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Penelope Kokkinide and Her Daily Motivations at InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is one of the most reliable leaders at the InnovaCare, who is playing a critical role in the progress of the organization. She has been working in this organization for a more extended period. Previously, Kokkinides was working as the Chief Operating Officer where she used to oversee all the operations of the healthcare facility. However, her hard work in the operational department made her get promoted to the rank of the Chief Administration Officer, where she is responsible for all the administrative activities in the organization. In a recent interview, the experienced leader has answered some few questions that would help in understanding her deeply. You can visit



She was asked to explain how she can bring out a significant number of ideas into fruition for a more extended period given that fact that a large number of leaders are not able to achieve their ideas. However, it is her response that surprised many. Kokkinides highlighted that she does not formulate and implement plans on her own. She has a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals who work with her. The role of the team is to sit with her and formulate several ideas after which they chose the best idea to implement. This makes her a team leader who can work with other individuals and a person who does not take herself as a hero but as someone who gains skills and knowledge from other individuals. For more details visit LinkedIn.


About planning time, ideas, and strategies, Kokkinides notes that she has since learned from other successful leaders on how to organize her time and move forward with her goals and objectives. She spends most of her nights thinking about the plans and strategies that she will implement in the following day. Rick Shinto does not only think of the activities of the next morning be she also contemplates on what is at her disposal to achieve such goals. This helps her to formulate goals and objectives that she can easily accomplish without causing the organization to incur much money than what was planned. Check out



About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a medical facility that offers quality medical services to a significant number of individuals in the United States, especially for those individuals residing in Puerto Roc Island. The facility provides the government-sponsored Medicaid and Medicare services while at the same time incorporating other customized services to the increasing number of individuals who need medical attention.


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Why Did Doe Deere Invent Lime Crime?

When it comes to a world of unicorns and rainbows, Doe Deere does her best to bring that to reality and even considers herself a unicorn. In her words, that means she sees herself as different from anyone else and embraces that, and her company Lime Crime is a huge part of her journey to identity as a unicorn. So what do you find at Lime Crime? Hair dyes, lipsticks, makeup and all kinds of cosmetics that are designed by Doe Deere herself and come in a wide range of colors from green, to blue, pink and purple and all designed with the purpose of letting females show their true selves.

When did Doe Deere decide to start this? She actually is Russian-born and considers her first actual business to be marketing fake tattoos out on the streets, and from there she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. Her original dream was actually to become a singer, and when she first moved over to the US she attempted to make that happen and released a few songs as lead singer in an alternative rock band. Needless to say this endeavor didn’t quite go as far as she wanted, but she had other plans and found her true place at cosmetology school.

It was while attending school that she started a little side project she didn’t think would do much, which was selling crazy hair dye colors on eBay under the name Lime Crime. But to her surprise, they actually caught on and she decided to go with it, and soon the demand picked up enough that she was running this business full-time and began hiring employees. Lime Crime was successful enough, that soon she decided to bring it out to the hub of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles.

While Doe Deere has made quite a bit of money, she still looks at her Lime Crime business as a place for fun and getting to do what she loves with art. She personally tries every new Lime Crime product before selling it because she believes that’s the only way to keep the trust of her customers. Doe Deere considers herself a close friend to animals as she owns several cats, and also gives to animal foundations. Doe Deere is always active on Twitter with Lime Crime updates, and you can find her @doedeere or at her Facebook page here.

Make Your Kisses A Little Brighter With Lime Crime By Doe Deere

If you are an avid social media user, then you’ve likely run across some Doe Deere inspired looks on your timeline and Instagram news-feed. Deere is the creative founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. The line includes some of the boldest lip and eye colors to ever hit the make up market. In 2015, Self-Made Magazine named Doe Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs for her successful launch and continuous online sales and traffic with Lime Crime. In an article with Galore Magazine, Stephanie Janetos sat down with the self-made business woman about everything Lime Crime. From deciding on a name to the inspiration behind her designs, Janetos gives us an up close and personal look at the life of Lime Crime genius Doe Deere.

Since she was a young child, Doe Deere found herself intrigues by art. Anything that would allow her to be creative was interesting to her. She recalls being a pretty colorful kid, in more ways than one. Deere says she would dress herself from head to toe in the most colorful ensemble that she could throw together-and matching was not a requirement. Day in and day out, she toted along with pencils and paint in hand, ready to paint the world. Deere’s parents were supportive of their daughter creativity, and both supported and encouraged her interest in art.

It is much easier for a child to let their creative juices flow when dressing themselves, but not so much for adults. When you grow up, it seems that the world becomes black and white. You feel silly and childish as an adult being so amused with colors, dressing like a rainbow and painting your face. That’s why Deere created Lime Crime. After coming to the sad realization that her colorful days may have come to an end, she began searching for ways to keep her creative side an active part of her adult life. She noticed that finding makeup colors that truly matched her personality was nearly impossible. In 2006 Deere began posting make up tutorials online. Because of her creativity, and willingness to try almost anything-as long as it was safe for her skin of course, her fan base grew quickly, seemingly overnight.

