About TMS Health Solutions
They are a group of staff and clinicians who are mainly concerned with education, research and treating individuals with different mental pathologies and conditions. Mostly, those who are seen to have problems with depression that is resistant to treatment are mainly focused on by TMS Health Solution. Apart from that, they provide therapies that are seen to be very advanced which normally involves the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is the TMS.

Some of the conditions that occur in individuals mentally can be very painful and isolative which makes it hard for people to find the necessary help they need. It mostly looks to bring hope to those who have different mental conditions as they previously never had any hope of feeling better.

Dr. Richard Bermudes is the man who is the brain behind TMS Health Solutions, and he started it in the year 2007 as he wanted to start a group that was focused on providing patient-centric care with the aim being on academic research institution which treats as well as educates the community around about mental conditions. The vision by Dr. Bermudes enabled TMS Health Solutions to design a new psychiatric model from zero going up.

The kind of expertise behind TMS Health Solutions is by far very remarkable and experienced as they offer the best TMS therapy compared to any other outpatient psychiatric medical experts in Northern Carolina.

What does the logo mean in relation to mental health?
As it seeks to show hope for patients, the logo for the company which is a butterfly has a meaning itself. It signifies the metamorphosis that patients with mental health conditions usually go through. However, people always see the butterfly as a sign of change and growth which has the ability to go through new heights in the next life chapter. They are always committed to helping the patients achieve this objective.

Clinical Depression
It is also recognized as Major Depressive Disorder. Mostly seen to have severe symptoms that are serious which may involve the patients feeling unworthy and anxious as some even start having the suicidal thoughts as they wish they were dead. According to research, about 40% of the patients with clinical depression resist treatment. It is doubtful that this condition goes away on its own.

However, the team and staff at TMS Health Solutions are always ready to offer treatment to patients who have such mental conditions. They accept different insurance for the treatment of different conditions. TMS Health Solutions negotiates typically on behalf of the patients so that they can only focus on getting well and not how to for fund their treatments.