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Tony Petrello- role in the oil and gas drilling industry

Tony Petrello is the brilliant CEO of Nabors Industries. He is among the most successful CEO in the United States currently. He has been to the list of the top-paid CEOs in America in 2015. This is a list that is composed of executives who have performed very well in that year. Tony Petrello is one of them courtesy of the work he has been doing at Nabors industries. He has taken this company from being an ordinary firm in the oil and drilling industry to be one of the key company’s worldwide. Since he took over the management of Nabors Industries in 2011, the growth of this firm has been rapid and profits in every year keep on soaring up.

Tony Petrello is a brilliant manager who has taken over the needs of the market and has made sure that the things he is doing are for the benefit of the firm he is leading. He has taken matters of development and growth in the oil and drilling industry seriously, and the results of the work he has been carrying out are clear to everyone now. The company is now ranked as the top firm in drilling technology. It is operating in numerous locations all over the world. In total, there are 25 countries where Nabors Industries currently has ongoing operations. There are also numerous locations where rigs from this company are being used. The fact that this is one of the biggest firms in the country is a great reminder of the work that Tony is doing.

Tony Petrello joined the industry in 1991 after Nabors Industries offered him a job. He was previously working as a business lawyer in New York. Because of the brilliant work he showed in solving business issues especially on finances and taxation, Nabors Industries spotted him as a good operations manager who could help them streamline the operations of the firm such that there would be better results.

Tony Petrello has been in the industry long enough to know what it takes to grow the firm. For a person who has been in the industry for the last two and a half decades, the dynamics of the industry are at fingertips, and that is why he is offering the best leadership at Nabors Industries. Tony has used his experience to make significant changes in the industry which have helped him become a leading executive in the United States.

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UTC is Dominate Today Because of Chenevert

The United Technologies Corporation is currently dominating the area of aerospace manufacturing. They create high-quality jet engines and flight sensors and autopilot mechanisms and landing gear for the military and private corporations. The United States of America has multiple contracts with United Technologies Corporation which makes them the largest producer of helicopter aircraft in the world. In addition to this, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines outsource the repairs and their work to the United Technologies Corporation.

While it is the current dominating company in the industry this was not always so. There was a time that the United Technologies Corporation was looking at a corporate merger in order to stay alive. However, before this occurred they hired Louis Chenevert to be the chief executive officer. Louis Chenevert was a wise businessman who spent his life preparing for the position of a CEO. He knew what it took to survive a recession and he was good and make sure it happened for the United Technologies Corporation.

He began by stabilizing the outsourced cost of the company. First of all, he had to make sure that they could adhere to the current environmental regulations imposed on them by the United States of America and the Canadian governments. This saved them over $100 million over a five year span. He then moved several factories close to one another and purchased a fleet of trucks so they could be used internally to move goods. This move saved them around $95 million every three years.

Louis Chenevert also began to grow the stock price by acquiring many companies. He acquired Pratt & Whitney, Otis, and Goodrich. These acquisitions gave them stable military and corporate contracts which allowed them to pay off the deficit and keep the company stable until a recession was over.

These wise business practices led Goldman Sachs to offer Louis Chenevert a role in their company. While we do not know his compensation package, we know that Louis Chenevert works as a consultant in the prestigious executive banking division of the company. He takes a salary from them but works as he wills.

Shiraz Boghani: British Hotelier

Shiraz Bogahni is the winner of the 2016 Asian Business Award due to giving great customer service, a passion for being creative, fantastic branding, and the highest levels of ethical conduct from which to conduct his leadership. Boghani has been involved in over 25 hotel projects in London alone.

He is the current chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani is an accountant as well, as a co-founding chairman of Sussex Health Care where he has expanded Sussex into 24 care homes, which employ, 1,100 staff members. Boghani is committed to his Ismaili community where he has many involvements in various charities, as a member of the National Council, and as The Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Covenor for the Aga Khan University.

Shiraz Boghani feels his success comes from honing the skills of the people he provides employment for, especially his senior teams. He has invented the Splendid Hospitality Way to try to deliver genuine service. Splendid Hospitality Group is determined to succeed at its visionary tactics to become a Centre of Global Excellence in hospitality. Splendid Hospitality Group now has 20 functioning hotels, such as the 292 bed Hilton London Bankside, the Grand Hotel and Spa, and even the 336 bed Holiday Inn Wembley.

