero co-founded the investment firm in 1993. The talented businessman has dedicated a huge part of his life to expanding the business over the years.

Highland Capital is one of the largest investment firms in Texas holding close to $ 20 billion worth of assets. The firm has managed to attract a huge number of customers who have remained loyal to the company over the years. The customers have a lot of faith in James and his team of employees due to the unmatched performance over the years. James Dondero and his team have helped most of the investors to realize their investment goals regardless of the amount of capital that they have.

James and his team are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities that will benefit their customers. Highland capital is a unique investment firm that is committed to providing their clients with credit-based solutions that not only increase the profit margins of the company but also helps to create more wealth for the investors.

Highland Capital is the pioneer in the development of collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market and also advancing credit solutions for retail investors and institutions from all over the world. Some of the Highland’s capital products include CLOs, separate institutional accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and REITs.

James Dondero’s investment experience has significantly impacted on the success of Highlands Capital. Dondero has an experience that spans over three decades in the investment business. As a result, James Dondero gives valuable advice on a broad range of investments in an efficient manner. James Dondero has recruited and nurtured over 100 employees who are now experts in various investment niches within the firm.

One thing that sets Highland capital apart from other investment firms is the fact that it is always ahead of their competitors in the industry. The experts at the company can spot lucrative opportunities and grab them ahead of their competitors. Highland Capital is now one of the most sought-after investment firms by investors who want to increase their investment portfolio.

Organo Gold Providing Quality Coffees and Teas

Studies associated with drinking coffee have been done. Annals of Internal Medicine have suggested that drinking coffee can help to decrease risk of dying from disease of the heart and stroke. The benefits and restrictions associated with coffee have been deliberated for many years. There has been information provided that suggests coffee can increase the longevity of an individual.

A study done examined more than 185,000 Americans. Regardless if an individual drank decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee there was an association with risk decrease. Research indicated that there was a lower risk of diseases such as kidney, stroke, and cancer amongst coffee drinkers. The lower risk of disease was amongst Latinos and whites, Japanese Americans, and African Americans that drank coffee regardless if decaffeinated or caffeinated. The European research done indicated that individuals that consumed several amounts of coffee throughout the day had a lower danger of bereavement. There is an association between longevity and coffee drinking that was apparent in the studies done.

Organo Gold is a worldwide network advertising business that specializes in exceptional coffees and teas. The first-rate coffees and teas produced by Organo Gold contain Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a mushroom that is associated with health advantages. Organo Gold was established in the year 2008. Organo Gold was established in Richmond, British Columbia.

Organo Gold does operations in more than 50 countries. By 2016 this marketing business had more than 400,000 independent providers. Organo Gold is a clandestinely held company. Organo Gold provides contributions for the community through OG Cares Foundation. Some of the beverages offered by Organo Gold include café latte, red tea, hot cocoa, green tea, and black coffee. Brewing cups include Colombian Roast and African Red. Some body management products include grape seed oil, mycelium, and ganoderma lucidum.

In conclusion, Organo Gold provides beneficial products.

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How Consolidation Plus Can Help You Pay Off Your Debts, and How to Build Your Credit Score

Building your credit score without an existing credit history, or with a bad credit history, can seem impossible. However, there are many ways to do it. You can still get a credit card application approved without a credit score, but certain conditions need to be filled. One condition is that you make a security deposit, which will be held until you close your account. Your credit line will be as large as your security deposit, but it can get bigger as you build your credit. Another option is getting someone who does have a good credit score to co-sign on your credit card application. Yet another option is to become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card, which will let you use it without being responsible for paying off debt.

Consolidation Plus is a loan company that helps consumers consolidate their debt. This is a great way to make paying off debt easier. Consolidation Plus is part of the Freedom Financial Network. If you are eligible, a Consolidation Plus agent will invite you to fill out an application. If you are approved, you will be able to get started right away. A loan consultant will help you out with the process.

About Consolidation Plus: