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About TMS Health Solutions
They are a group of staff and clinicians who are mainly concerned with education, research and treating individuals with different mental pathologies and conditions. Mostly, those who are seen to have problems with depression that is resistant to treatment are mainly focused on by TMS Health Solution. Apart from that, they provide therapies that are seen to be very advanced which normally involves the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is the TMS.

Some of the conditions that occur in individuals mentally can be very painful and isolative which makes it hard for people to find the necessary help they need. It mostly looks to bring hope to those who have different mental conditions as they previously never had any hope of feeling better.

Dr. Richard Bermudes is the man who is the brain behind TMS Health Solutions, and he started it in the year 2007 as he wanted to start a group that was focused on providing patient-centric care with the aim being on academic research institution which treats as well as educates the community around about mental conditions. The vision by Dr. Bermudes enabled TMS Health Solutions to design a new psychiatric model from zero going up.

The kind of expertise behind TMS Health Solutions is by far very remarkable and experienced as they offer the best TMS therapy compared to any other outpatient psychiatric medical experts in Northern Carolina.

What does the logo mean in relation to mental health?
As it seeks to show hope for patients, the logo for the company which is a butterfly has a meaning itself. It signifies the metamorphosis that patients with mental health conditions usually go through. However, people always see the butterfly as a sign of change and growth which has the ability to go through new heights in the next life chapter. They are always committed to helping the patients achieve this objective.

Clinical Depression
It is also recognized as Major Depressive Disorder. Mostly seen to have severe symptoms that are serious which may involve the patients feeling unworthy and anxious as some even start having the suicidal thoughts as they wish they were dead. According to research, about 40% of the patients with clinical depression resist treatment. It is doubtful that this condition goes away on its own.

However, the team and staff at TMS Health Solutions are always ready to offer treatment to patients who have such mental conditions. They accept different insurance for the treatment of different conditions. TMS Health Solutions negotiates typically on behalf of the patients so that they can only focus on getting well and not how to for fund their treatments.

NexBank Brings New Web Portal Features To Their Customers

Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to become a part of the NexBank family today by visiting their online portal. They have been able to give their personalized account holders advance features that help their customers maximize their account services with interest bearing accounts with 1.9% interest to help you save for vacation or grow money from your business assets from their industrialized accounts. Their CEO, John Holt, tell Business Newswire in a CEOCFO interview, NexBank also offers investment and commercial accounts with new features and services. They have been able to establish a trusted name in banking in Dallas, Texas.

Why Choose NexBank Online

The popular NexBank portal allows their customers to have a secure network to access their account anytime. Whether you want to switch money in between accounts or check your money, when and where you want. They have been able to serve over 300,000 nationwide customers with superior services with a powerful B+ rating from the powerful J.D. Power & Associates group. You navigate your online account with a live online support specialist. More customers are choosing the popular NexBank services to save money. You no longer have to be bombarded with ridiculous bank fees with NexBank.

Your financial services group should make sure, you’re more than just a number or another account. When you need answers about your account or want to make financial plans, you need a financial institution that will support your financial goals. They want you to enjoy owning your first home with lower interest rates and a monthly mortgage. You can even drive tour dream cat with monthly installment payments available on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. When you’re having a hard time with your current bank, switch to NexBank for courteous professional services from the superior NexBank group.

The success of Jeremy Goldstein implementing EPS

The business climate in the world has become difficult. Many organizations have not succeeded in sustaining growth. Jeremy Goldstein has a compromise a will ensure that the problems that inhibit sustainability are eradicated. He has a lot of experience that he gained over many years in law industry. He has a lot of skills that are fundamental in solving conflicts pertaining profits in the organization. He has a lot of knowledge in dealing with employee’s incentives in organizations.

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has served many reputable organizations in the world. Some of the organization that he has served are Bank of America and Verizon. Goldstein obtains his education from recognized learning institutions in the world. He attended the University of New York and obtained a degree in law. He later enrolled foe a master’s degree at the University of Chicago. The high-quality education that he obtained has enabled him to succeed in law industry.

