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Paul Mampilly’s passion for the world of finance

Paul Mampilly today focuses on helping every day Americans make money. He shows them how to invest their money in the stock market in a way that will give them steady increases with minor risk. He’s been doing this for several years and has a newsletter that has more than 60,000 subscribers to it. He is been very successful in helping people make money through the stock market and has been mentioned by major mainstream news outlets. However, he wasn’t always hoping the everyday American.

After Paul Mampilly graduated from Montclair University Paul Mampilly got a job at Bank Trust Company. This allowed him to work on Wall Street as an assistant financial portfolio manager for Bankers Trust.

After proving himself at multiple jobs he was eventually hired by a billion-dollar company, Kinetics assets. At this company, you manage their hedge fund and grew the company to have 25 billion dollars worth of assets.

As successful as he was on Wall Street the fast pace culture of it all started to wear him thin. He wanted to stop making money for the super rich and wanted to start helping everyday people improve their finances.

With all of this skill sets that he got on Wall Street he has been able to provide Sound Advice to people everywhere. In fact, he recently did an interview with During this interview, he was asked multiple questions about what makes him an expert in the field of finance, what has been his favorite Investments, and many more questions about insights he has in the marketplace.

Today, Paul Mampilly spends time Between his newsletter and his to Elite trading services. He is a shining example of how people from Wall Street use their knowledge, resources, and skills to help the everyday person succeed in the ultimate game of money; Wall Street.

Fortress Investment Group’s Diversity key to its Global Success

Creating an impact in the modern business world is not a walk in the park. It calls for execution of practical strategies and strong leadership. Fortress Investment Group exemplifies these capabilities. The company is a distinguished leader in the global investment arena. Since its inception as a private equity firm in 1998, the company has served clients from different parts of the globe in the areas of capital investment strategies, real estate, and private equity among others. Today, it boasts of about USD 40.9 billion of assets under management. Fortress Investment Group’s success can be attributed to the provision of customized services to its clients. In essence, the services are anchored on long-term visioning and decent returns for clients. It has invested in a highly experienced and talented workforce, which includes over 1000 employees.

The company has its headquarters in New York and other offices spread around the world. The company has a diversified portfolio and an excellent understanding of the investments world. Fortress Investment has five main competencies as outlined below.The company has extensive experience in an array of asset types. In relation to this, it has a profound understanding of pricing, financing, and management of assets.Fortress Investment Group has an exceptional understanding of all the sectors which it invests. Besides being one of its strengths, diversification ensures that it provides excellent advisory and management services to its wide range of clientele. The highly motivated team of professionals in different parts of the globe reinforces this system.

Fortress businesses are anchored on its ability to analyze complex investments and implementation of tailor-made strategies. It has developed useful tools that are used for the different sectors thus aiding sound decision making.The company’s ability to engage different clients and interested parties has propelled it to the apex of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Fortress Investment Group has enabled many organizations to determine the best techniques and strategies for investment.Its vast experience in the capital markets provides Fortress with the necessary expertise in low-risk and low-cost financing. It does this through access to debt and equity capital markets.These competencies cover a considerable part of the financial world. Fortress’ ability to include these key areas in its portfolio explains why it has claimed a position on the global platform. It is also an illustration of its goal of assisting both small and big businesses to navigate the complex business world.

Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair CEO of Wealth Solutions, Ensuring The People of Texas Have Sustainable Investments

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc., is one of the most prominent professionals in the financial and assets management industry. He is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Solutions which is headquartered in Bee Cave, Texas. His job involves getting paid to give consultation on securities or to manage investment portfolios on behalf of his clients.


What makes him an industry leader is the fact that he has passed 7 Exams certifying that he is very knowledgeable when it comes to investments management. His clients entrust him to give sober advice because that is what he has been doing for over 25 years now.


Blair started Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. This was after being employed for a few years. His goal was to start a business that would help people make profitable investment decisions so that when they would have enough to sustain them after their retirement. He is interested in providing unbiased advice so that his clients can mutually benefit.


His firm Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. It is reputable for offering customized investment services. This is after the expert team of Wealth Solution identifies the current situation of individual clients and matches them with their end expectations. The company is ran through three main principals, which the company refers to as pillars. These pillars include;


Drawing a Plan

When you come to Wealth Solutions, looking for investment advice, you will be assigned to a highly-skilled team of investment gurus. They will try and assess tour current financial standing. What do you want? What are your goals? They will then identify the risks and opportunities relating to you investment needs. Also, they will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that you posses. The SWIT analysis is what will guide them to drawing a specific plan for you.


