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This man Sheldon Lavin and his accomplishments in OSI group

When it comes to listing innovative leaders, Sheldon Lavin’s name always occupies the top spots. This is because, in the past fifty years, Sheldon has done nothing but broaden the horizons of OSI group. For instance, by spearheading the acquisition of Baho Food, Flagship Europe and several other assets, Lavin has enabled the firm to expand its territories in other parts of the world, thereby inching a step closer to the firm’s primary goal of becoming a global food processing company.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI group about half a century ago, and since then he has been an integral part of the firm’s operations. Before OSI, Sheldon was deeply involved with the finance sector and owned a lucrative consultant firm, but he saw the chance to join OSI as an opportunity to grow himself. He currently serves as the group’s chief executive officer and under his belt, he has achieved significant milestones. For instance, he joined OSI when it was still a small meat butchery serving Chicago residents but thanks to remarkable development and financial strategies, OSI group now has branches in seventeen countries and is an income generator for more than twenty thousand people.

An in-depth look at Sheldon Lavin’s journey to glory

As mentioned earlier, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI group about four to five decades ago when it was still known as Otto& Sons. Initially, he used to work out the firm’s financials, but his effectiveness in ensuring that everything is in check when it comes to numbers saw him being appointed partner in 1975 after the founding father, Otto Kochowlsky retired. Soon, he became a full-time member and ever since he has been one of the primary sources of OSI’s successes.

Working together with the two brothers, Sheldon Lavin saw the company during its baby steps to success. It began broadening its horizons by moving North and then to Europe during the early 1970’s. A decade later, it had established a strong presence not only in the mentioned regions but also surpassed the continental borders by setting up branches in Asia, Africa, and Australia. Seeing his dedication and that he had what it takes to steer the company to success, the two brothers retired leaving him in full control. Looking at the progress that OSI group has now, there is no doubt that the brothers made a good decision.

Besides business, Sheldon Lavin understands the essence of the community in any firm’s growth. It is in respect to this that he is an avid giver and contributes to various charities. Some of these include the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Ronald McDonald house charities among many others. Due to his excellent leadership, Sheldon has been recognized and awarded multiple times, and he is the proud recipient of esteemed accolades such As the global visionary award.

How José Auriemo Neto is helping JHSF transform the Brazilian skyline.

Jose Auriemo Neto has continued to lead JHSF into profitability since taking over as the Chairman of the board of directors. His long relationship with the company is one of the reasons he has been so successful as he first worked for them in 1993. At the time he was just a young man trying his hands in corporate management. He would then join Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, after which he came back.

His career would begin gaining momentum when he took on the development of Parkbem. The development would become a successful venture, and in 2006 he became the youngest person to hold the position of CEO. In 2009 he would be elected to join the board of directors before eventually becoming the chairman.

JHSF today prides itself as being one of the biggest real estate developers in Brazil and has been able to spread its wings to other countries such as the United States and Uruguay. Shopping malls were among the first developments the company took on starting with the now famous Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz. The mall was unique as it had a subway station right inside and would prove to be very popular with Sao Paulo commuters. The mall was later sold.

JHSF would focus its efforts on the Cidade Jardim Complex in 2006, and within a short time the mall was complete and would house the Shopping Cidade Jardim this is the country’s premier luxury mall. The mall has been able to attract various international luxury brands which have given more credibility as the place to be in the country when looking to undertake some luxury shopping. The mall would later house more developments which include three commercial towers, nine residential towers and the high-end condominium Park City Garden. These developments have made the development one of the largest to be undertaken by a single company.

JHSF would choose to diversify its business in 2007, and they acquired the Fasano Group hotels. This has continued to be one of the most profitable ventures under their brand. Feeling confident in the direction the company was taking they would venture out of Brazil and are today developing the Las Piedras in Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, in the Western part of Michigan State. She grew up in a rich family with her father, Edgar Prince being the founder of an auto company which grew over time into a multi-billion dollar business. Erik D. Prince, Ms. DeVos brother, is the founder and C.E.O of a private security firm which is the contractor for American personnel in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq. Dick DeVos, the husband of Ms. DeVos, is a son of the founder of Amway, a renowned marketing company. Her husband also ran for and lost the gubernatorial in 2006 in Michigan.


Back at her home, Ms. DeVos is respected as a fearless political fighter who used her family’s fortunes to gain mileage. This includes using her families resources and connections to punish those who opposed her policies and rewarding those who supported her ideas. Ms. Devos is known to have fought for the presence of charter schools within the Michigan state. Currently, Detroit state has the highest number of charter schools in America courtesy of her efforts.


Ms. DeVos opponents have however noted the lack of connection between Ms. DeVos and public schools since she and her husband attended private school education as well as their children. Her opponents also put forward allegations that her intense support for charter schools is a way to undermine public education by limiting the resources allowed for them. These allegations were countered by supporters of Ms. DeVos who claimed that the introduction of charter schools was a way of pressurizing traditional schools to improve.


Ms. DeVos had a meeting with representatives of the gay and transgender employees at the education department moments before the federal policy that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms designated to their gender in schools was rescinded. This meeting was meant to warn the representatives of the outcomes that await after president Trump makes the officially rescinds the policy. According to those in the briefing, an aide had assured the employees in Ms. DeVos presence that she was against the move to rescind the policy.


However, during the brief with representatives of the gay and transgender employees, Ms. DeVos did not give any public show that there was a division with the Trump administration. She was present during the announcement of the policy and later on stated that federal guidelines were an example of an overreach done by the Obama administration.


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