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Alastair Borthwick Carved Out His Literary Legacy Through His Use Of Vivid Imagery:

Alistair Borthwick was a Scottish author who was most famous for a couple of books that he wrote during the first half of the Twentieth Century. These two books Always A Little Further from 1939 and Sans Peur from 1946 gave vivid insights into to major areas of experience that had been major influencers over the life and outlook of Alistair Borthwick. The former was inspired by his experience exploring the highlands of his native Scotland and the latter was based on his experiences serving in the British military during the horrors of the Second World War. Through these writings, he was able to paint a vivid picture of the people and the landscapes that he encountered and these facts made him a truly beloved literary figure.

Much of the youth of Alistair Borthwick was spent in the Scottish city of Glasgow though he came originally from the town of Troon. By the age of sixteen, he entered the workforce as an employee of the Glasgow Weekly Herald where he quickly gained a number of important duties due to the small nature of the staff at the publication. This gave him the opportunity to quickly become a key cog in the works at the paper and to gain experience as an editor and writer. During this time period, he also became fascinated by the pastime of hillwalking. He followed this passion to a great extent in the Scottish Highlands. He would end up writing about his vivid experiences in the paper and these writings provided a great deal of the material for the book Always A Little Further.

During the World War II effort, Alistair Borthwick attained the ranking of Captain. During this time he held the role of intelligence officer for his battalion. Later on, during 1944, he was transferred over to the distinguished 5th Seaforth Highlanders division. It was during these experiences at war that the inspiration for his book Sans Puer was born. Though Alistair Borthwick passed from this life during 2003, he continues to be recognized as one of the most important writers of his generation to come out of Scotland.

Wes Edens; The Successful Entrepreneur

Wes Edens is a private equity investor, co-founder of Fortress Investment group and also the founder of New Fortress Energy. He is the private equity chief investment officer, the president of private equity and co-chairman of his company as from 2009, August. Apart from that, he is also the chief executive officer and director of New Fortress Energy since 2018. Eden is known for publicly traded investment businesses and private equity.

The 57 year old man holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in Oregon State University. Wes Edens started his career with California Savings and Loan. In 1987, Wes Eden joined Lehman brothers as a partner and managing director in mortgage trading division.Wes Edens later joined BlackRock in 1993 where he established his first private equity fund known as BlackRock Asset Investors.

Throughout his career, Wes Edens has involved himself with variety of public companies as either a chairman, director or the Chief Executive officer. These companies include; Fortress Credit Corporation, Drive Shack Inc., Mapeley Limited, Springleaf Finance Corporation, Nation star Mortgage, Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation, New Media Investment Group Inc. and many others.

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Working with Fortress Investment Group, Wes Eden together with his partners, made the company public selling 8% of its shares. He became the co-chairman of the Board of Directors and helped the company back to its feet after the stock price fall due to the subprime mortgage crisis. One of his many achievements is the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services which was known as AIG’s American General Finance. He became its majority stakeholder, acquiring 80% in August 2010. Eden used Springleaf together with Nation Star to build out financial services business within the Private Equity unit.

In 2014, Eden together with Marc Lasry bought Bucks from Herb Kohl for $550 million, becoming a co-owner of the NBA’S Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association (NBA). He then bought a majority stake of the English Soccer club Aston Villa in July 2018.

Wes Eden has extensive credit in private equity finance and management expertise. He has great experience as a partner and managing director of public companies.

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Oren Frank and Talkspace Hit The Over One Million Clients Mark

Talkspace, which has been in operation for over 5 years, has surpassed the 1 million Mark in the number of clients being serviced. Oren Frank, the Founder and CEO of Talkspace has been innovative and intuitive to the needs of mental health clients and some of the barriers that might keep them from seeking services. Mental Health is more of an outreach to patients who recognize that there may be a problem or issue and seek out resolutions. Oftentimes lay persons get involved and make treatment twice as difficult for the patient and the physician because they undo all the work the two have done together. This can be very frustrating and bothersome. It is a breath of fresh air for patients to be able to seek treatment and prescriptions from the comfort of their own home due to the stigma and amount of teasing mental health clients usually undergo. See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

Oren Frank has brought on board to Talkspace licensed Psychiatrists who can prescribe medicines through the web site app. Frank has also brought on board Neil Liebowitz who is an insurance executive capable of managing the business aspects of Talkspace and bringing in more clients and productivity. This could be the best news anyone seeking mental health treatment could have. The emphasis should be that if the patient doesn’t see that there is a problem he won’t seek to try to solve anything that he deems is non-existent. Too many times lay persons destroy people’s lives because they meddle in other people’s affairs and business and make life impossible for them to cope with. Sometimes these are the people who should seek help and treatment because they are the root cause of harm to other people. Mental health covers a broad spectrum, included is alcoholism. Many alcoholics seem to feel that they need to control other people. This is very harmful to others because no one can live or cope in a stifling and controlling environment. Oftentimes people who are overly concerned with what others ought to do are the people who actually need mental health services. This rarely stated, but it could be the underlying culprit in a lot of instances where things in people’s lives goes haywire.

