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Talos Energy Labor Shortage

Talos Energy is an oil drilling company based in Texas. The company has had high sales and profits over the past few years. Since 2014, the price of crude oil has increased. As oil prices rise, demand for new oil also increases. Some people are worried about the harmful impact oil drilling can have on the environment. Many people believe that oil companies should invest more time and money to help the environment. The leaders of Talos Energy have been investing a ton of capital into sustainable drilling methods over the past few years. The new technology has been beneficial to both the company and the environment.

Labor Shortage

One issue that Talos Energy has is a labor shortage. Although Talos Energy has multiple positions available, the company is struggling to find people who are willing to work. Working in an oil field is both hard and dangerous. The hours are long, and many people end up injured while working. Talos Energy has an excellent safety procedure in case anyone does get injured. Not only that, but the company pays employees high wages. Despite these facts, it takes several months for the company to fill open positions. The labor shortage is a critical issue facing the oil drilling industry.

Finding New Oil

With the new technology available, Talos Energy and other oil drilling companies can find oil miles down in the ground. Finding new sources of oil is a critical aspect of improving the company. Few people understand how difficult it can be to extract oil from the ground. The leaders of Talos Energy are excited about how much the company has grown in recent years. Now is the perfect time to invest in the oil industry. Many venture capitalists are making massive investments into companies like Talos.