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End Citizens United Fight For Beto O’Rourke In Texas Senate Race

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the 2018 midterms are the most important election of our lifetimes. The American government seems to have gone off the rails and it’s all being fueled by a Supreme Court decision called Citizens United. That’s why I am paying close attention to the Senate race between good-looking upstart Beto O’Rourke and longtime GOP blob fish Ted Cruz.

End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke. That’s because the political action committee agrees with me that Citizens United is the worst Supreme Court decision in history. The Democratic challenger from El Paso is committed to fighting against this disastrous decision.

Citizens United is a conservative political action group that started the entire ordeal back in 2008. They attempted to run a 90-minute fake documentary about Hillary Clinton while she debated the soon-to-be President Barack Obama during the presidential primary. The FEC denied them and they filed suit.

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The Supreme Court took their case and it shocked of the entire political world. The conservative court then ruled a 5-4 that Citizens United has the right to air the documentary and they did not have to divulge who financed the film. This essentially means that corporations have First Amendment protections and they use cash to speak.

End Citizens United was formed right after the decision came out. It is an organization that grassroots members are only the source of funds. They, like me, think that corporations are not people. I don’t think that’s a crazy thing to say out loud. And they are fighting to mitigate the decision’s terrible implications across the political spectrum.

That’s why End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke. He has promised End Citizens United that he will fight the Supreme Court decision in the Senate and he’s on board for a long-term solution.

Unlike Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke does not take any money from corporations to fuel his campaign. Instead, he takes small donations from individual donors so that he will be in the pockets of the voter when he heads to the Senate in 2019. Cruz, on the other hand, takes money from giant businesses that may not even be based in Texas.

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Upwork Makes Your Outsourcing Process More Efficient and Manageable

Handling different tasks at the same time is hectic for many people. Many people try to make a list of the things they intend to do, but it doesn’t become easier for them. They go looking for a method or platform that would make their work manageable. Making a to-do list may be easier for some people, but handling it may be chaotic. Getting a platform like Upwork is what you need to do. It ensures different tasks are handled quickly and professionally. Covering different grounds on your own may be cumbersome, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The reason you find it difficult is because you aren’t using the right method to do it.

Making a to-do list successful requires you to involve other people instead of doing it alone. Many people haven’t realized that other people have what they are looking for. If you want your single tasks to be handled well, leave them in the hands of freelancers. Most freelancers have ample time to go through each of your tasks and give it an exceptional approach. Delegating different tasks to different individuals makes work easier and effective. Getting the overview of the whole to-do list alone may take all your time and still miss the quality work you had desired to get.

Most competent freelancers know what they can do to make workflow more efficient. With some talented freelancers on platforms like Upwork, you don’t have to wrestle with your entire to-do list. Everything can be done within the stipulated time without compromising quality. You only need to come up with some ground rules to accomplish things expectedly. Timing is the first aspect you should bear in mind. Make sure the list is prepared in advance if you don’t want to let things go haywire.

With proper planning, all your tasks can be handled properly within the set time frame. Share your goals with the freelancers to help them stay on the target. Make the freelancers know the nature of the tasks you wish to have before the outsourcing process begins. The outsourcing process becomes more reliable and manageable if you appreciate the skills and aptitude other people have out there. With Upwork, your to-do list would meet or exceed your expectations no matter how big it is.

OSI Food Solutions – Industry Leader

OSI Food Solutions is a company on the move. Founded in 1909, with humble beginnings as a family owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago, IL area they became the first fresh beef supplier to the McDonald’s corporation in 1955. For over one hundred years OSI Food Solutions has grown into an industry leader with expansions in products, service capabilities and sustainability globally in seventeen countries. By placing the customer’s needs and concerns at the forefront of their business they have grown into a Forbes Top 100 privately owned company with 6.1 billion in revenue.

Since 2016 OSI Food Solutions has acquired several food processing plants in the United States and Europe. The Baho Food Plant is a company operating in Germany and the Neverlands and will allow OSI to meet the needs of their customers in a global environment. This acquisition along with the purchase of the Flagship Europe will enhance product and service reliability for their worldwide customer base. OSI has not only been able to expand globally but also provided company growth in the United States near their corporate headquarters by obtaining a Tyson Food Plant no longer capable of maintaining daily operations.

OSI’s capabilities to acquire struggling businesses is a positive in the future of the U.S. economic growth and stability. The company is offering hundreds of career opportunities in various locations across the United States for individuals looking for growth in a safe environment with an excelling company. OSI Food Solutions was awarded the prestigious BSC Globe of Honour in 2016 for their five-star commitment to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Management, giving acknowledgement of OSI’s high standards for their employees and customers. OSI Food Solutions is a business model for successful industry advancement and development of innovative services and products.


OSI Industries: Food Service Leaders

The OSI Food Group, is a well known Aurora, Illinois, based food industry provider. They’ve been able to cater to large group of food service clients and introduce new partners to the industry. Their food contents are listed on their website. OSI, strives to provide their clients with an organic food diet containing ingredients that are regulated by the tough industry food regulations. They’re the largest food network in North America, and their goal is a stabilized meal with quality ingredients their customers can afford.

