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Do-Good, A New Wave in Education

A degree in philanthropy? Yes, this will now be available in the Fall of 2017. It is actually a degree in Public Policy with specializations in philanthropy. This degree is offered at the Do Good Institute located within the University of Maryland. According to PR News, the emphasis is provide students that are going out into the world, to get them “give back” and “do good”. It also provides them with the leadership they need if they go into the nonprofit field.

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks (, and his wife Karen, went to the University of Maryland with the idea to start the Do Good Institute, along with funds to get it going. After selling the “Hawks“, Bruce and his wife, decided devote more time to giving. Throughout his many years of philanthropy, he found, that a lot of the organizations they worked with had good people heading them, but they lacked the needed business skills to succeed in their missions. This is why they went to the University with their idea. You can read more about it on the benzinga website at:

Mr. Bruce Levenson, earned his success from starting a business with his Ed Peskowitz, while still in Law school. The company which quickly became a huge success is called Unified Communications Group. From there he helped build several businesses. His interests include technology, professional sports, cooking, and of course philanthropy. He has given to many causes, including those close to his heart, such as the Holocaust Memorial museum. This is because he comes from a Jewish background, and his mother in law is a survivor of the Holocaust. If you would like to read more about him, you can go to his website at:

Omar Boriae donates $1.5 million towards Precision Medicine

The Omar Boraie Chair has been established at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey to progress the research of precision medicine. With advanced education, endowed chairs show an allegiance towards academic achievement. The chair at Rutgers was after the New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie who pledged $1.5 million to support the research. Sam Boraie stated to NewsWise about the pledge that the professionals at Rutgers are dedicated to advance precision medicine for the patients who have non-responsive cancers. Boraie imagines and foresees a world where you can apply individual genomic science towards all cancer patients.

Although precision medicine and genomic science is relatively new in the field of medicine, the study of genetic level treatment will help oncologists give more accurate therapies for each individual patient. For those with rare cancers, genomic sequences have been proven worthy of finding more affective remedies. Modern precision medicine will assist in categorizing cancers in more descriptive groups with specific characteristics. Even President Obama stated that the launch of national initiative focused toward precision medicine would help find cures for cancers and rare diseases.

According to Bloomberg, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the first institute in New Jersey solely assigned with the National Cancer Institute. At Rutgers, they are aiming towards the improvement of treatment and care for patients with cancer. With the help of the Omar Boraie Chair, Rutgers will sparkplug the nation with the highest quality of care and discovery for cancer. Shridar Ganesanm, MD, PhD, was named to the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science and attributes the pledge as a beneficial advantage in the research of cancer biology and the endowed chair will help benefit patients, even those with the most challenging diseases. The importance of precision medicine is known with medical professionals nationwide, and this is one step to curing fatal cancers and diseases.

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