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How Whitney Wolfe twisted the norm in online dating

Valued by Forbes to be worth $1 billion, Bumble, a dating app launched by Whitney Wolfe is up there competing with established dating apps such as Tinder which Whitney herself helped in its formation. However, one distinct feature about Bumble is that women are the ones to make the move. This is completely a change from what users are accustomed to where the men are always the first ones to swipe. Within four years, Bumble has grown to boast of over 35 million users in 144 countries across the world.

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She co-founded Tinder, arguably one of the first dating apps that uses the location of users to find matches. She later left the company after having a row with her then boyfriend Justin Mateen. They have since settled their conflict.

Her efforts in business earned her a spot in the coveted Forbes Magazine Top 30 under 30 list 2018. Whitney Wolfe recently appeared on the covers of Forbes Magazine and Fast Company.

Speaking with Vanity affair on what inspired her to start Bumble, Whitney Wolfe said that an email from Andrew Andreev, her current partner at Bumble and founder and CEO of Europe’s top social network Badoo changed her thoughts. He advised her to do something she knew instead of something she was good at. Andrew urged Whitney to go back to the same dating space she had left.

Whitney Wolfe considers Bumble a feminist company that is meant to take a shift from the normal rule where men are the ones to initiate conversations on these dating apps. Her main aim was to relieve men of the pressure and transfer some of these roles to women. Whitney believes that the fact that their are the first dating app for focus on feminism makes them really revolutionary.

According to Whitney Wolfe, Bumble has encouraged women to enjoy an even playing field and have acquired a lot of respect from men. It has changed how they feel and how women feel about themselves during dates.

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Paul Mampilly Talks About Artificial Intelligence Stocks Rising in the Years to Come

Experience comes in handy especially when you are an investor. At the beginning of your journey, you may encounter challenges such as not being knowledgeable about which investments are more lucrative than others. You may also be tricked into investing in a business that may later turn out to be a hoax. It is advisable to look for insights from successful entrepreneurs such as Paul Mampilly.

Background Information

Paul Mampilly is an best investment experts and an editor by profession. Apart from that, he’s an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been able to amass lots of information about various investments. Consequently, Mampilly always shares his insights with the general population through publications. As an investor, Mampilly also follows up on the trends in technology.

Since Mampilly is a technology enthusiast, he has been following up on Artificial Intelligence. He has gone a step further and looked into the Artificial Intelligence stocks. Artificial intelligence refers to simulated intelligence in machines. The machines are made to think like humans and imitate how people act. Although Artificial Intelligence is a new phenomenon in the tech world, it has has brought significant change in the world. For instance, you may be shopping on Amazon or any other e-commerce site. Artificial Intelligence may bring some ad pop-ups after analyzing your shopping trends on these sites. Companies that have endorsed Artificial Intelligence are a step ahead of their competitors.

Additional Information

Recently, Paul Mampilly released a video explaining Artificial Intelligence and how it applies to the real world. He also explained how with Artificial Intelligence, stocks will rise in future.

Paul Mampilly discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the world. He highlighted key points on how facial recognition software led to the apprehension of a suspect. The facial recognition software was able to identify a suspect who was in a crowd of 60,000 people. In such cases, private investigators may get the job done. Nevertheless, when you introduce variables like time, the facial recognition software will yield accurate results in a short time. It’s now clear that Artificial Intelligence is beneficial to the world in many ways.

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Boraie Development

Boraie Development is an established provider of a variety of services such as Property Management, Real Estate Marketing and Real Estate Development for the area of New Brunswick. The firm partners with visionary architects, contractors that focus on honoring timelines and financial institutions that believe in development. Boraie Development provides these services with a significant focus on the entire area of the urban real estate marketplace in New Jersey.


Boraie Development LLC was founded by Omar Boraie who is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Omar Boraie is a native of Egypt and went to the United States at his young age to take a Ph.D. in chemistry. He then ventured into real estate business. Omar has helped in solving real estate challenges in a variety of places courtesy of Boraie Development LLC. The firm is managed by the Boraie family as his sons are among the top managers of the company.


