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The Life And Career Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the current executive vice president and has been the CEO of from American Institute of Architects (AIA), from 2011. He graduated from Sewanee, the University of the south with a bachelor’s of arts in English and hold a Masters degree in architecture from Tulane University.

Prior to working with America Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy worked as an editor in chief for Architectural Records. He later became the vice president of McGraw-Hill construction media, a media platform which included GreenSource, SNAP, Architectural Record, Constructor, Sweets and many more.

Achievements and recognition.
Robert Ivy has been a principal at Dean & Dale and Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. He has also made a number of publications as well as been a critic for other national publications. During his editorial leadership at architectural records, the magazine was recognized a number of times in the publishing industry. On such honor was the Premier Magazine Journalism Award, the National Magazine Award for general excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors among others. As an individual, Robert Ivy received the highest award for recognition award by the American Business Media, the Crain Award in 2009 and the McGraw-Hill award, among other recognitions in 1998. Mr. Ivy was also a member of the grand jury that voted in Henry Gehry the Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial. Another one of these recognitions was when he was named unanimously, by the National Architect fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, as a Master Architect for his effective delivery of the value of design, in 2010. The most renowned of his publications was his autobiography, published in 2001, titled Fay Jones: Architect.

On joining the architectural association, or other professional organizations, a person has a better chance to create a successful career due to the opportunities and changes associated with such institutions. Once in an association, one is able to connect and build a network. You also learn what is trending and is necessary for your chosen profession or career path. The association will also help you build credibility by invoking yourself with competitive leadership roles.

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Why Businessman Paul Herdsman Hates Busy Work


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder and the COO of NICE Global, a nearshoring firm located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He had been in the offshoring industry but saw too many problems with it. They don’t offer very good quality customer engagement, are too spread out in too many time zones to manage effectively, and it’s pretty hard to find employees who want to move to India, the Philippines, or similar countries in order to help manage operations.

Having been born in Jamaica, Paul Herdsman says that having their location in one place in Jamaica skips all of this and offers advantages to themselves and their clients. Time zone isn’t an issue, since Jamaica is so close to the United States getting some people willing to move there isn’t too difficult, and lots of Jamaicans speak English. They can offer a great customer engagement to NICE Global’s clients which gives his company a competitive edge.

Paul Herdsman is a problem solver. He doesn’t like engaging in busy work or giving it to others. He thinks all of that is a waste of valuable time that could be spent helping make NICE Global a better company. He also keeps his meetings to the point and concise, staying on point so that the time devoted to them is minimized. Go Here to learn more.

He sees it pretty often in business where people feel busy and thus believe they are being productive. Paul Herdsman says that this mindset actually reduces productivity and takes away from taking real actions that actually matter. Businesses don’t create value according to how many meetings its employees have or how many emails they send one another. Paul’s focus stays on driving up the value of NICE Global and bringing on board new customers.

In the article, “12 Successful Business Tips”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


Why Freedom Checks Are Real While Trump Bonus Checks Are Fake News

Publicity about Freedom Checks was released early this by financial analyst Matt Badiali. Later in the year, another person in the financial industry tried to piggyback on this legitimate investment opportunity by going on about Trump Bonus Checks and making it sound like it was a similarly legitimate way to have amazing returns. This isn’t actually true.

The pitch for Trump Bonus Checks is that some “loophole” in legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Trump resulted in some 580ish companies issuing these payments to regular Americans who are their stockholders. The claim is that these are huge checks ranging from $40000 to $8000 a month.

The reality is that there was no such “loophole” passed by Congress. The backer of Trump Bonus Check propaganda actually just wants to sell subscriptions to his financial newsletter, Infinite Income, at $99 a year per pop. Subscribers find out they’re just being pitched to buy shares in some type of bogus foreign accounts that contain the money of American multinational corporations. It’s all nonsense.

