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WEN by Chaz Creates New Bigger, Softer, Shinier Hair for Beauty Writer

Who, what, where, Wen and how sound like a good journalistic story here, with the emphasis on WEN, the famous no lather shampoo method.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure decided to take a personal 7-day hair journey using the WEN by Chaz system and report on it with a daily hair journal and hair selfies.

Emily is not ashamed to say she is hair-challenged like many women with fine, flat tresses that won’t win any prizes. She was hoping the unique cleansing system could work for her and transform her mane into a crowning glory. Emily wanted Hollywood hair and hoped WEN would deliver.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the well-loved and famous LA stylist Chaz Dean in an effort to offer women and men a new shampooing and conditioning experience. Living an holistic lifestyle, Chaz Dean made sure his formula only used healthy, plant-based ingredients to add shine and strength to hair. He never added harsh detergents like sulfates found in regular shampoos and conditioners.

Emily purchased the Sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner from Amazon for her medium length hair and began to use WEN every morning. She even chose to use less of the product amount suggested in the shower and still achieved remarkable big hair with super shine. She began posting selfies that depicted a girl with awesome hair. Her close girlfriends immediately noticed Emily’s “new” glossy mane.

Emily was doing so well on WEN that she decided to alter the routine. Once, she skipped the morning wash and another time used the product at night. During both instances, Emily watched her hair flatten and refuse to hold a style for long.

Emily concluded that WEN will deliver gorgeous hair if you have the time and effort to maintain a daily routine. Otherwise, WEN might not be for you. Check out the Wen YouTube channel and their official website

What Makes A Famous YouTuber?

Famous YouTubers are some of the most inspiring people to watch online. Some of them have spent years and years building their audience fan base, and many have spent time trying to develop the ability to get people’s attention and grow. It’s tough to know exactly what it is that makes people become such a great online entertainer. It requires quite some hard work to grow and become a good performer. In this article, find out what makes a person a good YouTuber.

What Makes A Famous YouTuber?

– Someone With Personality

It’s vital for a YouTuber to have the right personality for the job. It takes time, hard work, and a good work ethic to succeed online as an entertainer. People want to watch somebody that’s entirely relatable, fun to watch, and enjoyable to see on stage. If they are boring, it’s very easy for people to skip the video and move on. It takes a special person to maintain an audience in the YouTube space.

– Consistency

Somebody who posts on a consistent basis, whether it’s daily or every few days, as long as they are consistent and post often, people will want to continue watching. People want to know somebody who is real and relatable while also posting often. Any YouTuber who is famous will tell you it took them awhile to gain their big audiences online.

Wengie is one of the few YouTubers who only started recently and still made it to the world of famous YouTubers. She’s known for her makeup tutorials, confidence and self esteem videos, and the uniqueness in her approach to makeup. Wengie is also known for being super sweet and kind to her fans, and that is why people continue to watch her and still love her. Wengie is a wonderful beauty blogger performer who brings to life her videos in a classy and simple way through her videos. You can see in her videos that she clearly just loves to perform and share her ideas.

What makes a good YouTuber is somebody who just loves to perform, educate, and be themselves while on camera. What makes a good YouTuber is somebody who loves to be on camera sharing what they know and doing what it is that they do best. It takes a specific person to be on YouTube and build a successful channel, but it’s a career that has proven to be very exciting.