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2016’s One Planet Awards Gold Winner Recipient: Troy McQuagge

One Planet Awards hosts an annual award called the Gold Winner and is dedicated to recognizing people who go above to provide excellent in their fields. In 2016 the winner of the prestigious award was USHealth Group, Inc. CEO Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge embodies what it is to be a leader and always strive for excellence.

Mr. Troy McQuagge has a long and colorful career spanning over 30 years. He attended the University of Central Florida where he obtained his Bachelor of the Arts degree in the field of Legal Studies. He began his career by joining the Allstate Insurance Agency in 1983 and stayed honing his craft until the mid-1990s. He left to join Agency Marketing Group where he served as the president of the company from 1996 until 2008. He then moved to USHealth Group, Inc. He joined the company in 2010 and has been working to improve it ever since. Originally he worked at a subsidiary, USHealth Advisors until 2014 when he was elected the position of President and CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. USHealth Group, Inc. focuses on getting insurance for people under 65.

As soon as Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group, Inc he set about breathing new life into the company. He orchestrated rebuilding USHealth Group, Inc’s distribution agency back to its original glory, which led to him being promoted to President and CEO. USHealth Group, Inc has experienced massive growth and productivity under his leadership, making him invaluable to the company and what Troy knows.

One Planet Awards wants to recognize companies and the employees for showing excellence in their field. There are several categories including executives, teams, PR, marketing, and more. They are a global organization and look for nominees from all over the world. Mr. McQuagge embodies all of these qualities and has proven over and over again he is invaluable to the company and consumer alike. He will continue pushing the envelope and striving for excellence for years to come and more information click here.

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Jason Hope Explains How the Internet of Things will Change Everything

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the technology industry. He has said that the Internet of Things will be the biggest game changer the world as ever seen, and be by far the biggest revolution the technology industry has seen yet. Soon, all sorts of things such as appliances, lighting, cars, roads and HVAC systems will be able to connect to the internet and sync with each other. In addition to ushering in a world that is far more convenient, the Internet of Things will also increase efficiency, decrease waste and bring greater safety.

All of the biggest companies in the world are working on the Internet of Things projects, according to Jason Hope. He has also said that smartphone developers are in a race to provide the most relevant and useful apps for people to take advantage of the Internet of Things and all it has to offer and Jason on facebook.

Jason Hope is involved in mobile technology. He created a hugely popular app in 2004 and now invests in technology companies across the country. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and attended Arizona State University for both his Bachelor of Science in Finance as well as his MBA and learn more about Jason.

Additionally, Jason Hope is a philanthropist. One of his focuses is on the SENS Foundation which is researching anti-aging. Jason says that the goal isn’t just about living far longer, it’s also about living a life that is healthier and free of disease. He has donated a large sum of money to the SENS Foundation as well as other charities.

Jim Tananbaum – Foresite Capital Includes Venture Partner to Its Team

Foresite Capital is a healthcare development equity company that offers growth capital to rising healthcare pioneers with disruptive services and products across the entire healthcare sectors within both the public and private markets. The company is situated in San Francisco and operates an office within New York and more information click here.

Foresite Capital has announced the naming of Molly He, Ph.D., as their venture partner. A previous senior executive at Illumina, Dr. He conveys to Foresite over 15 years of involvement in genomic and pharmaceutical innovative work. “Dr. He is a standout amongst the most regarded scientific researchers within the territory of cutting edge sequencing, and we are excited to welcome her to the group,” said Jim Tananbaum, M.D., CEO and overseeing executive of Foresite Capital. “With her broad ability in genomics, medication advancement and her striking reputation of leadership skills, she will be an important asset to Foresite as we proceed to extend and expand our arrangement of transformational organizations.”

As the Scientific research Senior Director at Illumina, Dr. He was in charge of the organization’s worldwide protein reagent development and enhancements. Before the Illumina, she headed the Pacific Biosciences protein sciences where she was in charge of protein reagent advancement for the organization’s single molecule actual-time sequencing Chemistry. Prior in her profession, she put in 10 years in the pharmaceutical business concentrating on structural-based design (antibody and small molecule drugs) targeting immune diseases and cancer.

Jim Tananbaum is Founder and CEO of Foresite Capital with assets valued at $1.1 billion in assets. Tananbaum has over 20 years of experience building and investing healthcare organizations. Before he founded Foresite Capital, he had co-founded two major biopharmaceutical organizations and two healthcare venture exercises. After completing his studies at Havard Medical School, Tananbaum founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals which introduced two drugs to do advertisement in a minimal of $80 million. Currently, the drugs produce $1 billion in revenues and Jim’s lacrosse camp.

