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Anime Movies: Characters and Genres


Anime movies are computer-made movies. The fan-base for these movies cuts across all generations and genders. That’s why there’s an audience for literally everything, from sports anime to gender bender anime. Their themes crafted to suit a particular group of people.


Anime Characters


For this article, great characters will be defined by their legacy and impact. The top anime characters of all time include Kenshin Himula Shinji Ikari and Spike Spiegel.


Kenshin Himula was a character featured in the Ruroni Kenshin movie of 1996. He makes the cut for his unique trait: a handsome looking serial killer. He later quit killing innocent people and embarked on hunting down criminals.


Shinji was featured in Neon Genesis Evangelion series of 1995. His legacy is that he is the most real of all anime characters in history. He could challenge his audience as opposed to giving them fantasy.


Spiegel was featured in the Cowboy movie of 1998. He was arguably the most versatile anime character in history. He was a detective, a pickpocket, a gearhead, a fighter, and a gangster. All these traits in one character were exceptional.


Anime Genres


There are several genres of anime movies, including comedy, action, drama & tragedy, history, and samurai anime. All these genres have their distinctive traits that make them different from the rest.


In supernatural anime, the plot is set in a phenomenon that cannot be explained scientifically. An example of these type of movies is the Ah My Goddess movie. History anime are set from historical books. On the other hand, drama & tragedy anime are characterized by intense and passion. In action, there is a lot of movement with less dialogue between the characters. Comedy anime are characterized by jokes, fast pacing of speech, and more relaxed characters.