CEO, Secures International Deal

There were a considerable amount of big name food service groups that continued fighting for the popular EU Food Group, but OSI Industries, impressed the EU Food Group with their popular food service business model. The deal will allow them to operate the largest food facility in Europe. OSI, was able to partner with Flagship Europe, in a deal worth $7.2 million dollars. They will process their food condiments and frozen poultry. Their stockholders are proud to announce the growth of their business portfolio. They have nearly, tripled their chicken production at OSI. They’ve also been able to partner with the popular Dutch, Baho Food Group. The OSI Group is led by their CEO, David McDonald.

Meet Team Executive, David McDonald

David McDonald, is a part of the daily operations at OSI Industries Inc. He is a strong part of their job initiative that has created 8,000 jobs worldwide. McDonald, has been able to enact a sustainability model along with giving a hand up to the communities they feed. Plus, he’s given a generous amount of time and resources to local area charities like the YMCA, Salvation Army, and United Way. When OSI, sought after the Chicago, Tyson food plant, McDonald also played a key role.

You can get a diverse work opportunity from around the world from the official OSI, website. Their listed as a proud equal opportunity employer. If you’re interested in joining their team, they also have a drug-free work environment. Learn more about David McDonald, and the OSI Food Group from their website today.


Just Who Is Jason Hope

The name Jason Hope is fairly common in the United States, but the Jason Hope of this article is a man of many acts. Advanced technology and how it can positively affect people’s lives is something that Hope has always interested in. This guy is honestly a futurist, an entrepreneur and an investor. Thanks to his big heart, he has been referred to being a philanthropist. Jason Hope is very successful thanks his educational-base. He has earned an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business. In addition to that, he has earned a B.A. in Finance from Arizona State University. Visit on his twitter for more updates.


The SENS Research Foundation is very affluent, and its goal is to develop drugs that can fight age-related diseases. On an annual basis, this institute hosts the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. This particular conference hosts many important individuals and experts that have a passion for fighting age-related issues. These individuals get a chance to share their ideas, share their opinions and share their concepts on fighting a myriad of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition to that, the attendants have the option of making a donation to fight the cause, and Jason Hope just so happens to be one of those individuals. This Arizona-native has a strong interest in helping those who are in need, and he has a track record of doing so. Hope has made a whopping donation of $500,000. That’s right! This enormous amount of capital will go toward building a biotechnology industry that develops preventive strategies for bettering the quality of life for people who need truly it.

“I have faith in every philanthropic and entrepreneurial project that I’m involved in,” said Hope. Jason Hope is the epitome of a free-thinker and a futurist as he envisions the long-term health benefits of these fascinating discoveries. Visit:


Working With Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a legendary business owner who has had an incredible career. During his career, he has worked hard to provide value to others. He was born in a low-income area of India. Despite lacking access to running water and electricity, he worked hard and was able to attend college. He even served a few years in the military.


Vinod decided to move to the United States after leaving the military. He was accepted to an MBA program in Nebraska. He graduated from the program and immediately began working.



Starting a Company


Vinod Gupta worked hard to start a company during his free time. Although he enjoyed his job, he wanted to work for himself. He lived a frugal lifestyle and lived with roommates.


He finally left his job to devote his time to his business. The company was more successful than he could ever imagine, and he sold his company for millions of dollars.


Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.



Venture Capital


After becoming wealthy, Vinod decided to spend his time investing in small business owners. He began working as a venture capitalist in the local area. In this position, Vinod Gupta listens to ideas from small business owners and decides whether to invest money in the companies. Although venture capital has financial risks, he enjoys working with people on business ideas.



Other Goals


Vinod is also a political activist. As a strong supporter of certain politicians, he plans to campaign in multiple states during the elections this year. Vinod is proud of the work that he has accomplished during his career. However, he maintains a busy schedule and wants to continue working hard each day. See This Page for more information.


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OG Juan ‘s Birthday Extravaganza Cost over $100,000

OG Juan, the President of Roc Nation, and close friend of Jay-Z, celebrated his 50th birthday in style. The overly expensive night included $13K on dinner at Zuma, a Japanese restaurant in Midtown. The dinner included shrimp, lobster, and steak.

OG Juan’s entourage next went to Made in Mexico, a restaurant and nightclub. Jay-Z endlessly ordered D’USSE, a cognac that he is the partial owner of. The group spent $9K on drinks there before heading to their final stop. At Playroom Nightclub, Jay-Z handed out $91K on 40 bottles of champagne. They ordered 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Gold champagne and 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose. Ace of Spades was also purchased by Jay-Z in 2014. Although this may seem like a lot of champagne for a few individuals, it is said that they were handing bottles of champagne out to other tables as well.

This story went viral when a server of the club posted their tab on Snapchat detailing some of the expenses for this lavish birthday party. The receipt included $74K worth of champagne, over $6K in taxes, and over $11K for gratuity. Now that’s a nice tip!

Although some people commented on Twitter saying that they were ridiculously spending money on waste, it was really a smart decision by Jay-Z by spending the money on brands where he is at least a partial owner. This amount of spending will eventually land back in his bank account.

After 20 years of friendship, it is not to crazy to think that Jay-Z would spend this much money on OG Juan’s birthday party. Not only is OG a trusted friend, but a 50th birthday is an important milestone in life.