Tananbaum is a graduate of Yale with a B.S. and B.S.E.E. At Harvard Medical School, he graduated with an M.D., at MIT with M.S. and from Harvard Business School with M.B.A. Tananbaum served on different advisory boards and/or seeing committees at Yale’s President Advisory Counsel and Harvard-MIT HST program.

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Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair CEO of Wealth Solutions, Ensuring The People of Texas Have Sustainable Investments

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc., is one of the most prominent professionals in the financial and assets management industry. He is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Solutions which is headquartered in Bee Cave, Texas. His job involves getting paid to give consultation on securities or to manage investment portfolios on behalf of his clients.


What makes him an industry leader is the fact that he has passed 7 Exams certifying that he is very knowledgeable when it comes to investments management. His clients entrust him to give sober advice because that is what he has been doing for over 25 years now.


Blair started Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. This was after being employed for a few years. His goal was to start a business that would help people make profitable investment decisions so that when they would have enough to sustain them after their retirement. He is interested in providing unbiased advice so that his clients can mutually benefit.


His firm Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. It is reputable for offering customized investment services. This is after the expert team of Wealth Solution identifies the current situation of individual clients and matches them with their end expectations. The company is ran through three main principals, which the company refers to as pillars. These pillars include;


Drawing a Plan

When you come to Wealth Solutions, looking for investment advice, you will be assigned to a highly-skilled team of investment gurus. They will try and assess tour current financial standing. What do you want? What are your goals? They will then identify the risks and opportunities relating to you investment needs. Also, they will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that you posses. The SWIT analysis is what will guide them to drawing a specific plan for you.


Developing Long-Term Strategies

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions is concerned with more than just the short-term. They want to ensure that you have a sustainable plan for success. To this end, Richard Blair himself oversees the development of a long term strategy. He sees to it that all factors are considered and that your investment will have all it requires to beat the negative market forces.



The last step is catering for insurance. Blair will ensure that you are adequately insured. From life insurance to redemption way after you have retired.



Darius Fisher Will Fight For Your Reputation

Today, all it takes is one angry person with an agenda to bring someone down or ruin their reputation. This can be a man or woman that has worked very hard to earn a good reputation, but as the old adage goes, you can’t make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into it. It is just impossible to please some people and with the Internet, it is both a good and bad thing. It is great that everyone has a voice and they are not shy about using it, expressing it, and saying things. However, in the wrong hands, it can be a dangerous thing and someone can hide behind a computer and say things that are just plain untrue and people believe it.

However, there is no reason to fear anymore as Darius Fisher and Status Labs are out there to protect the innocent. Since everything is digital, when someone is applying for a job, it can be easy for them to be searched online with Google. All they have to do is put their name in and that person interviewing them can find out something bad about them, but it isn’t true and there is nothing they can do to stop it. This is taking money out of their pockets and taking food off their table. With Darius Fisher and Status Labs, they make sure that when people search for you, they see all of the good the person has done and all of the bad is flushed away.

People know that Darius Fisher and Status Labs have worked with Fortune 500 companies and some very big public figures and done really, really good work. That is why Darius Fisher received the PR World Awards® “Business Development Individual of the Year for 2016. Only the best of the best receive this award and that is Darius Fisher and Status Labs. They fight for their clients and they do not rest until the truth is out there about their clients. They are all about building relationships and connections that last a lifetime.

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Hudson’s Fabletics is the Answer for the Chic Active Girl

Kate Hudson has starred in several movies and has cemented herself as a woman to look up to. Hudson was longing to utilize her eye for fashion in some way but could not find the right outlet, until she stumbled on JustFab. JustFab gave her ideas a home, which brought Fabletics to light. The line was meant to fill a hole in the exercise industry.

Kate Hudson noticed that the women’s activewear industry mostly offered bland choices that did not really take the customer base into consideration. She approached the line as a normal woman who loves to stay fit but also loves to look cute. It was through that approach that she came up with some of the bold new looks that Fabletics introduced to the world of fitness on Facebook. Many people who have tried the clothes have never felt happier in their workout clothes.

JustFab helped produced Fabletics with high-tech material that is able to wicker off moisture and accentuate the body. The material is slightly snug to help accentuate the body just enough to highlight those areas that a woman loves to show off like the butt and the waist. Still, the clothes are not too snug where it makes the woman feel like she cannot breathe. Hudson wanted to make sure that women felt like they could wear these pieces whenever they wanted, even when they are just at home lounging around.

The line is very close to Hudson’s heart, and she has devoted herself to truly bringing something new to the table. Her line is a mixture of casual, yoga, gymnastics, and chic. She wanted people to get a real feel of how the line can seamlessly fit into life, so she helped create a commercial that would show just how versatile this line really is.

