Freedom Debt Relief is Now Accepting New Clients

With so much news to look at every day, many people might have missed the recent attack on Equifax. This attack has crippled their security system and left millions of people unsure about their credit and personal information. Investigators believe hackers have been planning this attack for some time. This due to how perfect the attack was delivered and how quickly information was stolen.

On the Equifax website, people can inquire to see if their information was stolen. For anyone who had their information stolen, Equifax is urging you to freeze all of your bank cards and get identity theft protection as soon as possible.

A company by the name of Freedom Debt Relief has stepped onto the scene to help with this situation. With over 10 million clients, this debt relief organization was not taking clients for a while. They wanted to focus on all of their current clients. However, after the situation with Equifax, the managers of the relief from debt organization want to help people without any identity protection.

It is true that the Freedom Debt Relief organization in question focuses on the financials and how people lower their monthly bills. However, Freedom Debt Relief company has their own program and own software for protecting the identity of their clients. Clients can themselves check on their identity every hour of every day. This software is updated in real-time.

In addition to the amazing software offered by Freedom Debt Relief, representatives from this organization will check the personal information of a client throughout the day, sometimes even more than once a day. These are free services that are offered to new, existing, and returning clients.