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All About the Fortress Investment Group Acquisition by SoftBank

Those who are interested in business deals, particularly mergers and acquisitions, will certainly be excited to learn about the recent acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by none other than SoftBank. The deal resulted in a $3.3 billion cash price! This deal gained approval in July on 2017, and the future looks hopeful for both organizations. The executives of Fortress Investment Group expressed great enthusiasm at the prospect of getting to work with a truly international company, as SoftBank is from Japan. SoftBank’s CEO is convinced that the previous experience of those at Fortress will prove to be of great value to him and well worth the price of the purchase.

Though it is now under the ownership of the Japanese SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group will actually continue to execute its operations mostly independently, and all three founders and principals are still in place, despite the merger. Branding will also remain unaffected. This was a smart decision by SoftBank, as the team at Fortress has done exceptionally well thus far, so there isn’t much sense in altering a business model that is clearly already working amazingly. The main change, however, was that Fortress began trading privately under its new owner, SoftBank, as opposed to trading its shares on the NYSE. Visit

Run from New York, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most influential investment management firms around, and it was founded more than 20 years into the past; the names of the men who were involved in founding it are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, all of whom remained in power despite the acquisition. Each of these men expressed approval of the deal with SoftBank, and believe that much can be accomplished as a result of the two vastly different organizations working together to chase the same goal. Fortress Investment Group will be instrumental to Softbank’s entrance into the realm of finance, which the newly created SoftBank Vision Fund will also play a large role in. Since both sides appear satisfied and optimistic in the wake of this acquisition, it is likely that they will do great things together.


Paul Mampilly: The Decline of Apple

Paul Mampilly is well known for his ability to generate his readers’ incredibly large returns on their investment thanks to the stock choices and other investment opportunities that he publishes in his investment advice news columns. He is a uniquely qualified individual to create such advice as he has over 20 years worth of experience investing successfully on Wall Street before turning his attention to creating investment advice for the everyday American. Paul Mampilly has recently written a string of articles on why he believes that a once popular stock option may no longer be such a great investment.

This technology company is known as Apple computers. Paul Mampilly believes that in 10 years people will look back and wonder why they were such a big deal. Instead, Paul Mampilly believes that people will be reading articles 10 years from now on how the company fell out of favor with the investment world and investors. These articles come right on the heels of the most recent failure of Apple with the newest iPhone. He believes that over the course of the coming year this will present itself and falling stock prices for Apple. The reason behind the decline in the value of Apple will be the result of lack of innovation according to Paul Mampilly.

Instead of keeping the lead in the technology industry they decided to do the easy thing and just make different variations of their current products with only incremental advances rather than revolutionizing the industry the way that they have in the past. One potential competitor that Paul Mampilly believes will likely push Apple out of its top place in the market is Amazon. The Amazon Alexa devices have been incredibly popular and have actually begun to take the place as the most popular technology items for consumers recently. He believes that the reason why Apple stocks are still near their all-time high is that Warren Buffett has continued to keep pouring money into the stock to artificially keep the price raised. This is not the kind of behavior that can continue on forever however and Apple will likely experience a long slow decline.

Why Freedom Checks Are Real While Trump Bonus Checks Are Fake News

Publicity about Freedom Checks was released early this by financial analyst Matt Badiali. Later in the year, another person in the financial industry tried to piggyback on this legitimate investment opportunity by going on about Trump Bonus Checks and making it sound like it was a similarly legitimate way to have amazing returns. This isn’t actually true.

The pitch for Trump Bonus Checks is that some “loophole” in legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Trump resulted in some 580ish companies issuing these payments to regular Americans who are their stockholders. The claim is that these are huge checks ranging from $40000 to $8000 a month.

The reality is that there was no such “loophole” passed by Congress. The backer of Trump Bonus Check propaganda actually just wants to sell subscriptions to his financial newsletter, Infinite Income, at $99 a year per pop. Subscribers find out they’re just being pitched to buy shares in some type of bogus foreign accounts that contain the money of American multinational corporations. It’s all nonsense.

So, are Freedom Checks also a scam? Not at all. Matt Badiali calls them Freedom Checks but they’ve been known by another term since 1987, Master Limited Partnerships. In that year, Congress wanted to support American oil and gas firms so they passed what is called the 26-F statute.

In return for drilling for oil and natural gas within America, meaning the nation doesn’t have to import as much oil from the Middle East, companies can set up as an MLP and reap some tax benefits. Their shareholders gain 100 percent of these companies profits which can result in very large dividends being paid out to them.

Freedom Checks are not a government program. They aren’t similar at all to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. They’re a way for businesses to benefit and pass this along to their shareholders. As a matter of fact, their payments can be as much as three to four times what people receive from Social Security. Even better, there are not any income or age restrictions for people to collect their checks.

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Paul Mampilly Talks About Artificial Intelligence Stocks Rising in the Years to Come

Experience comes in handy especially when you are an investor. At the beginning of your journey, you may encounter challenges such as not being knowledgeable about which investments are more lucrative than others. You may also be tricked into investing in a business that may later turn out to be a hoax. It is advisable to look for insights from successful entrepreneurs such as Paul Mampilly.