Jeremy Goldstein has obtained experience in law for over 15 years. He has obtained enough experience while working for various companies in the world. Many companies have improved their operations through his guidance. Some of the companies that have benefited from his guidance are Goldman Sachs and Verizon. The EPS guidance that he has provided will aid many companies to expand their business. He has given the insights behind the problems that are encountered while using the EPS. He has also provided solutions to problems.

EPS has a lot of benefits attributed to it when used effectively. The program has encouraged many companies to increase salaries of their is a fundamental program in realizing the success of many companies. Many investors have been encouraged to buy the shares of the companies that employ EPS.EPS also has some demerits in its application. Many companies are afraid of the program due to competition in the market. Many CEOs fear that it may encourage favoritism in the company. They claim that it will not reflect the real profitability of the company. They also claim that the managers may manipulate the program to suit their needs. Jeremy Goldstein has come up with solutions that address the problems raised by the CEOs.  Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has proposed a compromise that will solve the problems associated with EPS. He recommended that a means of holding the managers accountable should be devised. Goldstein said that the managers should be held accountable instead of eradicating the EPS. He not that the arguing parties should incline their objectives to the goals of the company. The implementation of the EPS will promote growth in the will also provide a way of measuring the growth of the company. The success of the EPS implementation is attributed to the experience and skills of Jeremy Goldstein.

Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus Labs And The Use Of Big Data Analytics

The work of the Chicago based Tempus labs is poised to revolutionize cancer care through its big data analytics technology. Co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus Labs works with several of the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive cancer center throughout the U.S. and is among the nation’s leading health tech start-ups.

Tempus does cancer testing, performs liquid biopsies on cell-free DNA, sequencing of tumor and germline DNA in patients, sequencing of patient and tumor RNA, uses drugs to test tumor cells organoid cultures and immune system characterization. Tempus technology also handles machine learning of information from pathology reports, medical imaging as well as electronic medical records.

The company is included on the list of the 10 most impactful technologies compiled each year by Dr. Eric Topol. The list also includes a groundbreaking new deep-learning algorithm used to diagnose skin cancer, the KardiBand watch which diagnoses atrial fibrillation, gene editing and therapy biotechnologies and two amazing new sensors for monitoring blood glucose levels and directly dosing insulin.

Other innovations on the list include rapid pathogen sequencing technology which enables public health agencies to respond faster to disease outbreaks, CAR T immunotherapy for treating cancer patients, AI technology which offers faster, less expensive and more accurate eye disease diagnoses, the blood pressure watch, as well as the two drugs, tisagenlecleucel-T for use treating children and young patients suffering with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Axicabtageneciloleucel for treating the aggressive form of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

In addition to co-founding Tempus Labs, University of Michigan Law School graduate Eric Lefkofsky co-founded numerous other companies including Groupon. Lefkofsky lives in Chicago and is on the board of World Business Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital, Steppenwolf Theatre Company and The Museum of Science and Industry. Eric Lefkofsky wrote the book ‘Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation’. He’s currently a University of Chicago adjunct professor at its Booth School of Business.

Eric Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The organization has helped provide education, medical care, food, clothing, shelter and more for children and adults in need around the globe.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Has New Employment Opportunities

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded recently, and its primary mission is to assist people who are living with cancer. The organization understands how dealing with cancer can be difficult for all the people involved. First of all, the patient needs counseling so that they can accept the situation and forge ahead with treatment. The families of the patients must be well prepared so that they can offer the support needed to cancer patient. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has covered all these areas in cancer and it is looking for ways to make sure that they are all covered.

Cancer Treatment Centers deal with cancer in several ways. First of all, the patients are diagnosed and taken through several processes so that they can accept what is happening to them due to the disease. The institution has a team of professionals who have all the skills needed to handle the process. These cancer specialists have been in the department for a long time, and they have all the knowledge needed. Before the organization hires its professionals, it has to make sure that they are the best. The professionals to work must have expertise before they can start to work in the successful cancer center.

Working with the Cancer Treatment Centers of American has so many benefits to all people. These professionals are given very good compensation at the end of the month so that they can be motivated to work hard in all the company sections. There are several other employee benefits such as transport, uniform and medical covers that the patients have to enjoy. These individuals must be dedicated to their work before they can be hired. Just recently, the cancer center announced that it was going to hire several professionals to assist in running medical facility. According to the medical company website, the individuals who are interested must send their applications to the emails provided so that they can be scheduled for an interview. The company has several positions needed, and all interested parties are encouraged to apply.

