Paul Mampilly: The Decline of Apple

Paul Mampilly is well known for his ability to generate his readers’ incredibly large returns on their investment thanks to the stock choices and other investment opportunities that he publishes in his investment advice news columns. He is a uniquely qualified individual to create such advice as he has over 20 years worth of experience investing successfully on Wall Street before turning his attention to creating investment advice for the everyday American. Paul Mampilly has recently written a string of articles on why he believes that a once popular stock option may no longer be such a great investment.

This technology company is known as Apple computers. Paul Mampilly believes that in 10 years people will look back and wonder why they were such a big deal. Instead, Paul Mampilly believes that people will be reading articles 10 years from now on how the company fell out of favor with the investment world and investors. These articles come right on the heels of the most recent failure of Apple with the newest iPhone. He believes that over the course of the coming year this will present itself and falling stock prices for Apple. The reason behind the decline in the value of Apple will be the result of lack of innovation according to Paul Mampilly.

Instead of keeping the lead in the technology industry they decided to do the easy thing and just make different variations of their current products with only incremental advances rather than revolutionizing the industry the way that they have in the past. One potential competitor that Paul Mampilly believes will likely push Apple out of its top place in the market is Amazon. The Amazon Alexa devices have been incredibly popular and have actually begun to take the place as the most popular technology items for consumers recently. He believes that the reason why Apple stocks are still near their all-time high is that Warren Buffett has continued to keep pouring money into the stock to artificially keep the price raised. This is not the kind of behavior that can continue on forever however and Apple will likely experience a long slow decline.