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Ara Chackerian’s Sucess and Opinions on the Future of the Medical Industry

During most of his successful career, Ara Chackerian has been involved in the healthcare field. It is his belief that the industry needs to undergo some massive changes in the near future if the customers are to be properly accommodated. The current situation, unfortunately, is one in which some individuals cannot afford to get the appropriate medical coverage as a result of rising costs.


Even in the beginning of his career, Chackerian knew that the medical industry was where he would find his path. After getting his marketing degree from Florida State University, he quickly found a marketing analyst position at a medical company, which opened his eyes to the possibilities that the industry offers.


Prescription drugs have seen a steep rise in cost recently, which Ara Chackerian believes is among the most pressing issues facing patients today. Although these medications do not cost much to produce, there is a large cost associated with the development and research required. When it comes to sourcing treatment options that more patients can afford, insurance companies currently are not doing enough in Chackerian’s opinion. You can visit for more.



Even worse, many doctors fail to properly advise their patients on how to improve their health through lifestyle choices. Doctors instead will typically prescribe their patients a variety of medications, many of which cause some side effects that negatively effect the patients. Ara Chackerian has expressed his hopes for the industry to begin focusing more on preventing issues in the future.


Ara Chackerian emphasizes that one of the easiest ways for medical expenses to be reduce is to educate people on how to better prevent medical issues from arising in the first place. Eating a healthier selection of foods and getting in regular exercise can play a large role in the prevention of health issues. You can visit his page to see more.


Even though Ara Chackerian has had a large amount of both success and influence in the medical field, he also has other interests. He constantly looks for ways to improve and learn more about business in general. His philanthropic efforts are also quite impressive.



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Eric Lefkofsky Uses His Creative Mind To Benefit Us All

Never before has there been so much collected data brought together from around the world on cancer, which is being done by a technological company known as Tempus. This company, started by Eric Lefkofsky, is going a long way towards improving the potential medical advancements coming in the near future thanks to the accumulation of genomic data.

Despite what most people think, the industry for healthcare around the world is typically lagging behind in terms of technology, using many outdated methods and systems still today. Through a personal experience with cancer, Eric got an up-close look at just how outdated these systems in healthcare really are, which inspired him to found Tempus. It is his desire to help advance the healthcare industry through technology for the future.

So far, there haven’t been many effective methods for using collected data from patients and treatments, so it has mostly just sat around collecting dust or getting lost in archives. Through Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is delivering a new way for information to be used by medical professionals, which will hopefully aid in much more than just cancer research and treatments. Molecular and genomic data from around the world is collected from cancer patients as well as notes left by doctors. Tempus’ advanced algorithms allow it to not only analyze data but structures it in a way that allows it to be used effectively

Apart from being the co-founder of Tempus as well as the standing CEO, Eric Lefkofsky has also founded several other successful companies, amassing him quite a large fortune with which he uses to help the world around him each day. Eric has started up his own foundation to help support student education, and he regularly gets involved with charities. Eric has many board member positions at various companies today, which has given him a huge amount of experience in the business. Eric also regularly speaks at events and publishes his own articles to give insight into what it means to be successful in such a competitive field. All of which he does while continuing to innovate and create new ideas.

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Chronic Diseases Could Increase Cancer Risk, According To Top Doc, Dr. David Samadi

Internationally recognized urologist, Dr. David Samadi says chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems could be responsible for over a fifth of new cancer cases and over a third of cancer deaths. The celebrity doctor, and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital pointed this out in his January broadcast of Sunday Housecall.

So chronic diseases could have the same weight as five known risk factors for cancer (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables, consumption of alcohol, obesity). From 1996 to 2007, researchers at the University of Texas in Houston, Department of Epidemiology, performed a study on 405,878 individuals, who were asked to complete a questionnaire on their medical history, lifestyles, and demographic information. According to the results of this study, the presence of some chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, could also be added to these factors.

The study found that the increase in chronic disease led to an increased risk of developing tumors. In particular those who suffered from a greater number of chronic diseases had a double risk of developing cancer.

One of the most important aspects of medical care is communication. Here are some of Dr. Samadi’s tips you should embrace:

1. Know your family history. Having a family history of cancer among first-degree relatives not only increases the risk of developing a similar tumor, but also develops another type of cancer in other parts of the body. This should be communicated with your doctor.