Apart from having experienced professionals to work in the company, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself for having some of the best facilities that can deal with all forms of cancer. This equipment plays an essential role in treatment of cancer. When the cancer is in advanced stages, the doctors in the facility will use chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy to make sure that the cancer is completely cured in the body.

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Shiraz Boghani: British Hotelier

Shiraz Bogahni is the winner of the 2016 Asian Business Award due to giving great customer service, a passion for being creative, fantastic branding, and the highest levels of ethical conduct from which to conduct his leadership. Boghani has been involved in over 25 hotel projects in London alone.

He is the current chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani is an accountant as well, as a co-founding chairman of Sussex Health Care where he has expanded Sussex into 24 care homes, which employ, 1,100 staff members. Boghani is committed to his Ismaili community where he has many involvements in various charities, as a member of the National Council, and as The Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Covenor for the Aga Khan University.

Shiraz Boghani feels his success comes from honing the skills of the people he provides employment for, especially his senior teams. He has invented the Splendid Hospitality Way to try to deliver genuine service. Splendid Hospitality Group is determined to succeed at its visionary tactics to become a Centre of Global Excellence in hospitality. Splendid Hospitality Group now has 20 functioning hotels, such as the 292 bed Hilton London Bankside, the Grand Hotel and Spa, and even the 336 bed Holiday Inn Wembley.

Boghani has had a 30-year career in the hotel industry as a whole even while the hotel industry is competitive, having received several awards for his work. As hotelier of the year in 2016, Boghani’s leadership skills are proven by his receiving this award, having been judged by Amit Roy, a journalist, among others. Boghani has played a lead role in elevating his company to where it is today. Boghani is also a founding member of Sussex Health Care Limited, which offers homes combined with luxury health care services. Boghani has also worked as a founding chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP.

Boghani is originally from Kenya, and had moved to the UK to start a career as an accountant, where eventually he branched out to hospitality. Splendid Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing privately owned hotel groups in the UK, founded in 1986. Boghani was quick to spot investment opportunities such as the way he founded Sussex Health Care later on. The Asian Business Awards come from the Asian Media and Marketing Group (AMG), Boghani was judged by a panel including Jitesh Gadhia, an investment banker.

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Omar Boraie was Sent from God

The city of New Brunswick, New Jersey owes its very existence to the man called Omar Boraie. Nearly four decades ago, city analysts were looking at shutting down the city of New Brunswick. The city analysts wanted to shut it down because the city was dying. The city of New Brunswick saw a decaying family atmosphere, the loss of the middle class, unemployment rising, and various organizations fighting among themselves for resources. These several factors worked with one another to make it unlikely that New Brunswick would survive.


Omar Boraie, however, did not believe that the best strategy was running away. He thought that if he could focus on these four areas that New Brunswick would heal itself and begin to naturally grow.


Omar Boraie began conducting a survey to find out why the family atmosphere was decaying in the city of New Brunswick. He found out that the primary reason was the families had little time to spend with one another but along with other families. Omar Boraie then had an idea. He knew that the family was the backbone society they needed ways to socialize. He contacted the local churches and nonprofits to work out a deal. He requested that they develop outreach plans and social events that they could run for the community. Since many of them lack the money to do so, he would choose the strategies that were the best and then personally finance them.


Omar Boraie also worked at growing the middle class. The middle class was already interested in New Brunswick since it was growing as a family community. However, they also needed a place to grow their professional practices. Omar Boraie knew that New Brunswick had to be competitive with neighboring cities. Omar Boraie decided that he would build luxurious residential and office space and then lease it out for 40% of its worth. This allowed the young professional to lease out high-quality real estate and look more prestigious. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Omar Boraie then began uniting the various influencers in New Brunswick. Before he came along, they were all fighting among themselves for the scarce resources of the city. Omar Boraie thought the best strategy would be to bring harmony to their visions. Once their visions aligned with the city of New Brunswick’s growth, any time they grew the city of New Brunswick would thrive even more. Thank God Omar Boraie came along. You can visit their website




