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Accomplishment of Sussex Healthcare as It Celebrates Its 25 Years of Services

Many years have passed as Sussex Healthcare provides services to the old people and also the young people that require close attention. This company operates the homes that are found along the southern coast of England. Sussex company is run by two chairmen one of them is known as Shiraz Boghani and the other Shafik Sachedina. Both chairmen have skills from diverse backgrounds since their career is not the same and they worked with different fields. Shiraz Boghani’s experience is from the field of hospitality and that of Shafik Sachedina is from the field of medicine.

The both chairmen has been able to bring together their different skills to make the Sussex Healthcare better. It is through their experience and hard work that Sussex is the way it is today. The first facility of this company was started in 1985. Currently, the total number of facilities is 20 and they are all operating under Sussex. Some of the services that Sussex Healthcare offer is taking care of the elderly that suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. As well, Sussex take care of the young adults that suffer from the disabilities of neurology and several other cognitive issues.

The people that are taken care of in Sussex Healthcare are those that require standard care as well as the people that need special attention. The caregivers who are employed at the Sussex facilities are well-trained and they are devoted towards taking care of the Sussex residents. AS they work they are trained frequently to improve their skills and make them better service providers when it comes to taking care of people. In Sussex there is a believe that every person in their facilities should get constant creation, leisure and social activities because the exercise for the physical health is not the only thing they need.

Sussex ensure that the lives that people live in their homes are worth living. The entire facilities of Sussex Healthcare offer the programs that encourage people to stay active as well as involving themselves with the surrounding. All the employees in Sussex are skilled including the chefs who ensure the Sussex residents consume nutritious meals.

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