While the name “Lime Crime” is extremely fitting for the bold and unique cosmetic line, Deere says that she just happened to choose the name randomly. Before sharing her make up tutorials online, she opened her own ebay store and needed a name for it. At the time, “Lime Crime” was just a cool and catchy name. Deere had no idea that Lime Crime would soon paint the faces of girls all over. She likes to call them “Unicorns” because of their courage to be different. Wearing Lime Crime requires self-confidence, and the customers of Lime Crime are some of Doe Deere’s most influential motivators. Their willingness to accept and own their uniqueness is something that Deere looks up to, and hopes that Lime Crime can inspire others to let their Unicorn horns show proudly!

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Doe Deere Smashes Fashion Rules

There is no doubt that beauty and fashion rules exist, but who started them and why do we follow suit? Did some long lost culture construct an ancient story about a malevolent fashion God who struck down bad outfit combinations? Why do the majority of us listen to the same few “authority figures”?

Lately, the rules are being broken, and Doe Deere is one of the beauty and fashion pioneers make some splendid smashes. As Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a cruelty-free indie makeup brand, Deere believes in color, glitter and in making a statement. This Russian-born and NYC-raised sexy savant is definitely a scholar of all things hair, skin, nails and clothing. No hue is too bright, nor is any pattern too bold. Deere believes in fashion and beauty as a method of self-expression. Limits simply don’t apply.

Even Deere’s image screams “authenticity”, and she is unique to the core. One day her hair may be purple. The next evening she will be sporting blue locks. Even a quick Google search will show her myriad of looks, from fairy tale princess to glamour fashion diva. There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to her appearance; instead, Deere follows her gut and, perhaps, the season.

One fashion myth that Deere has debunked is pairing bold eye makeup with bold lip color. She is notorious for sporting bold, dark colors, regularly. And Deere doesn’t only believe in dark hues. She loves wearing color all around. There are never too many for her taste, and she believes people should wear as many as they like.

Patterns and fabrics are other arenas where Deere is making changes. Why stay safe pairing one pattern piece with solids? Go nuts! Polka dots, stripes, jean, and leopard print are all safe, and people should mix and match until their hearts feel content.

Open-toed shoes are a must for many women, but unfortunately, the climate in most of the world only allows for three to four warm months per year. This can hamper our open toe, shoe wearing, enthusiasm. Right? Wrong! Why not have the best of all worlds? Pair open-toed shoes with socks and stockings, for the look you love with some extra warmth. Plus, with all the options available nowadays, sock lovers have never had more fun.

Last, but not least, don’t feel that you need to dress in accordance with your age. Remember, age is only a number! Embrace your life, style and look!

Doe Deere, Beauty Maven

While many people are indifferent about the way they look, it’s safe to say that the majority of the population wants to be as aesthetically appealing as possible. Beauty professional Doe Deere knows this, and she uses her industry expertise to help ensure that people can optimize their appearance and thereby build confidence. One of Deere’s biggest projects is breaking up normative thinking and conventional paradigms regarding how the beauty world should work. She loves using creativity principles and innovative strategies to cultivate an aesthetic that breaks through boundaries and enables each individual to develop a distinct identity. Here are some of the cosmetics rules that the beauty maven likes to break:

1. “Don’t Wear Bold Lips With Bold Eyes.”

Deere says she enjoys breaking this rule every day. Specifically, she likes to pair vibrant blue lip color with rusty-red eyeshadow palette.

2. Don’t Wear Too Many Colors At Once.

Deere loves the rainbow look, or having a lot of colors on her face. This approach to cosmetics can help an individual stand out from the cookie cutter, dull color schema that many people confine themselves to.

3. Don’t Wear Socks If You Have Open-Toed Shoes On.

Deere doesn’t believe in hiding a pair of aesthetically appealing socks beneath close-toed shoes. Rather, she likes to show them off!

4. Dress Your Age.

Deere doesn’t abide by this rule at all. Rather, she enjoys dressing up in clothing reflective of the garments a child might wear. This is a great way to get out of the normative realm and establish a unique, playful identity for yourself.

More About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a make-up expert who has been in love with the world of cosmetics since she was a child. In youth, she enjoyed experimenting with colors and would use her imagination to construct new aesthetic schemas. She always had pencils and paints in hand and would put color on herself as frequently as possible.

Deere’s passion for the world of cosmetics remained with her right into adulthood, and this was her motivation for constructing her own make-up line: Lime Crime. This line is designed to help individuals optimize their appearance in a manner that helps them stand out as unique people rather than conforming to cookie-cutter ideals and gender norms.