So, are Freedom Checks also a scam? Not at all. Matt Badiali calls them Freedom Checks but they’ve been known by another term since 1987, Master Limited Partnerships. In that year, Congress wanted to support American oil and gas firms so they passed what is called the 26-F statute.

In return for drilling for oil and natural gas within America, meaning the nation doesn’t have to import as much oil from the Middle East, companies can set up as an MLP and reap some tax benefits. Their shareholders gain 100 percent of these companies profits which can result in very large dividends being paid out to them.

Freedom Checks are not a government program. They aren’t similar at all to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. They’re a way for businesses to benefit and pass this along to their shareholders. As a matter of fact, their payments can be as much as three to four times what people receive from Social Security. Even better, there are not any income or age restrictions for people to collect their checks.

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Amazing Lessons We Can Learn from Wes Edens and His Investment Career

Many would say that Wes Edens the co-founder of Fortress Group and co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks loves counterintuitive bets, but this is something the well decorated alternative asset manager would disagree. According to Wes Edens, he loves seeing things for what they are and not from other people’s perspective. This trait is probably one of the factors that has helped Mr. Edens achieve so much success in his career. However, there is more to it. Here are some of the lessons you as an investor and entrepreneur can take from Mr. Edens.

Be ready to bet on yourself

As an investor and an entrepreneur, it is always important to believe in yourself and your abilities. Edens’ success story proves this fact true. In 2014, Mr. Wes Edens went ahead to invest in MBA’s Milwaukee Bucks even after having prior knowledge of the team’s poor performance. Additional instances that shows this investors trait is with their company- Fortress Investment Group- decision to invest in a private passage railroad project even with the increasing vogue investment of self-driving cars.

It is important to listen to advice

In actual sense, its correct to say that Mr. Edens career would not have been as it is has had he not paid counsel to his acquaintance at Merrill Lynch who encouraged him to join Wall Street. It is after moving to New York that Wes Edens was able to establish his career which later saw him partner to start his own alternative investment firm.

Always pick yourself from the gutters

Business and investments is a risky a fair. Wescan tell this first hand. Just when things seemed to be working out in 2007 with Wes as they had just launched their first private equity fund, the 2008 financial crisis kicked in. The company and equity fund suffered huge losses but this did not stop Edens from working all year with only four Sundays off his schedule. The resilience finally paid when his 2010 bet of $124 million on Springleaf Holdings Inc. a subprime lender rose to $3.5 billion in 2015.

Investment and entrepreneurship can be risky and challenging but with optimism and lessons from Wes Edens proves that there is nothing too big, too huge to conquer. Even with Wes going big on creating infrastructure and investing in companies, he is still a guru in his regard when it comes to matters alternative investment. Wes Edens and Brightline: The Future Looks Brighter for South Florida Commuters

Anthony Constantinou And His Artificial Intelligence Models


When most people hear the words, “artificial intelligence,” fear comes to the mind immediately, due to the thriller science fiction movies wherein machines take over the world and try to destroy mankind.

Anthony Constantinou would disagree with most people on that matter. He went to Queen Mary University of London, and is now a Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Bayesian Theory and Mathematics at the university.

Anthony Constantinou devotes his time in creating, understanding and expanding causal relationships; he has developed many theories and causal relationships through detailed research and publications of scholarly journals.

According to Anthony Constantinou, Artificial Intelligence does not incur robots taking over the world and killing off mankind. It incurs the use of dynamic mathematical probability theories programmed into computers. One such computer was pitted against human book makers in predicting the outcomes of league sporting events, and the computer bested its human competitors.

Anthony Constantinou uses what is known as “Bayesian Probability”, which is a system of probability formulae that was discussed and theorized by a man named Bayes in the 1700’s. Anthony Constantinou uses these formulae, which were refined and worked out in the 1800;s by another mathematician. These formulae have been used in computers by Anthony Constantinou for use in investments, economics, and gaming.