Oren Frank and his wife Mrs. Roni Frank are recognized as a very influential couple in the business community and they receive many tweets and accolades from their friends and colleagues.

Oren Frank tweets about additions to the Talkspace platform and the exciting areas being added that will make mental health services accessible to everyone.

Mental health is a very misunderstood and widely stigmatized issue that many people face. Only a licensed therapist or physician can diagnose a mental illness condition and set forth recommendations. Some groups of people in some communities may take these matters upon themselves to the detriment if many people who may or may not need treatment, so it the advantages of being able to seek these kinds of services online is like a blessing from heaven. Talkspace has been offering services where those seeking therapy could speak with a mental health professional online or through chat. The company has been in existence since 2014 or so and really saw a dramatic increase in clients in 2016 that is increasing. The intuitive and innovative implementation of offering these kinds of services that Oren Frank has shown is resonate of the awakening of businesses and professionals to a more convenient way for people to manage their mental health decisions, because regardless of whether lay persons like it or not, these are not their decisions to make, what another person does or does not do that a person in authority hasn’t mandated. It should mandated that these kinds if people go to AA or whatever because they are the ones exhibiting a problem.



Unroll Me; A Free Service That Cleans up Your Inbox

Email users who need a cleaner inbox are the target customers for Unroll Me. This mobile phone application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The application is a solution to the problem of having a cluttered inbox full of subscription emails and newsletters that one will never read. It increases the email owner’s freedom to get rid of the emails permanently or organize them in a manner that makes their overview simpler.

Unroll Me offers the easiest way to end the subscriptions that a person does not need and rolls up the others into a well-organized overview that can be customized as per the user’s needs. The roll-up is capable of developing a summary of the desirable subscriptions. Gone are the days when one has to search through numerous junk mails to find that one important email.

Initially, the developers had created this service for the iOS users only and they were the only people who could access the service. Later, they came to a realization that they have neglected the Android user and developed one that could be installed on such smartphones. Since Android users are more than the iPhone users, the services gained a wider market by introducing the app in the play store.

Similarly to how people use their Tinder application, the developers of Unroll Men have also made this application just as fun and you can swipe right, left and upwards just like the Tinder app. When the user swipes towards the left, they will be deleting the subscription but if it is it to the right, they shall continue to receive the subscription emails. Swiping upward means they want the subscription to be rolled up.

Unroll Me is not looking to get the email client out of the market but to increase the user’s option on service they find most suited to their needs, The company does not charge for this application but it does not mean they have not been making money out of it. The transaction emails that are received by users are used by the company to develop valuable market information. The company lets the users know about this before using the application and promises that it poses no threat to their private details.

New Residential Investment Corp: Helping to Guide You Through Investing With Know How

When deciding how to invest your hard earned money most are left feeling overwhelmed and confused. With so many options and things to know about investing you can feel defeated and frustrated. The whole experience can turn you off to investing. This will make you miss out on getting large, consistent, and secure returns. But, New Residential Investment Corp can be your guide and not only lead you through the investing process, but they can shine a light on any areas that make you feel uneasy. New Residential Investment Corp is a subsidy of New Castle Investment Corp. They are also affiliated with Fortress Investment Group LLC. This means that you will benefit from them partnering with other Investing firms to get you the most accurate and up to date help when investing. With New Residential Investment Corp’s 8 years of experience, they can easily demonstrate how they make a normally uncertain and stressful thing into a clarifying and enjoyable experience.

New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate investment trust which means that they invest in and manage investments in the housing market. When investing with them you’ll get the help you need to invest in excess mortgage service rights, investment mortgage servicing rights, investments in servicer advance, investments in real estate securities, investments in residential mortgage loans, investments in consumer loans, and corporate investments. With their understanding of the market and knowledge about investing they can help aid you through the murky waters of investing in the real estate market.

