Herbalife Nutrition Continues To Demonstrate That It Cares By Supporting The American Red Cross

Herbalife Nutrition is an international nutrition company that cares deeply about those who suffer in the world. The company has been working with the American Red Cross for many years to help those in the most desperate of situations. The Herbalife Family Foundation is one vehicle that the company uses to help people, and recently, it helped to get necessary supplies and volunteers to people who had suffered at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Herbalife also collected donations to help people who were displaced after the wildfires devastated their homes in California.

Herbalife helps to put together blood drives that help those who have survived natural disasters or those who need it the most. In recent years, the company has made large donations to blood donation centers by offering them some of their Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars. The centers are ran by the American Red Cross, and the company has donated over 200,000 nutrition bars, which will help to replenish people’s body after they donate blood. Herbalife has been doing so for four years, and its nutrition bars are the perfect snack for people to eat after they have donated their blood.


Herbalife has taken its philanthropy a step further by hosting many different blood drives of its own. These blood drives take place in the company’s own offices, and there have been more than 50 of them. On top of this, the company has purchased a blood mobile van, which collects blood from volunteers in Southern California. Herbalife Nutrition encourages its independent distributors, workforce, and customers to donate blood when they can. The company has been able to gather together thousands of blood donors on its own.

Herbalife has gone a step further by helping to educate the public about the need for fresh blood donations. Its own director of sport performance and education, Dr. Dana Ryan, was once in need of a blood transfusion herself during a surgery. Some of its own independent distributors haven also highlighted the need to give blood in their own blogs. Thousands of people need blood everyday, and the simple act of donating blood can help to save someone’s life. Herbalife also gets the word out to the public through its social media channels, which has helped to reach many new donors. The company plans on continuing to do everything it can to help people in need and will save many more lives in the years to come.