NewsWatch TV Helps Avanca Reach Out to Customers and Build a Brand Image

If you are looking for a channel through which you can effectively market your products and services, then NewsWatch TV is the perfect show. It is aired for thirty minutes on AMC and ION Networks in the United States and reaches more than 100 million homes in the United States. The great outreach of NewsWatch TV has helped it to become one of the leading shows for advertising by many companies. NewsWatch TV has featured some of the popular companies in the past few years, including Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, Ford, Toyota, NASCAR, Discovery Channel, and many more. Moreover, many popular celebrities have also been featured on the show, including Dr. Oz, Carl Lewis, and many more.

Showcasing your brand in any popular show helps to get more popularity and visibility. Most of the companies that have been featured on NewsWatch TV have witnessed a surge in their revenue as well as sales. There are many companies that continue to trust NewsWatch TV for marketing their products and services, especially during a product launch. Using unique marketing methods is essential these days if you are looking for results, and it is what NewsWatch TV would provide you with. In a recent example, a start-up named Avanca asked NewsWatch TV to do their marketing on their channels, and it was able to raise much more investment than they anticipated on their Indiegogo campaign.

Avanca is one of the top manufacturers of mobile accessories. The company has a segment on NewsWatch TV, and it had more than a million views. The first promotional campaign was such a success that they had numerous more segments based on the individual product on their program. The company aims to continue working with NewsWatch TV in the future to help them gain a larger market share with a medium budget.