You can feel safe investing with New Residential Investment Corp because of the fact that they themselves invest in the real estate industry. Their goal is to provide “strong and growing” dividends to their shareholders. They specifically seek out and invest in companies that have a history of steady profitable returns. This means that you will benefit from a steady income from your investments. The United State’s real estate market has improved and it is still improving. Since the policies on mortgages are changing it is also creating new investment opportunities for you. This gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your piece of 21 trillion dollar United States housing market by investing with New Residential Investment Corp.

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David McDonald, the President and COO of OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of the leading food production company in the world OSI Group. Mcdonald was born and raised in Iowa and started his career after obtaining a degree in animal science from Iowa State University. He is a former chairman of the North American Meat Institute. His association with OSI Group started in the 1980s when he worked with them as a project manager. Over the years, his role in this company expanded and as a result going up the ladder of leadership.

As the premier global food provider, OSI Group has made great achievements in the food industry. It is committed to delivering top brands and services to consumers. David McDonald has been with this company for over many years now and has contributed immensely towards the success and growth of the company. As a global company, OSI Group has to ensure that it meets the needs of customers from different cultures and therefore McDonald is tasked with the role of ensuring that the logistics team in this company is constantly adapting to the changes in the international market. To ensure that the company is always ahead of competitors and in touch with what is happening around them, David McDonald ensures that there is sufficient research to enhance the relationship between the local marketers and the customers. To know more about him click here.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired a number of food companies in different locations around the world in its aim to expand its operations. In the last two years, it has acquired by Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that produces deli meat and other processed foods. The acquisition of these two companies has expanded OSI’s operations in the European market. Under the tenure of David MacDonald, there has also been an expansion of business in other locations. For instance, the company has expanded its food production plant in Spain as well as acquiring a new production facility in Chicago.

Is a leader in this company, Mr. McDonald has ensured that the role of decision making is left to the managers at the grassroots level. They are the ones who have information on what the consumers need as opposed to the high-profile executives serving the company.

OSI Industries Helps More People With New Food Options

OSI Industries knows a lot about the food industry and they spend a lot of time learning about even more opportunities so they can help their clients. Finding the right food is important to the company and it’s always been one of the biggest goals they have. They know what people want and how they can make a difference for everyone who is a part of the industry.

It’s also important to them to show people they can make things easier so they don’t have to worry about where they’re going to get the food they need or what it means to the company to do this. Thanks to the hard work they put into the business and the way they grew it from the bottom up, they felt they were making everything better for people who needed their assistance. OSI Industries continues growing as they reach out and help even more people than they were able to in the past.

For years, OSI Industries spent time learning about how they could help others and what they would need to do to make things better for people. They also knew it would mean a lot to the company to help them while they focused on bringing positive changes to the environment. As long as they knew how to help, they felt they were going to do things right and they were going to make more out of the business. Between their goals and the opportunities they had for the future, they knew they could be successful.

After OSI Industries figured out how to scale their business, they began helping big corporations. OSI Industries continues offering this service to big companies and they know they’re doing everything the right way because it works for them. They also spend a lot of time figuring out the best ways to help some of the smaller companies they work with. Since they know a lot about how to help little companies, they can offer them specialty products and things they don’t have available for their large corporations. Doing this allows them to create a special relationship with small businesses.

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The Evolvement of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital works with experience, knowledge, and deep relationship that suit the modern middle market investment banking. As a world-class provider of financial and merger and acquisition advisory, Madison Street Capital works with professionals and high standard capabilities in managing financing and capitalization structure to suit the clients’ unique expectations. Recently, the institution served MonDak Portables LLC as the executive financial adviser in managing $3.2 million debt facility. MonDak started in 2008 with the headquarters located in Epping, North Dakota. The group manufactures, rent, and sells portable toilets and trailers and also offer other services, such as delivery.


MonDak acquired the debt facility from North Avenue Capital. Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway made the transaction open led by the Senior Managing Director, Lester Rogers. Rodgers appreciated the excellent work done by Kathy, Barb, and the entire team of professionals in managing the capital needs of MonDak and promoting their long-term investment. The team worked professionally to anchor the solid growth of MonDak through diverse capabilities. The successful outcome of Madison Street Capital in managing the facility was possible through a full commitment from the MonDak team.