According to NJBiz, Boraie Development LLC works hard to ensure that the underutilized real estate resources are identified and put into proper use of solving housing and real estate marketing problems. The firm also ensures that its designs and other services are geared towards offering the solutions to the needs of its clients. Since its creation, the firm has been focused on providing and developing both residential and commercial real estate properties for its customers.


Boraie Development LLC is the leading developer of New Jersey. It has been in the forefront of making New Jersey a place of choice by developing apartments and buildings that are eye-catching in New Jersey.


Former NBA star Shaquille O’ Neil has joined the list of the developers of his hometown. The superstar is developing the famously known Shaq Tower that will be put in the town’s history for its elegance and design. Commenting on the apartment, Mr. Shaquille said that he recalls how beautiful the city was at the time he was growing up, and he intends to make it improve its beauty. He continued to inform that he has always been passionate to consider investing in things that can make a difference. You can visit



Boraie Development is tasked with the construction of the Shaq Tower. Reporting about the progress of the apartment, Wasseem Boraie said that the company was waiting for the right time to ensure that the supply is successful. Indeed, Shaquille O’ Neil has brought more beauty to the city and for him is a dream come true.


It seems like it’s getting tougher and tougher to run a business these days. So many businesses are falling by the wayside so fast; thus the importance of recruiting top corporate talent.

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It is hard for a fact to maintain a business today, and a major reason for that is a lack of qualified corporate professionals, and GoBuyside is here to prevent that from happening, and as its record will bear them out, they’re simply the best, no contest.

Many firms can owe it’s existence to GoBuyside in helping them to find the kind of people they’ve been looking for, people who are true corporate professionals who can get the job done right.

A day with Todd Levine

Having a good reputation is an essential aspect for your business. Therefore, the better you perform your duties, the faster the clients will be associated with you. The association is directly proportional to the amount of income you will pocket at the end of the day. Below is a story of a self-made man who has beaten all the barriers to reaching the epitome of his success.

Todd Levine joined the University of Florida, where he took an undergraduate degree course in Finance. It was during his later years that he decided to enroll in the Florida Levine College of Law.


Ideamensch Interview Recap

Despite Todd Levine being an expert in some complex fields, he is also a founding member of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine law firm. Ever since the inception of the firm, he has managed to specialize in the commercial real estate litigation. Often are the times when he gets involved in representing the various players in the commercial real estate disputes. His broad view and thinking outside the box kind of attitude has seen Todd Levine take on cases way outside his Jurisdiction for instance sports as well as financial matters and ends up winning most of them.


Todd Levine’s love for the art, science, and music guides him towards the much needed winning strategy. According to the interview, he has managed to scoop some trophies including the Best Lawyer Award for the Real Estate. Furthermore, his effort has been recognized in the Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, and as well as the Southern Journal.


From a tender age, Todd Levine could re-frame the conversation and giving other pupils a simplified version of his story. This sort of talent in her gave her the heart to pursue what wanted the most, “Law.”


Todd Levine


Vinod Gupta: How To Become Successful


The world has become highly competitive in the recent times. Although people are struggling to acquire success, there are many individuals who have emerged victorious. In just a short time, it is possible for an individual to rise from nothing to a hero. Vinod Gupta, one of the most influential investors in the world believes that overnight stories of success are rare, and they are just as a result of traditional hard work. People who are watching might think that this is an overnight affair, but the investor in question knows that they have put in a lot of effort to make everything successful.

Vinod Gupta has the perfect success story that everyone wants to follow on their path to success. What many investors do not understand is the fact that Vinod Gupta had to work for a very long time so that he could become successful. The businessman says that he spends years, and he had to put in a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work for things to fall in their place. People who want to get to this point of their investment careers learn these Business Lessons from Vinod:


Taking Chances

Although Vinod Gupta was born in a humble family, he had to take the chance to become an internationally recognized investor. Basic amenities such as running water, electricity and cars were not available. However, he knew that this was never going to determine his career achievements.


Bite More Than You Can Eat

Investors fail because of various reasons. Vinod believes that investors have become their own enemies. People should never feel that they are being overwhelmed by whatever is happening around them. Everyone should concentrate on how capable and powerful they are in the market. People who have me it in life believed that they had the power to change the world. See This Page to learn more.


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