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Your Hair Type Matters

Women around the world consider hair care to be incredibly important. Certain hair types have unique challenges. For instance, naturally curly hair can be unruly and prone to frizzing in contrast to straight hair.

For those with curly hair, it requires an intensive hair regimen. For example, this hair type does not need shampooing quite as often since curly hair tends to be rather dry. In fact, moisturizing your wavy hair regularly is crucial or it will become frizzy and brittle. Because of the distinct needs of curls, many beauty companies have formulated products for this specific hair type.

Chaz Dean, a prominent hairstylist, created a special formula which uses premium ingredients to revitalize hair. After his clients witnessed the stunning effects of his Cleansing Conditioner, they demanded additional products, ultimately resulting in the line. He created his Wen by Chaz products using extracts and oils from the best ingredients that nature has to offer to produce healthy, strong tresses.

While many of Wen‘s products are designed for all hair types, Chaz recognized that customers with curly locks may need a line created just for them. For this reason he made a product specifically to nourish curls which uses figs to provide extra hydration. Additionally, he has formulated WEN special styling products which combat frizz, a common frustration for people with wavy hair.


If you have natural curls, you may find that you get the best results from formulas designed specifically with your hair in mind. Even though a large array of QVC products for curls exists on the market, high-end, quality products such as Wen are often considered the most effective. Whenever you want beautiful healthy hair, try using products designed for your hair texture to get the look you desire.

Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur and Renowned Author with Exceptional Business Acumen

The executive chairman who is also the founder of the QI Group of Companies is not only a renowned author and philanthropist but an entrepreneur with immense business acumen. Dr. Vijay Eswaran heads a business organization whose tentacles is spread into various industries and sectors of the economy

The spectacular entry of the Malaysian magnate into the global world of big business and finance started in 1998 when he established QNET which later became the flagship company of his vast industrial empire.

The corner stone of his vast enterprises that include retail outlets, the hospitality industry, investments in educational institutions and the financial sector lies in his vision, entrepreneurial skills, and his charismatic personality.

Mr. Eswaran is reputed to possess the uncanny ability of combining the technological innovations of e-commerce on the internet with the methods of traditional sales to spur growth in every sectors of his enterprises. The immense role he plays in making the economy of Malaysia, in particular, and that of the greater South-East Asia, in general, cannot be denied.

His quick wit and long-term business sense enabled him to see a great window of transnational commercial opportunities in the internet trading platforms when they were just emerging. By taking advantage of the direct sales method that the internet avails, he has so far managed to cut a niche in this multi-billion field by directly selling products and services in a unique way.

His business strategies are modeled upon the precious and numismatic metals ideal which make the European market highly vibrant and competitive.

Starting with the sale of commemorative coins during the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the Asian Pacific Rim, Dr. Eswaran managed to quickly establish his companies above the competition by exploiting the direct sales chances that the web-based trading platforms provided. This form of selling gives a vital human element and touch between the seller and the buyer that forms a vital in the vast arena of international commerce.

Talos Energy Expands Zama-1 Boon With Incoming Pemex Partnership

The consortium behind the development of Zama-1 is branching out to next block. The Talos-energy led group is in talks for a partnership with Mexico-based state-fun company Pemex. Pemex is a provider of gas for Mexico and owns the block next to the consortium’s profitable Zama-1 field. They are set to being drilling around the same time as the Talos-helmed project. Talos Energy has already prepped the field by securing approval for its initial appraisal from Mexico’s oil regulator. The appraisal will see the construction of two new wells by 2019. The wells will cost around $325 million dollars to drill. It is projected that the wells will yield 100,000 to 150,000 barrels per day. This development will be in full swing by 2023.

The Zama-1 field has made waves since its discovery. Once projected as containing 1.4 billion barrels of light crude, it is now said to have 2 billion barrels in all with 800 million for reserves. This has huge implications for the companies involved. For Talos Energy this is long-awaited bonanza.

Talos Energy LLC pinned itself on the map with Zama. The discovery of the oil field was made in 2017. Talso Energy led two other companies in the discovery. UK-based Premeir Oil and Mexico-based Sierra Oil and Gas. The huge find was made off the Gulf of Mexico and represented one-half of Talos’s exploratory efforts. Talos itself was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan for the express purpose of exploring, developing, and producing both oil and natural gas from the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The effort was met with a fourteen-year dry spell. Now as the drilling schedule nabs approval the consortium looks at a new problem. How to bring the barrels to the market.

For the barrels to appear on the market an infrastructure will have to be created. Despite garnering approval for drilling, the consortium is still at the beginning stages of figuring that infrastructure out. Pemex may be of great help as it already has an infrastructure. Pemex will gain access to more oil, and Talos will receive a jumpstart in its market efforts.

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