Your Hair Type Matters

Women around the world consider hair care to be incredibly important. Certain hair types have unique challenges. For instance, naturally curly hair can be unruly and prone to frizzing in contrast to straight hair.

For those with curly hair, it requires an intensive hair regimen. For example, this hair type does not need shampooing quite as often since curly hair tends to be rather dry. In fact, moisturizing your wavy hair regularly is crucial or it will become frizzy and brittle. Because of the distinct needs of curls, many beauty companies have formulated products for this specific hair type.

Chaz Dean, a prominent hairstylist, created a special formula which uses premium ingredients to revitalize hair. After his clients witnessed the stunning effects of his Cleansing Conditioner, they demanded additional products, ultimately resulting in the line. He created his Wen by Chaz products using extracts and oils from the best ingredients that nature has to offer to produce healthy, strong tresses.

While many of Wen‘s products are designed for all hair types, Chaz recognized that customers with curly locks may need a line created just for them. For this reason he made a product specifically to nourish curls which uses figs to provide extra hydration. Additionally, he has formulated WEN special styling products which combat frizz, a common frustration for people with wavy hair.


If you have natural curls, you may find that you get the best results from formulas designed specifically with your hair in mind. Even though a large array of QVC products for curls exists on the market, high-end, quality products such as Wen are often considered the most effective. Whenever you want beautiful healthy hair, try using products designed for your hair texture to get the look you desire.