Eric Lefkofsky Uses His Creative Mind To Benefit Us All

Never before has there been so much collected data brought together from around the world on cancer, which is being done by a technological company known as Tempus. This company, started by Eric Lefkofsky, is going a long way towards improving the potential medical advancements coming in the near future thanks to the accumulation of genomic data.

Despite what most people think, the industry for healthcare around the world is typically lagging behind in terms of technology, using many outdated methods and systems still today. Through a personal experience with cancer, Eric got an up-close look at just how outdated these systems in healthcare really are, which inspired him to found Tempus. It is his desire to help advance the healthcare industry through technology for the future.

So far, there haven’t been many effective methods for using collected data from patients and treatments, so it has mostly just sat around collecting dust or getting lost in archives. Through Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is delivering a new way for information to be used by medical professionals, which will hopefully aid in much more than just cancer research and treatments. Molecular and genomic data from around the world is collected from cancer patients as well as notes left by doctors. Tempus’ advanced algorithms allow it to not only analyze data but structures it in a way that allows it to be used effectively

Apart from being the co-founder of Tempus as well as the standing CEO, Eric Lefkofsky has also founded several other successful companies, amassing him quite a large fortune with which he uses to help the world around him each day. Eric has started up his own foundation to help support student education, and he regularly gets involved with charities. Eric has many board member positions at various companies today, which has given him a huge amount of experience in the business. Eric also regularly speaks at events and publishes his own articles to give insight into what it means to be successful in such a competitive field. All of which he does while continuing to innovate and create new ideas.

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