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Magic Mike Returns in Magic Mike XXL!

Michael Lane thought that he was out for good but he is soon thrust back into the game in this 2015 sequel to the original smash hit Magic Mike (2012). Three years have passed since Magic Mike called it quits. We find Lane has finally started his custom furniture business like he always wanted, but things didn’t turn out quite the way he had been hoping for. Dumped by Brooke (the previous film’s love interest) and seriously in debt, Michael Lane starts to question his life decisions, when he suddenly gets a cryptic call from his old friend Tarzan saying ‘’Dallas is gone’’

Thinking that his former mentor has died, he heads out to meet the rest of his ‘’Kings of Tampa’’ crew, only to find them all having a good time. At first angered, the boys explain to Lane how Dallas had abandoned them and how they were heading to Myrtle Beach to perform at a big stripper convention for ‘’One Last Time’’. Seeing his friends again stirred in Lane a desire to head back out on the road again with his buddies and leave his woes behind. During this trip we see his alter ego ‘’Magic Mike’’ slowly start to re-emerge again as he finds peace with his life and finally starts to enjoy being a male stripper. Magic Mike XXL is a film that entertains; it balances the drama and comedy to great effect.

One particular highlight of the movie is a young actress named Crystal Hunt. She plays Lauren, a small but delicious part in the film that must be seen to be believed; an excess of wine and adventurous ladies is quite a scandalous thing to behold indeed. This is a career defining role for this wonderfully talented actress.

Her Facebook indicates that Crystal Hunt is also a producer, and has appeared in various different TV and film roles. Her most notable roles to date have been as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco (as a stripper no less) on the long running soap opera One Life to Live. She also serves as executive producer on the film Talbot County (2015) written and directed by Bev Land. The sky is the limit for Crystal Hunt, and the world waits in anticipation to see what other great works she has in store.  Be sure to come along on the journey by following her Instagram, and be sure to bookmark her page on