Hudson understood something fundamental about her line on, which was active-wear could become a person’s go-to clothes. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that a woman’s favorite outfit can only be that special piece they bring out from time to time, but the truth is lounge-wear can become a daily favorite. The commercial spot that Hudson helped created highlighted how she uses Fabletics around the home.

Those who have seen the spot say it feels like a very intimate commercial that allows the viewers to feel like they are sharing a moment with Hudson. The advertisement that was reported by AdWeek has been very effective in showing how one garment can be used to go out on a date but also for a yoga session without changing clothes. It is everything a girl wants: simplicity and beauty.

The Career and Life of Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant has been able to tap Shaygan Kheradpir, who is the former Verizon veteran and Juniper CEO, as it’s new board man chair and new CEO, after succeeding Pat DiPietro, who is to become a the chairman of the company. Kheradpir has taken on the role of CEO, after he had worked with the senior management team of Coriant earlier this year as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, who is the owner of Coriant. Kheradpir is a 28 year veteran in the telecom industry, he has more recently served as CEO of Juniper, resigning from this position in November of 2014. His resignation came following a review discussing his conduct, as the company’s board of directors had related to a negotiation by one of their customers. He was the CEO of Juniper for only a short period of time, as he had only arrived at the company in January, from his prior position at Barclays PLC. And prior to his time at Barclays, Kheradpir had been known as a key executive at GTE and Verizon. And as a CIO and EVP for Verizon, he served as a key figure in the process of helping teleco to roll out it’s FiOs FTTH service, which was a program that involved a capital investment for over 20 billion dollars. As an optical vendor that was created through a combination of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks, Optical Networks, and Sycamore Networks, the challenge for Kheradpir is to help in growing the company against competitors such as Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent, Infinera, and Cisco. Coriant has been winning a number of deals of key customers, such as BSNL, Australia’s NBN, Telia Sonera International Carrier and China Unicom.

In his early years, Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, while he grew up in Iran, his father worked as an ear, nose and throat specialist. He later moved back to the the united states where he earned his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering though Cornell University. After he got done with his degree, his first job was working for GTE Laboratories starting in 1987. While at GTE Laboratories, he worked with management, network routing and control. He would eventually go on to become the chief information officer for GTE Corporation. In 2000, when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic, with a form of Verizon Communications, Kheradpir was initially the president of the e-business division for Verizon, before he became the first CIO/CTO of the company. He later went on to join Barclays in 2011, and the join Juniper Networks in 2014, before taking his current roll at Coriant.

Meet Helane Morrison: Culture of Integrity



It is widely regarded as the honesty, truthfulness, or accuracy of one’s words and actions. 

Among the most influential people, we rely on for honesty are our politicians. While they are campaigning for public office, every candidate makes promises for what he/she will accomplish if elected. However, more often than not, they often fall short of the mark.

Helane Morrison is an exceptional individual, who not only preserved her ethical integrity but discharged her obligations in a business that is known for getting otherwise rational people to take part in Ponzi schemes, like Bernie Madoff, for example, who was behind the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. The 77-year-old successfully swindled investors out of $65 billion and is now serving over 150 years in federal prison.

Morrison is one that prevailed.

From her humble beginnings, Morrison found her true calling: to defend the undefended. After graduating from Northwestern University with her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she just could not stop herself from glory, earning her Juris Doctor degree at the UC Berkeley School of Law, and even was named the head editor of the institution’s law review. 

It became very evident that the impeccable talent of Morrison was ready for greener pastures. She passed the bar exam and after being admitted to practice, snagged a job at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit as a clerk. While under the tutelage of Supreme Court Justice Henry A. Blackmun, Morrison championed herself as a leader for equality.

Like a boxer who has been the world champion of the same weight class for some period, Morrison was yearning to move up to the next division, private practice. She spent the next 10 years with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin, a law firm where her area of concentration was centered on protection. In 1991, due to her consistent and superb work, Morrison was promoted to full partner. In collaboration with her team, Morrison launched corruption investigations against unscrupulous traders.

Morrison was also in charge of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] San Francisco office from 1999 to 2007. In her role, Morrison was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters in Northern California and five Northwest states. Like a Super Bowl MVP, Morrison left a lasting legacy. For instance, financial fraud cases involving top executives from corporations like Google, HP, and HBO among others. Once considered to be ‘untouchable,’ but Morrison led numerous financial fraud cases against those individuals. Moreover, she revealed the corruption of the insurance company American Amicable, which had been selling false securities to military personnel, and auditors like a principal collaborator at Ernst and Young, who Morrison discovered was adjusting and discarding audit work papers illegally. Morrison was also the first woman to be named Head of Commission and Regional Director by the SEC. 