Background Information

Paul Mampilly is an best investment experts and an editor by profession. Apart from that, he’s an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been able to amass lots of information about various investments. Consequently, Mampilly always shares his insights with the general population through publications. As an investor, Mampilly also follows up on the trends in technology.

Since Mampilly is a technology enthusiast, he has been following up on Artificial Intelligence. He has gone a step further and looked into the Artificial Intelligence stocks. Artificial intelligence refers to simulated intelligence in machines. The machines are made to think like humans and imitate how people act. Although Artificial Intelligence is a new phenomenon in the tech world, it has has brought significant change in the world. For instance, you may be shopping on Amazon or any other e-commerce site. Artificial Intelligence may bring some ad pop-ups after analyzing your shopping trends on these sites. Companies that have endorsed Artificial Intelligence are a step ahead of their competitors.

Additional Information

Recently, Paul Mampilly released a video explaining Artificial Intelligence and how it applies to the real world. He also explained how with Artificial Intelligence, stocks will rise in future.

Paul Mampilly discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the world. He highlighted key points on how facial recognition software led to the apprehension of a suspect. The facial recognition software was able to identify a suspect who was in a crowd of 60,000 people. In such cases, private investigators may get the job done. Nevertheless, when you introduce variables like time, the facial recognition software will yield accurate results in a short time. It’s now clear that Artificial Intelligence is beneficial to the world in many ways.

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Changes Brought by Randal Nardone at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group. In 2013, he was appointed to take over the role of the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is also position 553 in the list of worlds billionaires according to an article that was published by Forbes. Randal has been able to steer the company to greater levels and worked at ensuring that it keeps on growing to even higher levels. It was incepted in 1998 by Randal Nardone and two other finance experts. He also happens to be a Member of the Management Committee and also the Board Member of Fortress. He has been able to serve his roles with a lot of diligence and expertise.

Randal Nardone is a very brilliant and an experienced private equity investor and an assets manager who have always been actively involved in the company’s growth. Nadal has been able to grow in the company’s leadership and thus more responsibilities. He has been entrusted with taking the company to the next level and has been responsible for managing more than $40 billion of their client’s asset. It, therefore, means that the position he serves must be guarded with dignity. As a lawyer, he is also able to supervise the company’s legal matters and well as financial issues. His diverse qualifications make him a brilliant company’s CEO who have different perspectives of viewing things.

Randal Nardone has an excellent education level and happens to possess a bachelors degree in English and Biology from the Connecticut University. He also possesses a bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in law from the University of Boston. His skills have made him a very professional CEO and a great contributor towards meaningful debates aimed at helping the company grow.


Before joining Fortress, Randal worked as a lawyer at Thacher Proffitt & Wood. He served for several years before joining Blackrock company which he worked as the company’s principal. Later he became the managing partner of UBS for one year. That was in 1997 before they joined hands towards the establishment of Fortress Investment Group. He met a team of like-minded people whereby they started sharing various ideas regarding success. Those were a few months before they established the company. They decided to do it practically and today, he is the famous co-founder of Fortress Investment together with Peter Briger and Wes Edens. The company has since then been published at the New York Stock Exchange and have continued to grow in size.

Jose Auriemo’s Unflagging Efforts Of Directing JHSF To Success

Sao Paulo is a developed city in Brazil with high-end buildings. Real Estate personalities such as Jose Auriemo Neto are creating sophisticated buildings which impress residents. Jose Auriemo serves the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a famous company which establishes real estate projects in Sao Paulo. Jose is the son of the founder of the company, and therefore he has been around the company for long. He has worked in the firm since he was 17 when he was known by the nickname Zeco and took the presidency position when he was 27 years. JHSF operates in the luxury market, and it is well-known for building the Parque Cidade Jardim which has commercial buildings, house residences, and shopping stores. Moreover, the company worked on the Higienopolis neighborhood, in the center of Sao Paulo which leads to the most luxurious residential areas in the city.

After challenging the real estate market of Sao Paulo with Parque Cidade, Jose Auriemo wants to shake the market again. By the end of the year, JHSF will launch various luxurious projects in Brazil and beyond. The company has signed contracts to build a project similar to Parque Cidade in Manaus and Salvador. The projects in Manaus and Salvador will be significant in that there will be 29 buildings constructed on a 28,000 square meter shopping center. Moreover, in Sao Roque which is located 50 km from Sao Paulo, the company will be creating a city with a carrying capacity of 60,000. Other than homes, shops, and offices, JHSF is eyeing to develop schools, hospitals, and universities which will help the people.

JHSF is working on a project in New York where it is working to build a five-star JHSF hotel service on the fifth avenue which will be facing Central Park. However, the apartments will not be for sale, but instead, they will be available for rent which was an investment strategy foreseen by Joe Auriemo. Therefore Jose Auriemo moved to New York with his family so that he would follow up closely the construction. The children were enrolled in school in New York where they are coping up. Jose Auriemo Neto is positive that JHSF will work on more luxurious projects in future which will benefit people.

