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Aesthetics Medical Excellence 101

Some people see aesthetic-medical health as being extremely vain. On the other hand, aesthetic-medical health has helped numerous people get their life back on track. This sector of the medical industry has grown dramatically over the years, and it has become far more prevalent in recent years. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most sought-after individuals in the business, and he has displayed excellence through a number of avenues. Dr. Mark McKenna is a philanthropist, a doctor and an entrepreneur. He is very passionate about his work as well as very passionate about his business. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has an extensive educational background, and he hasn’t been afraid to use every bit of it. Just after starting is medical profession, he used his educational background as a startup for new businesses.

McKenna Venture Investments is the result of this startup, and it provided high-quality real estate closing services. Yes, this company is a real estate development firm, but the good times kept on rolling. On top of that, Dr. Mark McKenna founded two other companies shortly after the inception of McKenna Venture Investments. These companies were Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Thanks to his brilliance in a wide array of fields, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to help many of his fellow people after Hurricane Katrina. He would go on to play a pivotal role in the redevelopment efforts of building the city back to what it is use to be.

His dedication, Dr. Mark McKenna’s passion, and his perseverance has made him into what he is today. This man is a loving husband and a caring father. Meditation is a high priority on his list of to-dos. He also participates in JuiJitsu training in his spare time. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true American hero in a sense and there are a number of individuals that will backup this claim.

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The Lung Institute: Rebuilding Quality in Life

The Lung Institute is a medical research institution that provides stem cell therapies to treat chronic lung diseases. They also provide venous and bone marrow treatments. Their physicians use minimally invasive procedures that deploy stem cell transplants to promote the healing of damaged tissue. The institute has facilities in Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Scottsdale Arizona and Dallas.

Stem cells are cells that can self-renew and replicate. Adult stem cells can be transferred from a healthy organ to an unhealthy organ. The stem cells will then replicate in the unhealthy organ through plasticity. The Lung Institute’s procedure involves separating the patient’s stem cells from their blood and reintroducing the stem cells to the patient’s lungs. This procedure promotes both healing and inflammation reduction.

The Lung Institute has improved the quality of life for many people suffering from chronic lung diseases. Many patients experience a significant increase in lung capacity within 2 months of their initial treatment. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, the Lung Institute says their patients have experienced a 70% increase in their quality of life.

At the Lung Institute, many patients come from different backgrounds and have had many different life circumstances. Chronic lung conditions (see, may be the main issue in common. However, patients have had many different careers and hobbies that they have been active in throughout their life. Whether it is planting a garden or playing sports, patients are unique and deserve unique treatments that are suited for them.

The Lung Institute thoroughly screens every patient, and the main focus is on the current condition that the patient is in and their previous medical history. This provides the institute with the ability to use treatments that provide the best results.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Medicare Advantage and InnovaCare Health

Medicare Advantage may seem different from Original Medicare due to the different modes of administration prevalent in the two. Original Medicare is handled by the federal government and the benefits are handed over directly to the institutions where the beneficiaries have their healthcare needs catered for. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage works through private insurance firms, which are paid a fixed amount every month by the government then these benefits are passed to the members of the program.

Medicare Advantage, owing to the fact that it can be managed by different institutions, may have different rules depending on the region you come from. Some regions may also not have this service. Always ensure you have understood the terms before signing to the program. There are many benefits that come with choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, and few have been highlighted below.

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Maximum out-of-pocket limit
One adorable thing about Medicare Advantage plans of InnovaCare Health is the fact each plan is accompanied by an out-of-pocket limit that when you reach this amount, you are not required to pay anything extra for the services the package you chose offers. This is a great relief to many since there are instances that make it necessary to seek additional services even when the limit has been exceeded. However, you have to confirm about the availability of this service since each company offers a different rate depending on regional factors.

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Additional cover and low interest
Apart from the usual items that are covered in a Medicare plan, you can request additional cover through an appeal. Some of the additional coverage you can receive includes dental and vision coverage. Additionally, most companies offer as low as zero percent interest, so you can save a lot with the program.

InnovaCare Health and its Leadership
Based in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is an established provider of managed health services including Medicare Advantage and physician practices. InnovaCare is run on a foundation of technology and has created innovative models that have enhanced cost-effectiveness and the integration of services to advanced technologies.

Through their able leadership, InnovaCare has come up with one of the most reliable platform that serves more than 200,000 individuals. Dr. Rick Shinto, the CEO of the company, has amassed experience amounting to more than 20 years in the health industry. Some of the companies he has worked with before include Aveta Inc., and NAMM California. As the current Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides has enhanced the service delivery of InnovaCare Health. He also brings to the company over 20 years experience and exceptional management skills.

Not All Healthcare Companies Commit Insurance Fraud

Millions of healthcare insurance claims are submitted by healthcare companies, and most of those claims are legitimate. But a small percentage of those claims are fraudulent, and they cost the government, and all Americans billions of dollars every year. Insurance premiums keep going up to cover those fake claims. There are healthcare companies that don’t have their patients’ best interest in mind. Some companies doing frivolous tests, and they change patient records in order to get more money from insurance companies. There are all kinds of tricks used to deceive insurance companies, and unfortunately, when one trick is discovered another starts. Houston-based Nobilis Health is not one of those companies. Nobilis operates and manages more than 100 surgical centers in several cities around the United States.

Nobilis Health is considered one of the best and most ethical companies in the industry. The Nobilis Health management team is a group of doctors, financial experts and sales executives that strive for perfection. That means patients are treated with respect and dignity when they need it the most. Nobilis Health Chief Executive Officer Chris Lloyd and Chief financial officer Ken Klein along with Executive Vice-President of Sales, Patrick Yoder are aware of the scams that cost patients and healthcare companies money. The company has safeguards in place to protect their patients from costly scams. According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the most common type of healthcare fraud is performing unnecessary procedures to generate more insurance money. But accepting kickbacks for patient referrals is another scam that is used every day.

Falsifying patient records to justify surgeries and tests that are not necessary is high on the list of fraudulent activities as well. Billing for services that never happened using false records is another trick that is used to collect money from insurance companies. The list of fraudulent activities is a long one, but fortunately, most healthcare companies are legitimate companies that follow the rules and have their patients’ interest in mind. Nobilis Health is one of the top management companies in the health care industry, and the company continues to offer patients the best care at a reasonable cost. The main issue that continues to push healthcare companies to commit fraud is the ability to get away with it because healthcare companies are considered honorable until they prove otherwise. More checks and balances should be put in place when hiring staff and doctors to stop the fraud, according to Nobilis CEO Chris Lloyd. Nobilis has a recruitment program in place that helps stop insurance fraud.