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Victoria Doramus: Digital Media Professional

Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media expert with a desire of the creative. She prides in the vast background in branding, advertising, media and she is always looking for new and modern ways to merge these sectors. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in journalism and mass communication.

Victoria Doramus is skilled trends professional with a good history of implementing innovative solutions to identified market patterns. Her sectors of professional skills comprise consumer trends in fashion and design, workplace leadership, teambuilding, lifestyle content, and branding.

She has a vast knowledge that helps her identify, research and document trends in different sectors and recommends better solutions for marketing and creative issues. Due to his creative and advertorial work, Victoria Doramus has been able to nurture great insights into innovative marketing strategies and remedies for various problems. Currently, she is utilizing her talent in various charity organizations to explore innovative ways to assist underprivileged.

She has a vast experience in the media and communication industry, and she has handled numerous roles in the sector. With the help of these varied and helpful professional roles, Victoria Doramus has acquired practical skills in different areas such as market research and analysis, recruiting, budgeting, networking and project management. She has also acquired the knowledge of artistic and creative aspects of branding and advertising. She has developed the trend expertise in several sectors in her entire career. For instance, she has worked with Stila and J.Crew, the leading Creative Artist agency that used her knowledge to advertise and lifestyle trends.

Victoria Doramus has managed to create helpful marketing and branding strategies for many customers. She started serving the clients in this magnitude as a fresh college graduate, as part of her role at Mindshare. From that time, she has brought her prowess to her duty at the Creative Artists Agency and also to her post as the director of Trendera.

In 2016, Doramus began to partner with different charities, while taking part in volunteer work. Currently, she still works with these nonprofit agencies as a volunteer. She supports these organizations in numerous ways, like using her talent to help the needy.

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