However, it should be noted that its highest and best use has been medicine. One of Anthony Constantinou’s models was able to diagnose and predict the outcome of patients using certain medications, and the outcome was better than those predicted by medical doctors. In other words, the computer’s thinking was superior to its human competitors. Find More Information Here.

The machine, so to speak, outwitted mankind. But one must remember that the computer helped diagnose and treat a patient. It did not overtake the doctors and run amok.


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How Clayton Hudson Found Success With the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson makes his living as a production assistant and recording engineer. Hutson had music in his blood ever since he was a child growing up in Nashville, Tenn. Hutson went to college before entering the music industry.

Clayton Hutson earned his bachelor’s degree in theatre design from Central Michigan University. Hutson attended Stephen Ross School of Business, earning an MBA. Once he had completed his college education. Hutson was ready to go to work.

Before achieving success in the music industry, Clayton Hutson started out working at live entertainment companies. Hutson worked in many behind-the-scenes areas of the entertainment industry. Hutson assisted people working many jobs, including project manager and sound engineer. Hutson went on the road with Reverend Billy Graham’s sound team to help Graham get his gospel message out to the audiences. Eventually, Hutson decided to work exclusively with the music industry.

Clayton Hutson started touring with people in the music industry like, a European band called Garbage. Hutson toured with well-known musicians, like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns ‘N Roses, and Kid Rock. Hutson’s favorite kind of music is rock ‘n roll. Hutson has learned to wear many hats in the music industry. He established Clayton Hutson Live Sound Engineer just a few years ago.

Clayton Hutson brought 25 years of sound engineer experience to his company. Ever since Hutson had been working with sound systems for many companies, he entertained the idea of going into business for himself one day.

At the moment, Clayton Hutson is working with a stage management project. Hutson is currently working on Kid Rock’s upcoming tour. The Project means that Hutson has to start his day at 6 a.m. The first one to arrive at work, Hutson goes over the daily work schedule for the day. When the crew arrives at work, Hutson has a complete schedule planned for everyone to do that day.

Clayton Hutson knows what works in the sound engineering business works and what does not work in sound engineering. Hutson only spends time planning new projects that he knows are workable. Hutson tries to create projects that are three steps beyond what’s now going on.

Some of the road to success was rough. Clayton Hutson sub-contracted to a production company. Unfortunately, he was sued by a client and had to defend himself with $150,000. The suit was dropped. Hutson decided to never sub-contract with any companies again.

How Whitney Wolfe twisted the norm in online dating

Valued by Forbes to be worth $1 billion, Bumble, a dating app launched by Whitney Wolfe is up there competing with established dating apps such as Tinder which Whitney herself helped in its formation. However, one distinct feature about Bumble is that women are the ones to make the move. This is completely a change from what users are accustomed to where the men are always the first ones to swipe. Within four years, Bumble has grown to boast of over 35 million users in 144 countries across the world.

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She co-founded Tinder, arguably one of the first dating apps that uses the location of users to find matches. She later left the company after having a row with her then boyfriend Justin Mateen. They have since settled their conflict.

Her efforts in business earned her a spot in the coveted Forbes Magazine Top 30 under 30 list 2018. Whitney Wolfe recently appeared on the covers of Forbes Magazine and Fast Company.

Speaking with Vanity affair on what inspired her to start Bumble, Whitney Wolfe said that an email from Andrew Andreev, her current partner at Bumble and founder and CEO of Europe’s top social network Badoo changed her thoughts. He advised her to do something she knew instead of something she was good at. Andrew urged Whitney to go back to the same dating space she had left.

Whitney Wolfe considers Bumble a feminist company that is meant to take a shift from the normal rule where men are the ones to initiate conversations on these dating apps. Her main aim was to relieve men of the pressure and transfer some of these roles to women. Whitney believes that the fact that their are the first dating app for focus on feminism makes them really revolutionary.

