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Shervin Pishevar: AWS, Azure, and Blockchain AI

Blockchain technology is poised to innovate applications for artificial intelligence (AI). This is applicable to the current dynamic of global enterprises. Shervin Pishevar called attention to similar impacts that stateless digital currencies have upon small business.

Both AI and decentralized digital currencies are growing. Currently, private sector AI innovation primarily occurs at just a few research and development departments. These departments are connected to powerful monopoly like organizations. Many leaders and industry experts believe AI will advance global society to a new age. As Shervin Pishevar alludes to, this reshaping of the world requires the input of more than a few people.

The AI industry has grown at seemingly lightning speed. There is consensus that AI will be one of the most, if not the most, impactful technologies for the future. However, there are problems beyond innovating the technology for practical use. One of the most pertinent issues is that of human factors. Can an AI with significant control over daily life sustain the core values of humanity? This concern escalates when one realizes how few people are involved in its innovation.

Currently, AI is dominated by Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Both are well recognized and respected companies. However, neither can claim a true pioneering spirit in the AI industry. Their loyalties to stockholders and diversified business interests do not align with the development of AI in the best interest of humanity. Furthermore, Shervin Pishevar identified monopolies, of which, both Amazon and Microsoft are included.

The dangers of modern monopolies is the impact to startups. By limiting startups, true innovation suffers. Ideas become centralized and focused toward maintaining outdated corporate agendas. As this suggests, centralized AI is not only bad for human factors but also limits the development of AI. It seems to use this technology to achieve linear objectives that support the agenda of a single entity. This contrasts the concept of a thinking intelligence and restricts AI technology to something similar to conventional linear programming. The insightful comments of Shervin Pishevar should be heeded as a warning that innovation and technology need to progress together.

MB2 is Not Your Typical Dentist

When Dr. Villanueva made MB2 Dental, he knew there were things people saw about the company they could take advantage of. He also knew things would get better because of the hard work he put into the dental business. He didn’t just want to make things easier on himself but he also wanted to make things easier on people who did their best to try things on their own. The other dentists who joined MB2 Dental could see the opportunities they had for success. There were times when Dr. Villanueva knew what he needed to do and there were times that allowed him to see the positive parts of the business.Since Dr. Villanueva knew what he was doing, he felt good about the business. He also felt there were things that would change based on the options people chose for the company.

Depending on how hard he worked, Dr. Villanueva felt he was the one responsible for all the hard work at MB2 Dental, but he wanted other people to get the credit for the hard work they did. There were times when they could make things easier for other people so they wouldn’t need to worry about these problems.Depending on the reaction other dentists have to the MB2 Dental model, Dr. Villanueva wants to push it an make it a widespread idea. If people can try different things with MB2 Dental in mind, they can get more than they ever would. They could also do their best to give people a chance at a future with the industry.

It is Dr. Villanueva’s idea to always give people what they need and give them the options that will help them see how successful they can be in the future.Focusing on the patients helps MB2 Dental secure their success. They don’t treat patients like a number. In fact, they treat them more personably than other companies do. Since they know they are an important part of their lives, Dr. Villanueva does what he can to make sure MB2 Dental is actually helping patients. No matter how hard he works to give people a chance at a better future with MB2 Dental, patients will always be the main focus. Dr. Villanueva wants them to realize they are doing things right. He also plans to help people understand the positive parts of the business so everyone can be successful on their own.

Chronic Diseases Could Increase Cancer Risk, According To Top Doc, Dr. David Samadi

Internationally recognized urologist, Dr. David Samadi says chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems could be responsible for over a fifth of new cancer cases and over a third of cancer deaths. The celebrity doctor, and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital pointed this out in his January broadcast of Sunday Housecall.

So chronic diseases could have the same weight as five known risk factors for cancer (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables, consumption of alcohol, obesity). From 1996 to 2007, researchers at the University of Texas in Houston, Department of Epidemiology, performed a study on 405,878 individuals, who were asked to complete a questionnaire on their medical history, lifestyles, and demographic information. According to the results of this study, the presence of some chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, could also be added to these factors.

The study found that the increase in chronic disease led to an increased risk of developing tumors. In particular those who suffered from a greater number of chronic diseases had a double risk of developing cancer.

One of the most important aspects of medical care is communication. Here are some of Dr. Samadi’s tips you should embrace:

1. Know your family history. Having a family history of cancer among first-degree relatives not only increases the risk of developing a similar tumor, but also develops another type of cancer in other parts of the body. This should be communicated with your doctor.

2. Make doctor visits and have early screenings. Many people bypass doctor visits, especially when they don’t “feel” sick, but regular physicals are important. Dr. Samadi points out how examinations can lead to early diagnosis of diseases, prevention, and/or the discovery of tumors.

