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How Goettl Air Conditioning’s New Owner Fixed The Company

A recent article on, a division of USA Today, detailed how Goettl Air Conditioning’s new owner fixed the company. When he arrived in 2013 the company was very much on a downward trend and in drastic need of an overhaul. The new owner, Ken Goodrich, successfully turned the company around and is now expanding the company’s presence across America’s southwest.

Ken Goodrich has a long history of buying companies that are in decline and then turning them around. According to Business Press Vegas, he bought Goettl in 2013 after it had been broken for a number of years. It was started by two brothers in 1939 and over the last several years had changed hands a number of times. When Ken Goodrich bought the company it was owned by a company in another state who neglected it. As a result the company was losing money and the employees were in a state of very low morale.

Another big problem that Goettl faced was on the public relations front. The prior owners had been cited by Arizona’s attorney general due to shady business operations. In order to turn Goettl around Goodrich focused on improving the employees morale and on providing the best service possible to customers. He also talked to his employees about being a positive influence in the community. He also started philanthropic efforts such as providing water to homeless people during the scorching hot summers. Eventually, everyone’s hard effort paid off and the company is now profitably run and has regained its positive reputation.

Ken Goodrich has been expanding Goettl Air Conditioning ( across the southwest. They currently have offices in Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. They also have operations in Las Vegas, Nevada and across southern California. Goodrich is now working to expand the company into both Texas as well as northern California.

Goettl offers a full range of heating and cooling products and services. They install systems, maintain them, and do repairs. They provide their services to homeowners throughout the areas in which they operate. They can also work on the small HVAC systems of small business owners.

Each technician that works at Goettl goes through extensive ongoing training so that they are current with new technology in the industry. Each of them is also subject to a thorough background check before they are hired. Additionally, Goettl employees are given random drug tests in order to be sure each one is drug-free. View the company profile on

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