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Lauren Conrad Begins Event Planning

In a recent online article on, celebrity Lauren Conrad discusses her idea of a successful party. She has opened a fair-trade store called The Little Market and has recently written a book on entertaining called “Celebrate”, says the article. The article also mentions that Conrad has tremendous success with two fashion collections, best-selling books, and with social media accounts. It also suggests that she may be the new Martha Stewart, although Lauren Conrad laughed and dismissed the idea.

According to her interview, the most important aspect of planning a get-together is to stop worrying about perfection. Conrad explains that when everything is too perfect and formal, then guests may feel uncomfortable. She emphasizes the importance of making guests feel comfortable and welcome. Things cannot be so formal and complicated that guests cannot have some fun, Conrad explains. That is how to gauge the success of a party, says Conrad in the article.

In the article, she also discusses throwing parties with her husband, William Tell. Conrad talks about how they have different tastes in style; yet, they can have a successful party with compromise. She laughs as she talks about their preferences in collectibles. He likes classic guitars and she likes teacups, says the article. At the end of the day, says Conrad, everyone should have a great time at the party—including the hosts.

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