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Greg Secker Works towards Making a Difference in the Global Society


Greg Secker is a celebrated entrepreneur, author, international speaker and philanthropist, passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives. During a recent interview with CEOCFO, Greg described himself as an individual who always wants to try things out. His philosophy entails taking a go ahead then figuring out the details along the way.

As explained by Greg, while at the University of Nottingham, he used to build and sell computers even though his field of study was agriculture and food science. Building computers enabled him to learn how to code and ended up building a 3D interactive model. He later landed a job where he was involved in building an online currency trading platform: Virtual Trading Desk. While working on Virtual Trading Desk, Greg developed interest in foreign exchange trading where he learned about its operations.

Secker’s role as a public speaker enables him to share his knowledge and passion every time he gets on stage. As recalled by Greg, he has spoken about 6,000 times on stage since 2003. He believes that speaking internationally enables him share life-changing tools to everyone. He explained that the Greg Secker Foundation’s aim is to empower young people with life skills that will enable them shape their future while still young. The foundation has held summits to talk to the youth about relationships, wealth, health, entrepreneurship and leadership. It has conducted its operations in South Africa and currently working to help a community in Philippines.

Having been named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, Greg trusts this as an opportunity to enable him shape, direct and inform the City of ongoing causes around UK. He will also get more business owners and entrepreneurs to participate in philanthropy. His book, Financial freedom through Forex, enables traders get started in the currency market by providing them with step-by-step guidelines.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born in 1975 in Norfolk, England. Besides Greg Secker Foundation, Greg has also founded other organizations including Capital Index, Learn To Trade, SmartCharts Software and FX Capital. He also worked at Thomas Cook Financial services before joining Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. He has received several awards including Best Educator by World Finance Magazine and Best for Forex Trading Training from Wealth and Finance Awards.

Tony Petrello and his take on charity

The compassionate nature of many provides a driving force for charity worldwide. This benevolent act of millions of individuals allows many unfortunate people to receive the care and resources necessary to survive. One avid donator is Tony Petrello. Recently, his charitable contributions have included $5 million dollars for research which will help doctors treat and potentially cure neurological conditions in children. However, his generosity doesn’t end there as he is working to increase his total donation to this cause to $7million in the near future. Eight years ago when Petrello became a father to Carena his life changed forever. While her birth brought joy it also carried with it anxiety and fear when she was delivered at only 24 weeks. Many premature children are diagnosed with neurological conditions and to the distress of her parents Carena was one of them. Realizing that ensuring her health would be a life long struggle, Petrello began researching. Eventually his research lead him to Texas Children’s hospital. The hospital since then has been a focus for many of his philanthropic ventures and he has even earned a position on the board of trustees.

His charitable ventures do no begin nor end with the hospital however. Approximately a year ago a good friend of Petrello’s, Serge Lange, passed away. Petrello met Lange his first year at Yale where Lange taught Mathematics. The pair became good friends and Lange was an inspiration to Petrello as well as many other members of the field. To honor his memory Petrello has worked with Yale to create an award in his name to be given to those who excel in the field.

Petrello’s education at Yale provided a vital backbone to his success in the industry. He began there first earning a bachelor’s degree, but going on to earn a master’s in Mathematics from the university. After graduation he opted for a change of scenery and pursued his Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. Degree in hand Petrello set his eyes on the corporate world. His journey began at Baker & McKenzie in 1979. There he focused generally on corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. Hard work paid off and when he resigned in 1991 he had been a managing partner for five years. From there he moved on to Nabors Industries, a company that focuses on oil drilling and equipment. He entered the company as an elected board member rising eventually to the position he holds today as it’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Eric Lefkofsky, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Healthcare costs are increasing in the United States. Americans paid $933 billion more on healthcare in 2013 than they did merely 17 years before that in 1996. They can blame the cost increases on care fees that are higher than ever before. They can blame the increases on medical care that’s markedly more in-depth as well.

The population is expanding. Members of the population are getting older, too. These are other elements that contributed to the significant spike in spending. Numerous components are behind the serious change. Diabetes is one of them. This medical condition was associated with a substantial boost in spending on an annual basis. Pharmaceutical costs are also a big culprit.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a prominent individual who established Tempus, a renowned technology firm. Tempus is in the process of constructing the biggest clinical and molecular data network on the planet. It’s in the process of constructing an in-depth operating system that aims to streamline data access as well. Eric Lefkofsky has been on this planet since September of 1969. This esteemed entrepreneur functions as Tempus’ diligent Chief Executive Officer. He’s married to a woman who is called Elizabeth.

Lefkofsky has had a long and fulfilling career so far. He started out by handling carpet sales while a young student at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He completed law school. Once he was through with law school, he asked family members for a loan. That’s precisely when he made the decision to purchase a Madison, Wisconsin based clothing brand. The brand was called Brandon Apparel. He purchased it alongside a pal he made in college. This was Brad Keywell.