Madison Street Capital maintains excellence, integrity, and leadership role in offering corporate financial advisory requirements, merger and acquisition transactions, economic opinions, and value-added services to public and private businesses as an international investment banking company. The services we give place our customers in a better position in the global marketplace. When reviewing our clients’ projects, their goals and expectations become our major concern starting with the financial management, raising of capital, merger and acquisition transactions, and change of ownership. The emerging markets are the principal drivers of global growth of our customers with the continued focus on the markets using the vital assets. Madison Street Capital uses the highest level of professional standards to help maintain the trust of many people across the world.


MonDak have various products, such as accessible toilets, handwashing stations, standard portable washrooms, toilet trailers, and comfort stations with warm water and air conditioner. The establishment of MonDak was as a response to the high demand for the restrooms for the workers in the rapidly growing oil industries in the Upper Midwest. The group rent and offer other services to private and public parties, sporting events, festival and community events, and concerts.


North Avenue Capital is an experienced lender with its headquarters located in St. John’s county. The institution focuses on building businesses and nurturing young talents in investment. Also, we operate to grow the economy and create jobs for rural Americans. The lender is one of the largest regional lender globally having acquired various awards. The company appeared in the top 5 list of the nation’s largest B&I lenders in two consecutive years.


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Deirdre Baggot Is an Expert on the Subject and Practice of Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot wears a number of professional hats. These include PhD, BSN, and MBA. She also has a lot of experience working as a hospital clinician and executive. When it comes to bundled payments, she is an expert in her field. Her experience working with bundled payments also extends to her time working with two healthcare advisory healthcare firms.

Her expertise also includes having developed strategic client relationships and designing successful programs for 200 hospitals. Her work has led to a noticeable improvement in clinical outcomes and patient experiences. Costs for such bundled programs have also dropped.

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Leadership and health boards also reach out to Deirdre Baggot for advice with respect to bundled payments. Bundled payments, having gained increased popularity, coordinate payments for multiple providers for services rendered for single elements of care. While becoming more popular, many healthcare providers are still mystified how the bundled payment system works. However, there are incentives that can include shared savings and other financial incentives. Deirdre Baggot receives national acclaim for her work in bringing the bundled payment system mainstream.

The industry invites her to be a keynote speaker for medical conferences that include the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Innovation Summit, Bundled Payment Summit, Medtronic, and more. She has also written more than 20 scholarly papers on the subject. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago. She also earned an Master’s degree in Business Administration from Loyola University, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She brings a great deal of education and experience to bear on the subject.

Her desire to simplify healthcare resulted from her own experiences of working with a patient that required extensive testing. The extensive testing aimed to determine the cause of illness. Her frustrations of not being able to determine the cause of illness led to a system of doing less while being able to make better decisions based on more abundant information. Today’s healthcare tools are far more advanced than those she used, and help advance the quality of patient care in ways that improve testing and treating.

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Victoria Doramus: Digital Media Professional

Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media expert with a desire of the creative. She prides in the vast background in branding, advertising, media and she is always looking for new and modern ways to merge these sectors. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in journalism and mass communication.

Victoria Doramus is skilled trends professional with a good history of implementing innovative solutions to identified market patterns. Her sectors of professional skills comprise consumer trends in fashion and design, workplace leadership, teambuilding, lifestyle content, and branding.

She has a vast knowledge that helps her identify, research and document trends in different sectors and recommends better solutions for marketing and creative issues. Due to his creative and advertorial work, Victoria Doramus has been able to nurture great insights into innovative marketing strategies and remedies for various problems. Currently, she is utilizing her talent in various charity organizations to explore innovative ways to assist underprivileged.

She has a vast experience in the media and communication industry, and she has handled numerous roles in the sector. With the help of these varied and helpful professional roles, Victoria Doramus has acquired practical skills in different areas such as market research and analysis, recruiting, budgeting, networking and project management. She has also acquired the knowledge of artistic and creative aspects of branding and advertising. She has developed the trend expertise in several sectors in her entire career. For instance, she has worked with Stila and J.Crew, the leading Creative Artist agency that used her knowledge to advertise and lifestyle trends.

Victoria Doramus has managed to create helpful marketing and branding strategies for many customers. She started serving the clients in this magnitude as a fresh college graduate, as part of her role at Mindshare. From that time, she has brought her prowess to her duty at the Creative Artists Agency and also to her post as the director of Trendera.

In 2016, Doramus began to partner with different charities, while taking part in volunteer work. Currently, she still works with these nonprofit agencies as a volunteer. She supports these organizations in numerous ways, like using her talent to help the needy.

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