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Wes Edens: Top-Earning Executive in Private-Equity Investment World

Wes Edens is the founder the chairman of the Fortress Investment Group in New York. He has also worked in various positions such as principal, private equity chief investment officer, Head of Private Equity, and a Co-Chairman. His duties revolve around private equity and alternative assets businesses. Wes is a co-owner for Milwaukee Bucks, which is a National Basketball Association in Milwaukee. This means that he has a special interest in sports. Wes has a B.S in Finance & Business Administration from the Oregon State University. His career life kicked off in 1987 where he worked at the Lehman Brothers as a partner and a managing director until the year 1993. Following that, Wes joined the BlackRock Asset Investors in the private equity division until 1997, still as a partner and managing director. In 1998, Wes Edens together with four other partners founded the Fortress Investment. One of the proclaimed articles from Wes is one that he released in 2007, The Wall Street Journal, that described the creative financing and bets on investments. Through the efforts of the five principals, inclusive of Wes, the company was able to trade publicly and sold shares to the public worth $600 million by 2009.

In 2009, Eden was appointed a Co-Chairman of the Fortress Group Board of Directors.Further to his service, Wes was the Chairman of Transportation and infrastructure Investors at Fortress since 2015 to 2016 May. In that trend, the company announced the introduction of the team in eSports, which later formed the League of legend team. Wes enjoys climbing mountains and horse jumping whenever he is not engaged in his daily duties and professional work. He is currently a board member of 13 organizations that are based in 30 diverse industries globally. They include New Media Investment Group Inc. as a Chairman, Springfield Finance Inc., Springfield Finance Corporation, OneMain Holdings, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., Mapeley Limited, Drive Shack Inc., Fortress Registered Investment Trust, New Senior Investment Group Inc., Fortress Credit Corporation, U.S Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation, Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC, and Fortress Investment Group LLC. He has served in different capacities giving his excellent expertise in the cardinal matters affecting the company and the customers. His emphasis on excellence is beyond say.

Apart from his direct service to the above institutions, Wes has firm affiliations with the most leading organization in both investment world and the entire business sector. Many companies have sought out after his services and he is doing his best to deliver where he can through his leadership mentorship and expertise. The affiliations of these organizations is a clear indication that he is a dependable and reliable resource for many humans whose skills and knowledge should not be underrated. In addition to his knowledge riches, Wes Edens is a rich individual in terms of money that he takes home. This is from the reward in the business and personal ventures into transforming the business world. Wes takes home $54.4 million every year as recorded in the New York Times articles regarding the private-equity industry. This figure is inclusive of his compensations from Fortress Investment Group and dividends from shares.

Peter Briger: The Incredible Answer To All Financial Matters At Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the Principal and the Co-chairman at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Peter is ranked as a billionaire in the city. He is in his 50’s and doing well in financial services. The Fortress Investment Group, where Peter chairs, is an investment based management firm. He joined Fortress in the year 2002 and became the co-chairman in the year 2009. At the same time, Peter has served on the Board of Directors for Fortress Group since the year 2006. Before he joined the Fortress Investment Group, Peter served for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he was a partner in the year 1996. Moreover, his service has been extended to a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, known as Tipping Point. This organization takes care of the families that receive low incomes, which makes it difficult for them to meet essential amenities at home. Briger serves on the board of Caliber schools, which is a network of schools, and prepares students for great success in the competitive world for four-year timelines and much more. His education status reads that Briger graduated from Princeton University with B.A, and later, an M.B.A from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

All his life, Peter Briger has been interested in business and more specifically on financial matters. Due to this cause, he has been a business leader and a great financial professional who is based in San Francisco in California. He has 20 years of experience in the areas of asset management and now leads in a company well known globally for its investment management, Fortress Investment Group. This company takes care of both the private and the public needs and investors by overseeing their assets. After his election in the position of co-chairman, Peter Briger led the company into various management functions and projects. Moving on, he oversees the entire group’s real estate business and the credit funds.

Apart from his professional outline, Peter Briger is a philanthropic individual who has contributed to some community-based projects. These include involvement in the Silicon Valley Leadership Council that deal with Global Fund for the Children and a member of Foreign Relations Council that promotes the understanding of issues in the foreign policy to all citizens and the elected officials. In general, Briger cares about any area and sector that touches children, education and the poverty alleviation initiatives. Briger is so excellent in connections and networks, and that is what has rendered him be connected to around five board members in five different organization over seven distinct industries. He is a busy man who does not waste his time but remains focused and committed to his work with diligence. Peter had compensation of close to $27,025,268 in the fiscal year of 2016, and this has risen so far. Much of his money is used in the projects around the community to help the needy. Peter has also sold several apartments properties and replaced with better ones for a better living. The company is pleased to have him as the Principal, and the co-chairman.

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