The RealReal Beauty Line

The RealReal is an online consignment shop that started out small, but is in line to make big changes in the way that women purchase high-end luxury clothing. The RealReal is a company that believes that people should share the wealth and share luxury, especially clothing. The company is strongly committed to providing their luxury brand loving customers with the most pleasant experience possible. Now, the resale site is dipping their toes in the beauty industry waters. The RealReal has been slowly introducing beauty products into their online and local stores.

Why Beauty Products

Certainly, The RealReal built their brand name on providing high-end luxury clothing to women at the local community stores and their online stores. Their success with luxury clothing was inspiration to start adding beauty products to the mix. Rati Levesque is the Chief Merchant at the RealReal. He strongly believes that luxury loving consumers frequent their stores to find the most exquisite luxury items. Therefore, it is his honor to help those consumers complete their luxury journey by providing them with high end beauty items. Consequently, providing a trusted place to purchase their luxury clothing and beauty products in one place.

Consignment Based Business

Of course, the RealReal business model is based on a consignment shop system of business. Consumers bring unwanted items to the shop to resell to other consumers. Clearly, the merchandise is high-end, but used. However, Rati Levesque is taking a different approach with the introduction of beauty products into the shops. All the luxury beauty products are brand new. The beauty product lines included many of the most famous luxury beauty product lines that are available today.

Joining Other Retailers

The fact is that more and more retailers are recognizing the fact that women would like to buy their luxury beauty products from a trusted provider. In addition, adding beauty products is an easy way for retailers to attract more customers and more profits. The RealReal is simply the latest to follow this hot trend.

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