3. More control of lifestyle choices. Recent studies reveal that about 30% of cancer cases are related to our poor eating habits. An advocate of healthy nutrition, Dr. David Samadi points out how crucial it is to develop good lifestyle choices like paying more attention to our diets, and getting more exercise. Obesity, in general, is a risk factor for numerous cancers including colon and breast cancer, and It’s been shown that moderate physical activity reduces the risk of cancer.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and previously was Director at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He’s been a featured expert correspondent on Fox News, World Health News, and a host of radio programs including 1010 AM, and WNYM 970 AM. Dr. Samadi also hosts his own television show, Sunday Housecall.

He is is an international clinical expert on urologic diseases, developed the highly regarded SMART surgical technique for prostate cancer, and he’s been voted New York Metro Area Top Doctor, America’s Top Doctor, and received the Community Partner Award from the American Cancer Society.

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Peter Briger: The Incredible Answer To All Financial Matters At Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the Principal and the Co-chairman at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Peter is ranked as a billionaire in the city. He is in his 50’s and doing well in financial services. The Fortress Investment Group, where Peter chairs, is an investment based management firm. He joined Fortress in the year 2002 and became the co-chairman in the year 2009. At the same time, Peter has served on the Board of Directors for Fortress Group since the year 2006. Before he joined the Fortress Investment Group, Peter served for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he was a partner in the year 1996. Moreover, his service has been extended to a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, known as Tipping Point. This organization takes care of the families that receive low incomes, which makes it difficult for them to meet essential amenities at home. Briger serves on the board of Caliber schools, which is a network of schools, and prepares students for great success in the competitive world for four-year timelines and much more. His education status reads that Briger graduated from Princeton University with B.A, and later, an M.B.A from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

All his life, Peter Briger has been interested in business and more specifically on financial matters. Due to this cause, he has been a business leader and a great financial professional who is based in San Francisco in California. He has 20 years of experience in the areas of asset management and now leads in a company well known globally for its investment management, Fortress Investment Group. This company takes care of both the private and the public needs and investors by overseeing their assets. After his election in the position of co-chairman, Peter Briger led the company into various management functions and projects. Moving on, he oversees the entire group’s real estate business and the credit funds.

Apart from his professional outline, Peter Briger is a philanthropic individual who has contributed to some community-based projects. These include involvement in the Silicon Valley Leadership Council that deal with Global Fund for the Children and a member of Foreign Relations Council that promotes the understanding of issues in the foreign policy to all citizens and the elected officials. In general, Briger cares about any area and sector that touches children, education and the poverty alleviation initiatives. Briger is so excellent in connections and networks, and that is what has rendered him be connected to around five board members in five different organization over seven distinct industries. He is a busy man who does not waste his time but remains focused and committed to his work with diligence. Peter had compensation of close to $27,025,268 in the fiscal year of 2016, and this has risen so far. Much of his money is used in the projects around the community to help the needy. Peter has also sold several apartments properties and replaced with better ones for a better living. The company is pleased to have him as the Principal, and the co-chairman.

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Fortress Investment Group: Acquired By Softbank Group

Corporate acquisitions occur every single day across the world. One of the most significant acquisitions made by any corporation in the last year with that of soft drink group Corporation. Softbank group Corporation is a Japanese technology company that is a titan of industry across the planet. The Corporation acquired Fortress Investment Group in 2017 as part of a move that was made in order to increase their foothold in the world of finance. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest private equity firms in the world and was the first publicly traded corporation in its industry in the United States of America.

Fortress Investment Group has been around since 1998 when it was originally founded. The corporation was first founded by five individuals who all had experience in finance industry. Wes Edens is the Corporation’s current chairman and president and him along with the help of four others including Pete Bridger launched the Corporation in 1998. From the company’s inception in 1998 to 2006 it was able to grow its assets by around 39.7%. This marked an incredible amount of growth that was achieved in a relatively short period of time. In 2007 the Corporation was able to launch itself on the New York Stock Exchange by holding an initial public offering. During this process, Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded private equity investment firm in the nation.

Fortress Investment Group currently serves over 1750 investment clients across the world it has holdings in numerous industries. The cornerstone of their company is to help their investment clients create strong returns on their investments while minimizing the risks the clients must take in order to generate. They are currently based out of New York but have offices around the world. Their businesses are asset-based, and this has allowed them to create a world of expertise that has assisted them in the management of their financial assets. By utilizing their extensive industry knowledge, they have helped clients generate significant returns over the past several decades.

The Corporation has been recognized as being one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers. In 2014 institutional investor, an investment magazine awarded Fortress Investment Group with the title of hedge fund manager of the year. This was done in recognition of their significant financial growth. After this talks were made with Japanese technology giant softening group in order to start the process of a corporate acquisition. This corporate acquisition was made in 2017 when Softbank group purchased the corporation and a $2.25 premium from their publicly traded stock value. This created an immediate hundred and $40 million increase in valuation for the Fortress Investment Group Corporation. Without the expert leadership of Wes Edens and Pete Bridger and acquisition such as this would not have been possible. Despite the acquisition Fortress Investment Group has managed to maintain its independence and continues to run independently of the Softbank group. It is still managing its own investments and continues to be a beacon in the world of financial investments.

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