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George Soros Unveils His Vision For The EU’s Asylum Policies

Multi billionaire and political bellwether George Soros and Open Society founder has never been a man to keep silent about his opinions. For a very long time he has been extremely outspoken about a wide range of political topics but nfew more so than the recent immigrant crisis. In a recent article in Market Watch George Soros laid out his fairly extensive plan for the EU’s immigration policies.
First and foremost, George Soros believes that the European Union absolutely must accept a minimum of no less than one million refugees every year for as long as is possible. Naturally, this will be nearly impossible to do properly without a proper, planned budget which is adequately shared. Next the EU must allocate fifteen thousand euros to (which equals sixteen thousand eight hundred US dollars) for every refuge seeker. This funding will be used primarily to fund necessary and additional housing, doctor care as well as education. Soros also believes that the EU member states should allow the asylum seekers to be able to choose where they are going to be placed, geographically to better facilitate societal integration.

Secondly, Soros says on NY Books that the EU must take the lead and spear head a large scale funding campaign for the refugees currently residing in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Even though there are already similar funding campaigns in place these efforts have not yet been able to raise even a fraction of the total money necessary for the facilitation of the refugees basic well being. According to Soros, his country funding initiative would cost around five thousand euros per refugee. Thus total support would be around eight to ten billion euros with EU allies such as the US making up the rest of the balance.

Thirdly, the EU must begin, as soon as possible, to synthesize and consolidate the disparate and patchwork refuge systems which currently are counted as 28 in number with the goal of creating one centralized asylum agency which would oversee all refugees. Fourthly, the EU should take decisive and extensive action to plot out and create a single, optimal pathway for refugees traveling between Greece and Italy as well as other surrounding regions to mitigate the dangers posed by the treacherous Mediterranean sea passage by allowing asylum seekers a better route. Not only would this calm panic from human rights activists and asylum seekers alike, it would also save countless innocent lives.

Lastly according to Bloomberg Business, the EU must stimulate and mobilize their private financial superpowers to sponsor the effort as it would both foster general goodwill and lessen the financial burden carried by the member states.