According to Whitney Wolfe, Bumble has encouraged women to enjoy an even playing field and have acquired a lot of respect from men. It has changed how they feel and how women feel about themselves during dates.

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Paul Mampilly Talks About Artificial Intelligence Stocks Rising in the Years to Come

Experience comes in handy especially when you are an investor. At the beginning of your journey, you may encounter challenges such as not being knowledgeable about which investments are more lucrative than others. You may also be tricked into investing in a business that may later turn out to be a hoax. It is advisable to look for insights from successful entrepreneurs such as Paul Mampilly.

Background Information

Paul Mampilly is an best investment experts and an editor by profession. Apart from that, he’s an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been able to amass lots of information about various investments. Consequently, Mampilly always shares his insights with the general population through publications. As an investor, Mampilly also follows up on the trends in technology.

Since Mampilly is a technology enthusiast, he has been following up on Artificial Intelligence. He has gone a step further and looked into the Artificial Intelligence stocks. Artificial intelligence refers to simulated intelligence in machines. The machines are made to think like humans and imitate how people act. Although Artificial Intelligence is a new phenomenon in the tech world, it has has brought significant change in the world. For instance, you may be shopping on Amazon or any other e-commerce site. Artificial Intelligence may bring some ad pop-ups after analyzing your shopping trends on these sites. Companies that have endorsed Artificial Intelligence are a step ahead of their competitors.

Additional Information

Recently, Paul Mampilly released a video explaining Artificial Intelligence and how it applies to the real world. He also explained how with Artificial Intelligence, stocks will rise in future.

Paul Mampilly discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the world. He highlighted key points on how facial recognition software led to the apprehension of a suspect. The facial recognition software was able to identify a suspect who was in a crowd of 60,000 people. In such cases, private investigators may get the job done. Nevertheless, when you introduce variables like time, the facial recognition software will yield accurate results in a short time. It’s now clear that Artificial Intelligence is beneficial to the world in many ways.

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Boraie Development

Boraie Development is an established provider of a variety of services such as Property Management, Real Estate Marketing and Real Estate Development for the area of New Brunswick. The firm partners with visionary architects, contractors that focus on honoring timelines and financial institutions that believe in development. Boraie Development provides these services with a significant focus on the entire area of the urban real estate marketplace in New Jersey.


Boraie Development LLC was founded by Omar Boraie who is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Omar Boraie is a native of Egypt and went to the United States at his young age to take a Ph.D. in chemistry. He then ventured into real estate business. Omar has helped in solving real estate challenges in a variety of places courtesy of Boraie Development LLC. The firm is managed by the Boraie family as his sons are among the top managers of the company.


According to NJBiz, Boraie Development LLC works hard to ensure that the underutilized real estate resources are identified and put into proper use of solving housing and real estate marketing problems. The firm also ensures that its designs and other services are geared towards offering the solutions to the needs of its clients. Since its creation, the firm has been focused on providing and developing both residential and commercial real estate properties for its customers.


Boraie Development LLC is the leading developer of New Jersey. It has been in the forefront of making New Jersey a place of choice by developing apartments and buildings that are eye-catching in New Jersey.


Former NBA star Shaquille O’ Neil has joined the list of the developers of his hometown. The superstar is developing the famously known Shaq Tower that will be put in the town’s history for its elegance and design. Commenting on the apartment, Mr. Shaquille said that he recalls how beautiful the city was at the time he was growing up, and he intends to make it improve its beauty. He continued to inform that he has always been passionate to consider investing in things that can make a difference. You can visit



Boraie Development is tasked with the construction of the Shaq Tower. Reporting about the progress of the apartment, Wasseem Boraie said that the company was waiting for the right time to ensure that the supply is successful. Indeed, Shaquille O’ Neil has brought more beauty to the city and for him is a dream come true.


It seems like it’s getting tougher and tougher to run a business these days. So many businesses are falling by the wayside so fast; thus the importance of recruiting top corporate talent.

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