Boghani has had a 30-year career in the hotel industry as a whole even while the hotel industry is competitive, having received several awards for his work. As hotelier of the year in 2016, Boghani’s leadership skills are proven by his receiving this award, having been judged by Amit Roy, a journalist, among others. Boghani has played a lead role in elevating his company to where it is today. Boghani is also a founding member of Sussex Health Care Limited, which offers homes combined with luxury health care services. Boghani has also worked as a founding chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP.

Boghani is originally from Kenya, and had moved to the UK to start a career as an accountant, where eventually he branched out to hospitality. Splendid Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing privately owned hotel groups in the UK, founded in 1986. Boghani was quick to spot investment opportunities such as the way he founded Sussex Health Care later on. The Asian Business Awards come from the Asian Media and Marketing Group (AMG), Boghani was judged by a panel including Jitesh Gadhia, an investment banker.

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A Celebration of Female Empowerment: Julia Jackson Style

Julia JacksonWinemaking is an art form as well as a craft. There are a lot of factors that must be in place for producing great tasting wine. The soil and the climate conditions play a vital roll in how well the grapes will manifest. Then there’s the storage process. In other words, rushing through the vinification process can put a few dollars in your pocket, but it won’t last for a long term. Julia Jackson, proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, is one of the leading female personnel in this male dominated industry. She can do just about anything that her male counterparts can do, if not better.Her very own nonprofit organization, Seeds of Empowerment, is a true testament to her success. This organization is the epitome of “girl power,” and it awards people/organizations with cash grants. On an annual basis, Seeds of Empowerment donates to the tune of $100,000. Julia also works with Jackson Family Wines. Julia Jackson

This company was actually founded by her parents. Julia, the youngest daughter of the couple, spent plenty of hours helping her father pick grapes. Though she wasn’t much interested in the business at that time, she had grown to love the business after she became an adult. While living and working in France, Julia immersed herself into the culture by learning about distribution and sales. Some days she would work up to 14 hours, but all of this hard work has paid off. Jackson Family Wines have wineries in Italy, France, Chile, Australia and in South Africa. The company has dramatically grown over the years thanks to its great services. It produces some of the best tasting wines like:

  • Merlot
  • Champagne
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Sauvignon

Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines are a winning combination, but who knows just how much greater they will be in the next few years.

A Short Story Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco’s Rise To The PI

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco, one of the biggest banks in all of Brazil, home to more then 200,000,000 people and one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Bradesco is second only to Itaú Unibanco, which gained first place over Bradesco in 2008 after Banco Itaú and Unibanco merged in one of the largest business transactions in Brazilian banking history. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco clapped back after he assumed the post of CEO and president in 2009, although it did take six years.

Alongside his longtime employer Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco found that HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian banks were failing. Brazil is an entirely different banking market than anywhere else in the world, spurring HSBC’s gradual decline and near-failure. Mr. Trabuco was able to purchase HSBC’s assets, partnerships, and likeness in 2015 for $5.2 billion. Although $5.2 billion is a ridiculously large sum to the overwhelming majority of people – and businesses, for that matter – Luiz Carlos Trabuco firmly beefed up his employing financial institution into staunch competition with Itaú Unibanco in first place. With more than 45 years’ experience, Mr. Trabuco understands Bradesco and the Brazilian financial industry market as well as anyone – he felt that without purchasing HSBC’s banking assets, a similar level of growth would have taken at least six years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco pushed forward with the deal in August of 2015, and Chairman of the Board Lázaro Brandão approved Bradesco’s potential transaction, it being finalized the next year, in the first quarter of 2016.

This transaction was undoubtedly one of the best things Mr. Trabuco had enacted throughout his nearly five decades at Bradesco. However, he didn’t gain such keen business sense by hopping in from another industry, trusting private boards of consultants, or otherwise not growing his skills organically – Luiz Carlos Trabuco actually started working for Bradesco in 1969, still remaining with the institution nearly fifty years later. Here’s a little insight into how Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his start in life, 100% of his humble beginnings including nothing even resembling a silver spoon, trust fund, or untold riches.

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Mr. Trabuco was born in the relatively large city of Marília in 1951. He graduated high school early and decided to move on to college, rather than directly entering the workforce, as not using the brains he had would have been a waste, as he later admitted. Luiz Carlos Trabuco enrolled in the University of Sâo Paulo, located in the same state as Marília, his home town. The young, pre-Bradesco Mr. Trabuco had quickly worked towards a postsecondary degree in philosophy, letters, and sciences that school, then went to the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation of São Paulo to study on socio-psychology. This last degree has rewarded Luiz Carlos Trabuco with an innate ability to communicate with others, influence workers of his understory, and maintain positive relationships with everyone around.