After spending so many years with the government, Morrison wanted a change. As aforementioned, Morrison worked with Supreme Court Justice Henry A. Blackmun, who was viewed as a champion of equality. Naturally, she fought for equality in the financial workplace.

Morrison joined forces with Hall Capital. As a company, it puts an emphasis on two main qualities that it believes a woman should have to succeed in the workplace – flexibility and resiliency. Its open concept design allows employees to collaborate and communicate as much as possible to build a team of successful clients. Having a great team is the essence of success, and as great as Morrison is, she would not have triumphed as much without a team. But given her ability to succeed in so many different venues, it is evident that she is something special.  Learn more about Helane’s career on her LinkedIn account.

There is a reason Morrison is a four-time Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area for business. Her track record irreproachable and her work ethic sinless. These traits represent a career marked by a battle to defend the undefended and to inspire people to do the right thing.

Michigan Entrepreneur Sails Ahead of Competition

In Scuttlebutt Sailing News, youth sailors had the chance to sail with some of the best sailors in the world in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Melges 32 Gold Cup consisted of hard wins and tricky navigation that made for a fun time between all competitors. During the race, there was a tight race between American businessman and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos and world sailing champion, Alessando Rombelli. At the end of the race, the results showed Mr. DeVos as a close second to Mr. Rombelli who reclaimed his title as the world’s best sailor. 

One of the most memorable parts of this famous race was the addition of youth sailors to the race. Young aspiring sailors had the opportunity to sail with and race with some of the top sailors in the world. The infiltration of the sailors was done as a courtesy on behalf of the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. Each junior sailor was able to experience the thrill and the excitement of racing on a vessel. The youth sailors also were able to experience the challenges that are often faced when sailing for the top prize.

Though the final day of the race has already passed, sailors are now looking forward to next year and the weather conditions and competition that the new year will bring. Among these world famous competitors is Dick DeVos who is most notably known for his contribution to his own community in Michigan. 

Dick is a businessman who has been involved with his family company for decades. Dick DeVos climbed the ladder through his company and eventually became one of the vice presidents for Amway Corporation. As a vice president, Mr. DeVos was put in charge of international sales. By the end of his aid with international sales, the sales had grown to makeup over 50 percent of the company’s overall sales. Learn more about Dick’s career at Amway in the following article:

Dick DeVos is not only an ambitious individual, but is also a philanthropist that loves giving back to others. Dick DeVos, and his wife, Betsy are especially strong supporters for opening and increasing the overall opportunities for education despite financial issues. Mr. DeVos has donated millions of dollars back to his community and has donated several scholarships in his name to several schools within the community. Dick DeVos is a firm believer that education is what grows an economy and what improves the overall standard of living for everyone around the world.

In addition to his foundation’s many charitable donations, Dick also has given much to political candidates and causes. His donations are well-known and have even been referenced in the popular series House of Cards which Dick talks about in this MLIVE article.

Coriant and Shaygan Kheradpir: Technology Innovators

As a constantly growing and changing field, technology requires strong staff to keep pace with its endless new directions. The Coriant has proven itself as a sound contender in this arena. Founded in 2013, Coriant blends technology from some of the industry’s most recognized players including Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Coriant specializes in telecommunications with a particular eye to using both hardware and software for optical transmissions. It also utilizes data, voice, and mobile networks. Its exponential growth from the 1990s through the present have heralded many advances in its offerings to clients through modern technologies such as advanced data speeds, cloud computing storage, and cable services. With an eye to maintaining reasonable costs yet maintaining high quality products, Coriant has developed an outstanding reputation.

Of recent note within this dynamic company is the promotion of the company’s CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir. Mr. Kheradpir presents a solid background in service to Communications Service Providers in his past positions. He further has over twenty years’ experience in business and executive background. He began his early career at GTE Corporation, but was quickly recognized for his determination and focus, and he subsequently transferred to Verizon as a Chief Information Officer. One of his many accomplishments was managing the FIOS portfolio at Verizon, which had a substantial revenue impact on the company. Kheradpir then moved on to Barclays Company, where he served as an executive committee member. Under his leadership, this financial institution expanded its services over fifty countries and provided further employment opportunities worldwide for thousands of individuals. Shaygan also possesses an impressive academic background with earned degrees in engineering and a PhD, master’s degree, and bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. With his strong business acumen and versatile personality, Kheradpir stands ready to take a growing firm to the heights of success each and every day!