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Bustle looks into Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is an incredibly popular conditioner. Women around the world have used the product to get the best possible hair, but there are still those that are skeptical of this conditioner. Women feel that the conditioner will not get the results that they want, while other women do not want to pay a large amount for a product they are unsure about. Women around the world want answers as to how well Wen by Chaz [] works before they invest in this product.
Bustle is an incredibly popular media outlet aimed at millennials. They are known for covering every possible subject matter and giving a young person’s spin on the subject. They wanted to give people insight into the effectiveness of Wen by Chaz Dean, so they had one of their top reporters try the product for a whole week.

Emily McClure is one of the top reporters at, but she has long struggled to get her hair in top shape. Her hair has always been both greasy and thin, and this hair has kept her from feeling confident. She worries that people will not find her attractive and it has inhibited her personal and professional life.

Emily has tried numerous products over the years and none of them worked, so she figured that Wen would fail as well. After her first shower with the sephora fig version of WEN by Chaz she was shocked. Her hair was voluminous and it had a visible shine. She loved the way she looked and she kept using the product throughout the week. Every day she saw great improvement in her hair, and she knew that Wen was extremely effective. At the end of her article she recommended people tried the product.

Many people are skeptical of Wen by Chaz, but the product simply gets results. Emily McClure is proud to use Wen.