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Tony Petrello and his take on charity

The compassionate nature of many provides a driving force for charity worldwide. This benevolent act of millions of individuals allows many unfortunate people to receive the care and resources necessary to survive. One avid donator is Tony Petrello. Recently, his charitable contributions have included $5 million dollars for research which will help doctors treat and potentially cure neurological conditions in children. However, his generosity doesn’t end there as he is working to increase his total donation to this cause to $7million in the near future. Eight years ago when Petrello became a father to Carena his life changed forever. While her birth brought joy it also carried with it anxiety and fear when she was delivered at only 24 weeks. Many premature children are diagnosed with neurological conditions and to the distress of her parents Carena was one of them. Realizing that ensuring her health would be a life long struggle, Petrello began researching. Eventually his research lead him to Texas Children’s hospital. The hospital since then has been a focus for many of his philanthropic ventures and he has even earned a position on the board of trustees.

His charitable ventures do no begin nor end with the hospital however. Approximately a year ago a good friend of Petrello’s, Serge Lange, passed away. Petrello met Lange his first year at Yale where Lange taught Mathematics. The pair became good friends and Lange was an inspiration to Petrello as well as many other members of the field. To honor his memory Petrello has worked with Yale to create an award in his name to be given to those who excel in the field.

Petrello’s education at Yale provided a vital backbone to his success in the industry. He began there first earning a bachelor’s degree, but going on to earn a master’s in Mathematics from the university. After graduation he opted for a change of scenery and pursued his Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. Degree in hand Petrello set his eyes on the corporate world. His journey began at Baker & McKenzie in 1979. There he focused generally on corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. Hard work paid off and when he resigned in 1991 he had been a managing partner for five years. From there he moved on to Nabors Industries, a company that focuses on oil drilling and equipment. He entered the company as an elected board member rising eventually to the position he holds today as it’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Matt W. was broke, stressed and worried before Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews found himself laid off and spending more and more on credit cards and lines of credit which got really overwhelming to a point where collection calls were turning into a daily thing for him. He finally got to a point where he looked at Reviews options and realized that he was not going to get out of debt on his own. He could not get to a point where he would pay off the credit cards on his own and started looking at what was out there to help him. That is how he started to look at debt relief, as something different other than bankruptcy and his biggest regret is that he did not do it sooner.

Starting the Freedom Debt Relief program was relatively easy, he had four to five phone calls with a helpful representative at Freedom Debt Relief who made sure he was really educated on what he was getting into. They made sure he knew exactly what he should expect and when he got his first call saying that one of his credit cards had been completely handled, he was really relieved. Not only was he getting things paid off, he was getting them paid off so much faster than just dealing with his creditors on his own. He would wholeheartedly recommend Freedom Debt Relief for those who are struggling to make ends meet, who feel that they are drowning in debt. They should take a look at the Freedom Debt Relief program and see if its right for them. After Freedom Debt Relief, he feels that he is more knowledgeable, excited and hopeful and for the first time in a long time he can reward himself with the first vacation in nine years coming up that summer.

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