Lefkofsky is an individual who has a commitment to entrepreneurship that’s matchless in intensity. He’s also a person who has a strong penchant for philanthropy work of all kinds. He set up a charitable trust in 2006. He did this with his wife. They named the trust “The Lefkofsky Foundation.” The aim in establishing this foundation was to help educational, science and charitable causes and groups from all different corners of the globe.

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Securus Technologies: The Name of Value in Prison Technology and Correction Services

Securus Technologies is considered as the market leader in prison technology with its innovation and quality service. As a market analyst, I have keenly watched the performance of the firm in terms of bringing new technologies into its shore. It holds a significant number of patents in prison technology. The company is committed to its investments in technology as its total spending from 2013 to 2016 stands at a staggering $600 million, and the amount is used for the acquisition of technology, patenting, and more.


Another important aspect I admire about the firm is its widespread network in the jails across the country by serving over 1,000,000 inmates. The company has nearly 2,600 correctional facilities that are spread across 45 states in the country. Additionally, it has the presence in Mexico and Canada. Though the firm serves a very large base of customers across the continent, its services are consistent and focused on addressing the challenges of the incarceration services. Apart from inmate services, Securus also helps the enforcement agencies in monitoring services, documentation, investigation services, and more.


Even the facility customers came to appreciate the services of the firm, recently. They confirmed that Securus helped them to solve many crimes and also helped to prevent some, especially the inmate-on-inmate crimes. The company came up with the sample comments it received from jail officials that described how the technology helped them to ensure better incarceration services. The firm also confirmed that it received thousands of emails and letters featuring the same.


A significant number of letters mentioned the efficiency of call monitoring services and how it helped to solve many crimes. It also helped the authorities to trace drug sales inside the bars and even helped them to identify the unreported crimes inside the prison. It also helped the authorities to locate the corrupt staff members inside the prison.



Why Did Doe Deere Invent Lime Crime?

When it comes to a world of unicorns and rainbows, Doe Deere does her best to bring that to reality and even considers herself a unicorn. In her words, that means she sees herself as different from anyone else and embraces that, and her company Lime Crime is a huge part of her journey to identity as a unicorn. So what do you find at Lime Crime? Hair dyes, lipsticks, makeup and all kinds of cosmetics that are designed by Doe Deere herself and come in a wide range of colors from green, to blue, pink and purple and all designed with the purpose of letting females show their true selves.

When did Doe Deere decide to start this? She actually is Russian-born and considers her first actual business to be marketing fake tattoos out on the streets, and from there she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. Her original dream was actually to become a singer, and when she first moved over to the US she attempted to make that happen and released a few songs as lead singer in an alternative rock band. Needless to say this endeavor didn’t quite go as far as she wanted, but she had other plans and found her true place at cosmetology school.

It was while attending school that she started a little side project she didn’t think would do much, which was selling crazy hair dye colors on eBay under the name Lime Crime. But to her surprise, they actually caught on and she decided to go with it, and soon the demand picked up enough that she was running this business full-time and began hiring employees. Lime Crime was successful enough, that soon she decided to bring it out to the hub of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles.

While Doe Deere has made quite a bit of money, she still looks at her Lime Crime business as a place for fun and getting to do what she loves with art. She personally tries every new Lime Crime product before selling it because she believes that’s the only way to keep the trust of her customers. Doe Deere considers herself a close friend to animals as she owns several cats, and also gives to animal foundations. Doe Deere is always active on Twitter with Lime Crime updates, and you can find her @doedeere or at her Facebook page here.

Achievements of Desiree Perez

A significant number of women have proved strong to occupy leadership roles in the entertainment industry and thus established the equality between the two genders. The show has improved regarding operations over the past years and is among the most competitive as well as prestigious industries in the market. Desiree Perez is among the women that have taken roles in the music and entertainment industries and has helped some prestigious artists venture into the field of entrepreneurship. Being a prolific entrepreneur, Perez has helped the actors rise into great investors and acquire extra income from their various enterprises.

The successful entrepreneur has worked closely with Jay Z, and through her expertise, she has helped the prestigious artist expand his business operations into private ventures. Perez`s knowledge has earned her a lot trust and fame in the United States and has also had a chance to work with some of the most successful artists in the states. Besides, Perez has worked together with Jay Z for over twenty years and has played a significant role in ensuring that the artist achieves the best out of his broad range of ventures.

In addition to that, her excellent customer services have seen most of her clients acquire a lot of revenues from their ventures and improve their living standards. Perez recently partnered with Rihanna in the Samsung deal, through which she helped the celebrity on her Anti tour. The deal saw Rihanna achieve a lot of success in her career and was termed among the most influential performer in the country.

In addition to that, Perez has excellent management skills, and through her expertise, she has successfully guided investors in the music and entertainment industry on the best strategies to make their ventures successful. The renounced producer also has an excellent team of management that is profoundly committed to providing the firm`s clients with the best services.

