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Rocketship Education Helps Students Make the Grade

Rocketship Education is the public charter school system that is changing lives for many students. More than half of these students that are part of the enrolled student body at Rocketship Education schools are from low-income households. This means that these are children that would otherwise be subjected to a less-than-stellar education simply based on their location.

What Rocketship education has done for over 15,000 students is provide these kids with the ability to learn in an environment where they can thrive. What Rocketship Education really does is help those students that actually have a desire to learn even if they are not always in the best of environments. This charter school system has proven that it worked for many of those students that have become part of these types of schools. It brings forth a hybrid between the traditional high school and private schools. Charter Schools like Rocketship Education fits snugly inside of the school system as a great middle ground for those parents that cannot afford private school.

Rocketship Education has become the saving grace for so many of those students that would otherwise not have any access to this caliber of education. It is a charter school system that has expanded from where it started in California to other areas like Wisconsin and Nashville.

This growth with Rocketship Education shows that it is a school system that is still in the growth stages. There are more than a thousand students attending Rocketship Education charter schools in Nashville, and there are close to half as many in Nashville that are attending school in Milwaukee as well. The highest enrollment, however, comes in the Bay Area in California where there are more than 6,000 students enrolled in a Rocketship Education Charter School.

Rocketship education has become a program that totally changes the way that people look at charter school systems. It does not look or feel like anything else that people have become accustomed to over the years. That may be the reason why more people are curious about it. They want to give their children better education opportunities.