Developing Long-Term Strategies

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions is concerned with more than just the short-term. They want to ensure that you have a sustainable plan for success. To this end, Richard Blair himself oversees the development of a long term strategy. He sees to it that all factors are considered and that your investment will have all it requires to beat the negative market forces.



The last step is catering for insurance. Blair will ensure that you are adequately insured. From life insurance to redemption way after you have retired.



Equities First Holdings Acquired London-Based Meridian Equity Partners Limited

The world master in shareholder financing, Equities First Holdings operates in different countries with offices currently in Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indianapolis and London. And one of its major steps in extending its services is the acquiring of Meridian Equity Partners Ltd in UK (FCA no. 605564) in 2014 with the operations continuing with the name Equities First (London) ltd.

“The acquisition of today is transformational for our organization as it brings our brand and services to another, worldwide level. With seven workplaces to serve customers in Europe, Asia, U.S. and Australia, we can offer liquidity at alluring levels against traded open market shares to individual financial specialists, organizations, and officials of public organizations around the globe,” said Al Christy, Jr., the founder and president of EFH.

EFH, built up in 2002, has encountered yearly development of more than 30% in its shut credit exchanges in the course of recent years, and the company has continued to setting the pace. The company’s aggregate worldwide workforce has expanded by over half since 2012. Transactions in Equities First are non-recourse whereby borrowers holds the entire upside market shares’ appreciation.

“This has been a time of solidification and extension for EFH,” added Christy. “We have extended our group to give brilliant liquidity openings, combined with best in class customer benefits. We keep on investing in our own operations as the firm encounters progressing & quick extension. We feel that the groups in London, Asia & Australia incorporate a portion of the best individuals in the business, and stick to our organization standards of giving the most ideal support of our customers.” The firm has a list of long-term key accomplices that incorporate the world’s biggest overseer banks, driving investment banks, and top law companies in the universal and local jurisdictions. Today, Equities First Holdings is soaring higher in offering the best services.

The Role of Stephen Murray in Enhancing the Growth of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is one of the leading private equity firms in the world. It is based in New York. The corporation is considered a leader in the areas of growth equity and buyout transactions within the middle and upper middle companies. CCMP Capital invests in four major sectors, which are Energy, consumer and retail, industrial and healthcare. The corporation continues to provide remarkable products and services that satisfy the utility of its clients.

Under the consumer and retail sector, CCMP Capital focuses on packaged goods for consumers and direct marketing. For the healthcare sector, the firm deals with medical devices and pharmaceuticals. In the industrial sector, CCMP Capital invests in the automotive, chemicals, manufacturing and distribution fields. Within the energy sector, the firm zeroes in on exploration and production, renewable energy, power generation and other services.
CCMP Capital was created in 2006. The main aim of its formation was to continue the investment strategies that had been established by the firm’s professionals. These professionals were made up of members of the J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC. The team also constituted of members from the Chase Capital Partners, Manufacturers Hanover and Chemical Venture Partners. The initials of these corporations constitute the CCMP acronym. The company normally invests amounts ranging from $100 million to $500 million on equity per transaction. This investment is made in companies worth $250 million to $2 billion.

Fortune Magazine reported Steve Murray the CEO of CCMP Capital makes its investments in order to offer estate diversification and consultation especially to founder owned businesses. It also helps developing enterprises, privatize public firms and enable management buyouts in addition to corporate carve-outs. For many years, CCMP Capital has invested in an array of market environments in multiple industries. The success of the corporation is anchored on its deep understanding of the opportunities and specific challenges in the industries that it invests in. The good performance of CCMP Capital has made it a premier choice for making investments in the four sectors that it deals in.

Additionally, the leadership at CCMP Capital that has been entrusted on Stephen Murray. Over the years, he has made wise investment decisions. Stephen Murray has been a great investor and deal maker when it comes to private equity. He has been the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital since 2007. Stephen started his career with Manufacturers Hannover in 1984 and went on to work in all the heritage firms that gave rise to CCMP Capital. He graduated in 1984 from Boston College with an economics degree before earning a master degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. Stephen has been a great philanthropist. He has supported institutions like the Columbia Business School, Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York, and Boston College. He also served in the boards of Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcot, Aramark and Pinnacle Foods.