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Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries To Aid The Community

The Nabors Industries CEO, Tony Petrello has become a major part of the Houston, Texas community through the work he and his company have completed in the aftermath of the 2017 Hurricane Harvey. Tony Petrello has been the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries since 2012 when he reached the pinnacle of the company after working with the brand for 30 years and working his way up to this position; Nabors Industries has been at the heart of the Houston community over the course of the last few decades as the philanthropic endeavors of the company have impacted many aspects of the lives of people across the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Tony Petrello has been at the heart of the recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey over the course of 2017 and into 2018 after rising flood waters made their way into the area. The local community has seen the positive aspects of Nabors Industries from the time of the Hurricane striking onwards as the company made a distinct effort to build a brighter future for the people of the Houston area including many of the employees of the drilling company who were affected by the natural disaster.

Giving back to the local community has always been important to Tony Petrello and the members of the Nabors Industries community who have often been given the opportunity to use their time with the company to take part in various community-based programs designed to give a better way of life to the people of Houston, Texas and those living along the Gulf Coast. Following Hurricane Harvey, the members of Nabors Industries workforce were given the opportunity to take paid leave in order to provide their skills and time to aid in the cleanup and distribution of much needed personal items to those worst affected by the flooding.

Tony Petrello has always played a key role in the creation of various philanthropic groups and activities throughout his life stretching back to his childhood. Brought up in Newark, New Jersey, the need to follow a strict moral code has always played a key role in his life and career which has included a decision to link his own salary to the performance of Nabors Industries. A dedicated philanthropist, Tony Petrello has become one of the leading figures in the fight to build a better future for the Nabors community and members of society who do not have a voice of their own.

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Aesthetics Medical Excellence 101

Some people see aesthetic-medical health as being extremely vain. On the other hand, aesthetic-medical health has helped numerous people get their life back on track. This sector of the medical industry has grown dramatically over the years, and it has become far more prevalent in recent years. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most sought-after individuals in the business, and he has displayed excellence through a number of avenues. Dr. Mark McKenna is a philanthropist, a doctor and an entrepreneur. He is very passionate about his work as well as very passionate about his business. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has an extensive educational background, and he hasn’t been afraid to use every bit of it. Just after starting is medical profession, he used his educational background as a startup for new businesses.

McKenna Venture Investments is the result of this startup, and it provided high-quality real estate closing services. Yes, this company is a real estate development firm, but the good times kept on rolling. On top of that, Dr. Mark McKenna founded two other companies shortly after the inception of McKenna Venture Investments. These companies were Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Thanks to his brilliance in a wide array of fields, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to help many of his fellow people after Hurricane Katrina. He would go on to play a pivotal role in the redevelopment efforts of building the city back to what it is use to be.

His dedication, Dr. Mark McKenna’s passion, and his perseverance has made him into what he is today. This man is a loving husband and a caring father. Meditation is a high priority on his list of to-dos. He also participates in JuiJitsu training in his spare time. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true American hero in a sense and there are a number of individuals that will backup this claim.

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The mental health app Talkspace

The app Talkspace is allowing a user base of 500,000 people to access mental health care from professionals through their smartphones. Oren Frank, who founded the company in 2012, has a goal to bring access to therapy to anyone who needs it while at the same time reducing the negative image that therapy has built.

The app, which offers a number of plans from the $32 a week plan that gives users a daily text message from a therapist to the $49 a week plan that provides multiple text messages a day as well as a monthly one-on-one video chat session with a therapist, has gained attention in the medical world. Magellan Health, an insurance company, has been working with Talkspace recently, and will soon offer the service to customers on Magellan Health insurance plans.

With over 1000 mental health professionals, Talkspace is able to match users with the perfect therapist for their individual needs. People who once did not have the time or money to seek traditional therapy are finding the app to be a positive influence in their day to day lives. The ability to access a therapist at any time is the reason some users report that Talkspace has done more for their mental health then multiple sessions of traditional therapy. Talkspace communicates with users through email and text messaging, allowing users to engage in therapy at their own pace.