2. Make doctor visits and have early screenings. Many people bypass doctor visits, especially when they don’t “feel” sick, but regular physicals are important. Dr. Samadi points out how examinations can lead to early diagnosis of diseases, prevention, and/or the discovery of tumors.

3. More control of lifestyle choices. Recent studies reveal that about 30% of cancer cases are related to our poor eating habits. An advocate of healthy nutrition, Dr. David Samadi points out how crucial it is to develop good lifestyle choices like paying more attention to our diets, and getting more exercise. Obesity, in general, is a risk factor for numerous cancers including colon and breast cancer, and It’s been shown that moderate physical activity reduces the risk of cancer.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and previously was Director at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He’s been a featured expert correspondent on Fox News, World Health News, and a host of radio programs including 1010 AM, and WNYM 970 AM. Dr. Samadi also hosts his own television show, Sunday Housecall.

He is is an international clinical expert on urologic diseases, developed the highly regarded SMART surgical technique for prostate cancer, and he’s been voted New York Metro Area Top Doctor, America’s Top Doctor, and received the Community Partner Award from the American Cancer Society.

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Aesthetics Medical Excellence 101

Some people see aesthetic-medical health as being extremely vain. On the other hand, aesthetic-medical health has helped numerous people get their life back on track. This sector of the medical industry has grown dramatically over the years, and it has become far more prevalent in recent years. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most sought-after individuals in the business, and he has displayed excellence through a number of avenues. Dr. Mark McKenna is a philanthropist, a doctor and an entrepreneur. He is very passionate about his work as well as very passionate about his business. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has an extensive educational background, and he hasn’t been afraid to use every bit of it. Just after starting is medical profession, he used his educational background as a startup for new businesses.

McKenna Venture Investments is the result of this startup, and it provided high-quality real estate closing services. Yes, this company is a real estate development firm, but the good times kept on rolling. On top of that, Dr. Mark McKenna founded two other companies shortly after the inception of McKenna Venture Investments. These companies were Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Thanks to his brilliance in a wide array of fields, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to help many of his fellow people after Hurricane Katrina. He would go on to play a pivotal role in the redevelopment efforts of building the city back to what it is use to be.

His dedication, Dr. Mark McKenna’s passion, and his perseverance has made him into what he is today. This man is a loving husband and a caring father. Meditation is a high priority on his list of to-dos. He also participates in JuiJitsu training in his spare time. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true American hero in a sense and there are a number of individuals that will backup this claim.

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The Lung Institute, Transforming Lung Treatment via Stem Cell Therapy

The lung institute was established in the year2013 in Tampa U.S.A. The Lung Institute is a medical research establishment that focuses on the application of stem cell to help in the treatment of chronic lung ailments. Such lung diseases encompass chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis. The institute offers various treatment for the lung patients that include bone marrow treatments and blood treatment also called venous treatment.

Since its opening, the institute has opened five clinics in various parts of the country to reach out to more patients. The institute is renowned globally, and the specialists here have been offering the successful and less invasive stem cell therapy for lung ailments. Currently, the Institute has successfully treated over 3000 patients. The lung institute aims to provide safe treatment to patients as well as relieving pain and suffering and improve their quality of life.

The Stem Cell Treatment

The stem cell therapy is revolutionizing the practice of medicine, says the Baylor College of Medicine. The conventional method of developing medication and drug procedures is relatively sluggish, cumbersome, and its application is limited to various situations. The stem cell therapy is thus an efficient and profitable treatment for lung patients.

Stems cells are essential to life. Their omnipotent ability allows them to develop into any cell type in the body. The totipotent stem cells are equipped with the capability to renew themselves, multiply and specialize into any tissue type in the body. The plasticity of these cells allows mature stem cells of a particular organ to create tissue used by another organ.

The Lung Institute applies the stem cells to manage various pulmonary ailments. The specialists use stem cells originating from the patient’s body. The initial step involves the patient undergoing a bone marrow or blood treatment where stem cells are harvested from the patient’s body.

The stem cells are purified from other somatic cells. The now filtered stem cells are concentrated and introduced back into the patient’s circulation where they promote healing. The stem cells target the lungs where they settle and commence the process of regenerating the lung tissue.

Various patients are grateful to the lung Institute for successful treatment of different lung conditions. Read the company review on

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