The Problem Being Solved By End Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court decided in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case. This changed the entire landscape of elections in America. It led to the idea of corporations being considered as people. This way billionaires along with special interests, had the legal way to spend money that was unlimited, and untraceable, in America’s elections. There was no accountability or any transparency. It allowed them to tip the political power in their favor. This was not all. There is much more to it.

End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015. It is a Political Action Committee. The funding is by the grassroots donors. The aim is to counter all the disastrous effects that have been brought about by Citizens United. This way the campaign finance system needs to be reformed.

End Citizens United will have to fight back the elected officials, several candidates, voters, as well as the press. These grassroots donors are fighting back against these billionaires who are trying to buy the US elections. This will help to build a broader coalition that will work towards campaign finance reform. The aim is to pressurize the lawmakers so that they take action.

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The mission of End Citizens United is to stop this Big Money being spent in politics leading to the rigging of the political system. It will be achieved by electing those who are campaign finance reform champions. Another step will be to pass various measures for the state ballot. Besides, this issue will have to be raised in the national conversation too. This working in partnership with the champions will help in overturning Citizens United. It will end this unlimited as well as undisclosed money being used in the US politics.

End Citizens United is going to work towards its mission by electing those candidates who are pro-reform. Also, it will raise this issue of money in politics by making it a national priority. It will also work with the ballot measure campaigns and help to pass various pro-reform laws in all the states. The concept of grassroots membership will be used for demonstrating political power on this subject of big money being used in US politics.

In this way, End Citizens United will be reducing the corruption in the US electoral system. This PAC is supporting Democrats who are taking part in key races. All these candidates favor the meaningful reform to the campaign finance system. They will be fighting to overturn Citizens United. End Citizens United stands up for those candidates who are unhappy over this attack by corporates, the special interests along with mega-donors, their networks of Super PACs as well as the dark money groups.

End Citizens United is supporting Democrats as they are leading this fight against Citizens United.