Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur and Renowned Author with Exceptional Business Acumen

The executive chairman who is also the founder of the QI Group of Companies is not only a renowned author and philanthropist but an entrepreneur with immense business acumen. Dr. Vijay Eswaran heads a business organization whose tentacles is spread into various industries and sectors of the economy

The spectacular entry of the Malaysian magnate into the global world of big business and finance started in 1998 when he established QNET which later became the flagship company of his vast industrial empire.

The corner stone of his vast enterprises that include retail outlets, the hospitality industry, investments in educational institutions and the financial sector lies in his vision, entrepreneurial skills, and his charismatic personality.

Mr. Eswaran is reputed to possess the uncanny ability of combining the technological innovations of e-commerce on the internet with the methods of traditional sales to spur growth in every sectors of his enterprises. The immense role he plays in making the economy of Malaysia, in particular, and that of the greater South-East Asia, in general, cannot be denied.

His quick wit and long-term business sense enabled him to see a great window of transnational commercial opportunities in the internet trading platforms when they were just emerging. By taking advantage of the direct sales method that the internet avails, he has so far managed to cut a niche in this multi-billion field by directly selling products and services in a unique way.

His business strategies are modeled upon the precious and numismatic metals ideal which make the European market highly vibrant and competitive.

Starting with the sale of commemorative coins during the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the Asian Pacific Rim, Dr. Eswaran managed to quickly establish his companies above the competition by exploiting the direct sales chances that the web-based trading platforms provided. This form of selling gives a vital human element and touch between the seller and the buyer that forms a vital in the vast arena of international commerce.