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Thor Halvorssen Stands Up To Autocrats

A Global Problem

Autocracy is a global issue. nearly one third of all humans lives under the oppression of a totalitarian regime. They can be found in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America easily. The fight against this oppression is very important, but not everybody is up to the task of resistance. This is where people like Thor Halvorssen manage to shine. Thanks to his work as the president of the Human Rights Foundation people around the world are now waking up and standing up for themselves.

The Human Rights Foundation

He founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2004 to combat oppression around the world and do everything he can to create open societies. Prior to the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen had experience with protesting various causes across the world but he had never led an organization devoted to fighting oppression. Now, under his control he is able to make a difference throughout the world. His efforts to change the world vary from each specific case he’s handling, but there tends to be a very specific code of conduct.

How He Makes A Difference

Essentially, he does most of his work by highlighting specific cases of human rights violations around the world and rallying support for victims. He is an accomplished filmmaker and this plays a major role in how he decides to expose abuses when he is made aware of them. His documentaries are strongly focused on the issue of human rights violation and the risks he takes in chasing after these stories has even endangered his life. Despite the obvious dangers to himself he continues to make an important issue out of doing everything he can to help others and bring justice to the world.

The Future Of Open Societies

Open societies are essential the improving the condition of the average man and advancing human progress. The work that Halvorssen does isn’t just stirring up mud for nothing. He is laying the foundations that are essential to making sure the world around us is better for each and every individual.

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