Exciting New Cloud Tech By NuoDB

With the cloud increasingly becoming crucial for business and everyday life, companies are creating new ways to interact with data located in the cloud that enhance the scope of the data and lowers the ease of use so everyday users can benefit. One of these exciting companies is called NouDB. Being founded in 2008 in Cambridge Massachusetts, NouDb has been a pioneer in cloud database technology.

NouDB cloud database technology is based on creating a new system in SQL, or as the company calls it “NewSQL”. This database works in the cloud to manage data and creates an environment where different users even around the world can easily search and choose data they need from the cloud. Processor and nodes are used to ensure speed and availability of the cloud database. NouDB constantly updates its software to align with new business and consumer needs.

With the need for cloud databases and computing ever increasing, NouDB is stepping into the pioneering role to fill the gap needed in technology and computing. WIth this exciting new cloud database business will be able to compete around the world without having to worry about how their database is running. With NouDB, every business has its cloud database partner.