Although it’s a young age to have both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, at 18, Mr. Trabuco had applied at Bradesco’s Marília branch in 1969. Just a few days after the sharp young man submitted his application, he was offered an entry-level position as a teller. He worked in this capacity for two years, quickly after being appointed to Banco Bradesco’s headquarters in 1971.

While many people don’t think of Mr. Trabuco as doing such, up until his appointment as director of marketing in 1984, he led Bradesco’s communication skills to a never-before-seen level in his first 15 years. He then became executive director and later president of one of Bradesco’s many subsidiaries, in particular, Bradesco Previdência, a private pension manager.

Richard Blair Creative Techniques in Portfolio Selection

Richard Blair is doing some stunning things with regards to helping individuals find there way to better riches administration. He has been doing this for quite a while so he is very much aware of the different sorts of Investments that individuals can make to place them in a superior money related circumstance. He thinks about multifaceted investments, shared assets, record assets, stocks and annuities. He is knowledgeable in treasury bonds and additionally portfolio enhancement. Learn more:

Numerous speculators will have their brain on a specific kind of venture that they need to take part in. Generally financial specialists have a one-track mind with regards to contributing. The normal speculator that is wanting to participate in contributing will have a considerable measure of constraints on what they will put resources into. The purpose behind their constraints is their absence of information. In the event that they don’t know anything about annuities or list stores they will ordinarily maintain a strategic distance from this strategy for contributing.


The advantage of having a money related master like Richard Blair set up is the immense measure of learning that he has. He’s ready to give speculators an incredible measure of learning on various things that they can do to help their portfolio. Anybody that has been contributing all the time realizes that it will take a touch of enhancement to manufacture a fruitful portfolio. Learn more:


Richard Blair is somebody that has demonstrated that he can construct better retirement or school subsidize plans for individuals that have this need. He can help those financial specialists that are endeavoring to put something aside for here and now objectives like treks. He can even help the financial specialist that needs to just pick up an expanded degree of profitability with a specific end goal to spread the profits once more into their family spending plan.


Richard Blair has been in the money related arranging world for quite a while and he has seen a great deal of situations from customers. He thinks about the diverse needs that customers will have at various levels in their lives. He understands that there are some youthful speculators that are reluctant about sparing on the grounds that they don’t see the requirement for it. He likewise understands that there are more seasoned speculators that are frightened about the way that they have not spared enough. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin Accomplishments at the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the prominent figures in the food industry. At the moment, Sheldon works as the CEO and chairman of the OSI Group, the largest food company that is respected for its vast networks in the world. The successful businessman has a prestigious profile that speaks volumes about his expertise. Sheldon is currently the CEO of the popular OSI International Foods too.

Thanks to these great positions, Sheldon Lavin has maintained a very high profile in the OSI Group international operations. As one of the top leaders of global company, Sheldon is in charge of ensuring that all the branches retain the high quality of its products. The food industry is very competitive, and it is almost impossible to control an international company. However, Sheldon has a lot of expertise and experience in the department, and he ensures that the local branches in all the countries meet the demand of the clients.

All the countries that are served by the OSI Group different tastes and demands. The meat processing company has put up local management to investigate what the consumer needs so that they are met. Under the leadership of Sheldon, the OSI Group has won the hearts of many for producing delicious meat products that are unmatched. The company is believed to have won so many awards thanks to its accomplishments in the competitive world.

The OSI Group has also purchased several firms and food plants to meet the growing number of clients in all parts of the world. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are in charge of the processing and packaging procedures. These individuals are well trained and educated, and they are selected by the leaders of the institution. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the international company is planning to introduce more food products into the market.

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Richard Blair CEO of Wealth Solutions, Ensuring The People of Texas Have Sustainable Investments

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc., is one of the most prominent professionals in the financial and assets management industry. He is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Solutions which is headquartered in Bee Cave, Texas. His job involves getting paid to give consultation on securities or to manage investment portfolios on behalf of his clients.


What makes him an industry leader is the fact that he has passed 7 Exams certifying that he is very knowledgeable when it comes to investments management. His clients entrust him to give sober advice because that is what he has been doing for over 25 years now.


Blair started Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. This was after being employed for a few years. His goal was to start a business that would help people make profitable investment decisions so that when they would have enough to sustain them after their retirement. He is interested in providing unbiased advice so that his clients can mutually benefit.