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Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and currently has offices worldwide. Some office locations include the United States (Indianapolis, Indiana), United Kingdom (London), Australia (Several locations), China and Hong Kong. The dedicated staff at the Equities First Holdings United Kingdom location is dedicated to providing exceptional financial services to their clients. The London based office was acquired from Meridien Equity Partners by Equities First Holdings in September of 2014. Equities First Holdings is an investment and advisory financial institution. In addition to financial advice Equities First also helps provide margin loans and shareholder financing options to customers.

The Problem Being Solved By End Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court decided in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case. This changed the entire landscape of elections in America. It led to the idea of corporations being considered as people. This way billionaires along with special interests, had the legal way to spend money that was unlimited, and untraceable, in America’s elections. There was no accountability or any transparency. It allowed them to tip the political power in their favor. This was not all. There is much more to it.

End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015. It is a Political Action Committee. The funding is by the grassroots donors. The aim is to counter all the disastrous effects that have been brought about by Citizens United. This way the campaign finance system needs to be reformed.

End Citizens United will have to fight back the elected officials, several candidates, voters, as well as the press. These grassroots donors are fighting back against these billionaires who are trying to buy the US elections. This will help to build a broader coalition that will work towards campaign finance reform. The aim is to pressurize the lawmakers so that they take action.

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The mission of End Citizens United is to stop this Big Money being spent in politics leading to the rigging of the political system. It will be achieved by electing those who are campaign finance reform champions. Another step will be to pass various measures for the state ballot. Besides, this issue will have to be raised in the national conversation too. This working in partnership with the champions will help in overturning Citizens United. It will end this unlimited as well as undisclosed money being used in the US politics.

End Citizens United is going to work towards its mission by electing those candidates who are pro-reform. Also, it will raise this issue of money in politics by making it a national priority. It will also work with the ballot measure campaigns and help to pass various pro-reform laws in all the states. The concept of grassroots membership will be used for demonstrating political power on this subject of big money being used in US politics.

In this way, End Citizens United will be reducing the corruption in the US electoral system. This PAC is supporting Democrats who are taking part in key races. All these candidates favor the meaningful reform to the campaign finance system. They will be fighting to overturn Citizens United. End Citizens United stands up for those candidates who are unhappy over this attack by corporates, the special interests along with mega-donors, their networks of Super PACs as well as the dark money groups.

End Citizens United is supporting Democrats as they are leading this fight against Citizens United.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provides New Pathways To Care

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a one-of-a-kind solution using custom technology. Allscripts Sunrise will offer electronic health records to provide staff access to clinical workflows. NantHealth brings to the table a clinical decision support solution. Integrating these new support systems will create Clinical Pathways, a program that tracks the cancer treatment process, while not disturbing the doctor’s practice and patient care process.

This clinical operating system was put together by the hands of many oncologists working across the Americas. The amount of data that the system will collect should be very comprehensive and ever evolving in the treatment and care of cancer.

The Clinical Pathways system will help physicians by providing treatment options and complementary therapies, thereby eliminating some potential guesswork. Doctors are regularly feed massive information on new data and cancer research and the Clinical Pathways will help sort this information out quicker.

Working with this integrated platform will merge physicians, staff and patients to allow for better conversations about options, diagnosis and insurance billing. Billing can be a faster process because the providers will be able to quickly provide the supporting data often requested by the insurance companies.

The Clinical Pathways system is available for use with every patient at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals, which are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

For over 30 years the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been healing cancer patients with the help of technology and true hands on teams that not only tackle the treatments but also the many side effects, such as nausea, pain, and fatigue. Cancer Treatment Centers of America treats eleven forms of cancer, for now.

The advancement in technological platforms and continued high level of commitment from all involved will provide patients, physician, insurance companies, and all support staff even further success in the treatment of cancer.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Matt W. was broke, stressed and worried before Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews found himself laid off and spending more and more on credit cards and lines of credit which got really overwhelming to a point where collection calls were turning into a daily thing for him. He finally got to a point where he looked at Reviews options and realized that he was not going to get out of debt on his own. He could not get to a point where he would pay off the credit cards on his own and started looking at what was out there to help him. That is how he started to look at debt relief, as something different other than bankruptcy and his biggest regret is that he did not do it sooner.

Starting the Freedom Debt Relief program was relatively easy, he had four to five phone calls with a helpful representative at Freedom Debt Relief who made sure he was really educated on what he was getting into. They made sure he knew exactly what he should expect and when he got his first call saying that one of his credit cards had been completely handled, he was really relieved. Not only was he getting things paid off, he was getting them paid off so much faster than just dealing with his creditors on his own. He would wholeheartedly recommend Freedom Debt Relief for those who are struggling to make ends meet, who feel that they are drowning in debt. They should take a look at the Freedom Debt Relief program and see if its right for them. After Freedom Debt Relief, he feels that he is more knowledgeable, excited and hopeful and for the first time in a long time he can reward himself with the first vacation in nine years coming up that summer.

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