His firm Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. It is reputable for offering customized investment services. This is after the expert team of Wealth Solution identifies the current situation of individual clients and matches them with their end expectations. The company is ran through three main principals, which the company refers to as pillars. These pillars include;


Drawing a Plan

When you come to Wealth Solutions, looking for investment advice, you will be assigned to a highly-skilled team of investment gurus. They will try and assess tour current financial standing. What do you want? What are your goals? They will then identify the risks and opportunities relating to you investment needs. Also, they will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that you posses. The SWIT analysis is what will guide them to drawing a specific plan for you.


Developing Long-Term Strategies

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions is concerned with more than just the short-term. They want to ensure that you have a sustainable plan for success. To this end, Richard Blair himself oversees the development of a long term strategy. He sees to it that all factors are considered and that your investment will have all it requires to beat the negative market forces.



The last step is catering for insurance. Blair will ensure that you are adequately insured. From life insurance to redemption way after you have retired.



Norman Pattiz Unveils a New Podcast on Chris Jericho’s Network

The announcement of the launch of the new Chris Jericho show is good news to millions of WWE fans around the globe. The show has received massive advertisement on the PodcastOne. If you are a Jericho fun, then you should remember to visit PodcastOne website or iTunes to watch the show about him. You can also download the PodcastOne app on your cell to know about Chris Jericho’s podcast network.


Notably, the latest episodes of Jericho’s podcast will be accessible on PodcastOne website on Mondays. The conversation will not only be purely about Jericho but on other enjoyable talks held with other popular and famous personalities. Besides, the show will enlighten the viewers on ghosts, miracles, demons, aliens, angels and ogre encounters among others. The show will be hosted by the two seasoned and popular radio personalities Tim Dennis and Dave Shrader. Tim has massive experience in radio production while the latter has vast experience in hosting radio shows.


Under the able leadership of Norman, PodcastOne has managed to launch and air podcasts on different celebrities. Besides, the advertisers have allowed the members of the public to know different aspects of the celebrities’ life.


The new show named “Beyond the Darkness” will bring out the different Jericho’s talents and personalities. Furthermore, his conversation with Tim and Dave will reveal more about this paranormal being explored in the “Beyond the Darkness.”


Podcast anticipates that the new podcast will go viral. Hence, the PodcastOne expects that many people to follow the show on their website as well as download their application. Besides, Dave and Tim are very popular in the US, and the paranormal broadcasting expects their fans to follow the new podcast. The new Jericho podcast is very interesting and thrilling as the previous podcasts. Therefore, Dave and Tim look forward to a huge audience for their show.


About Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz is the current chairman at PodcastOne for over six months. He took this position recently after working with Westwood One as a consultant for over five years. Besides, Norman was the founder of this organization in 1974. He played the role of the CEO for 20 years in Westwood. Norman also held the position of the President in Broadcast Education Association.


Over six ago, Mr. Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group. He has massive experience in the radio network and news provider. PodcastOne, as well as PodcastOne Sales, are his latest creations confirming his prowess in the broadcasting network business.

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Chris Burch: The Billion Dollar Man

Chris Burch has recently had his name added to the list of billionaires in the world. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania to a middle-income family, the last thing he ever thought about was being worth a billion dollars in his lifetime. He was, however, infatuated with entrepreneurship and the prospects of business from a very early age. Eventually, these two things came together and made Chris Burch the investing powerhouse that he is today.


Burch grew up modestly. His parents were never rich, and they worked hard to make a living. Chris’s father was a business owner himself, and he always tried to make Chris realize the power of working for yourself. After working construction at the age of 13, Chris realized that it takes a lot of hard work to make the almighty dollar, and he wanted to do it on his own terms. While at Ithaca, he and his brother had their very first entrepreneurial venture together. They created an apparel line called Eagle’s Eye, where they found a factory that was willing to make preppy sweaters for college students. This idea quickly took off, and the brothers’ $2,000 investment turned into $140 million in sales in less than a decade.


Eagle’s Eye is now far behind Chris, and he has moved up in the world to doing bigger and better investments than ever before. He created his own company, Burch Creative Capital (, in order to hold all of his investments. With Burch Creative Capital, Chris has invested in some very popular companies, such as Voss Water, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, numerous luxury hotel lines, and many more. The trick for Chris is to find those companies that are in desperate need of fiscal aid. He wants to find those diamonds in the rough that are struggling, not because their idea is bad, but because it is so new and innovative that it is scaring away other investors. He wants those companies that are disruptive in their industries and that are blurring the lines between certain markets. With this strategy, he has managed to make himself worth over $1 billion in the course of his life, a feat to which very few can claim success.


Burch started off his life like many Americans. However, with a little elbow grease and a lot of drive, Chris was able to turn a $2,000 investment from the 1970s into a billion dollar enterprise today.